Uwe Kretschmann

Municipalities are under funded by the province?

October 16, 2014

          Interesting article in KW record today. The gist being, that municipalities are under funded by the province. The facts, of course, are quite different. What then are the facts? Municipalities, throughout Ontario, have taken on responsibilities, voluntarily, which were never designed to be financed from the property tax. The primary […]

Doug Craig claimed he paid his own legal bill when he challenged his ” conflict of interest” over the LRT

October 11, 2014

  News flash. The Mayor of Cambridge D. Craig, at a regional meeting, March 19th, 2014, Claimed $ 4503,00 dollars for legal expenses re. his “conflict of interest”. Council approved the request. Eddie Friest Yes and as was explained in the cambridge times, the legal expenses were to fight for him to be able to […]