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After a CYBER attack, students write literacy tests on paper – Is Cambridge Internet Voting really SAFE?

April 4, 2017

Is Cambridge Internet Voting as safe as we are being told? Why do they assume that the City of Cambridge is the only non hackable system? Read below as to how a cyber attack forced students to write the EQAO tests with pen and paper.  Cyber hacking is REAL. There is no auditing or verification […]

Cambridge – Keep highrises out of downtowns

March 11, 2017

Highrises just don’t belong in our unique city…we do not want to become a mini Toronto. Why is Council approving these developments with complete disregard to HERITAGE and other valid concerns. Why do they keep on revising zoning, bylaws and Official Plans without full engagement from the public to accommodate developers rather than strengthening them […]

Craig and Monteiro took their ball and went home…

November 16, 2016

  …then out of anger, they came back and changed the rules. Now isn’t that childish! Craig is happier if residents stay naive and SILENT!…then he can do what he wants with no questions asked. Obscuring transparency and silencing dissent Did Council violate its own bylaws in changing its bylaws? A first step to reviving […]