Keeping track of Cambridge Council 2010-2014

Alex Mitchell, Cambridge city clerk, dies of cancer

August 12, 2013

 this ran in the Waterloo Region Record…by Jeff Hicks    Alex Mitchell Submistted photo Alex Mitchell CAMBRIDGE — Alex Mitchell loved the Leafs. “We both did,” said Cambridge Mayor Doug Craig, who once worked the ticket window at Maple Leaf Gardens in his younger days. “That’s what melded us together.” Mitchell, Cambridge’s city clerk since […]

“All aboard for the Craig express”…. By Scot Ferguson-Barber

July 25, 2013

By Scot Ferguson-Barber | July 24, 2013 Mayor Craig wants back into the LRT debate. In 2011 our esteemed leader withdrew from any debate on the proposed Light Rail Transit because of a potential conflict of interest (his son owns property in the area of the Cambridge Bus Terminal.) The LRT had been in the works for […]

Does Electronic Voting Equate To Voter Fraud?

January 26, 2013

In an email recently received, the following statements were disseminated,which makes the accompanying recent newspaper article discomforting. “One of the principles of our electoral systems is anonymity. Another principle is “One person, one ballot”, or singular voting. Both objectives are reasonably easy to do with paper ballots – hand out one ballot to a voter, […]

Democracy won in court challenge June 8th 2011

April 3, 2012

Jun 8th, 2011 | By Staff | Section: 2010 Municipal Candidates, Community | Edit This ran in the KW Record …………. comments invited below Thomas Vann and Debbie Vitez have lost their fight for a new municipal election in Cambridge but they have won the respect of their fellow citizens. At a time when the […]

Fight for justice was still worth it

June 24, 2011

This ran in the Times………………. comments invited below Now that the court found our evidence insufficient to order another election in Cambridge, I shall inform the public as to why Debbie Vitez and I challenged the city’s election process. Anyone who suggests sour grapes were involved does so without the facts. Perhaps these people feel […]

My home was broken into.. Cambridge Police Force… And my uninvited and unwanted Visitor(s)

November 27, 2010

  Just to add to what happened here on Thursday November 25, 2010. First of all:. The Police called me at my office and left a message at 3 p.m. I finally connected with them at 4. They informed me that my home had been broken into around 2 p.m… (?) They asked me to […]

Where is transparency at city hall? by Thomas Vann

November 23, 2010

This ran in the Cambridge Times… comments invited below On Nov. 8, I was at a city council meeting to speak about seniors and seniors with disabilities during our recent election. I went through proper channels and had paperwork signed by the clerk. When l arrived at the meeting, a strange thing happened. I was […]