March 4, 2014

Five broad points regarding Cambridge’s 2013 Annual Drinking Water Report. 1) Numerous ubiquitous or less so chemical compounds are not being reported. 2) The Region of Waterloo have full knowledge of serious industrial/chemical contamination in multiple Cambridge drinking wells. 3) The Region are “managing” this contamination via a number of methods including dilution/blending, redrilling & […]


March 4, 2014

        There are three water systems not mentioned yet and they are the Pinebush Well System, the Shades Mill System and the Turnbull Well System. The Pinebush System consists of wells P10, P11 and P17. The P stands for Preston and these wells are located just slightly east of the former Ciba-Geigy, […]

“Authorizing Ourselves”

February 15, 2014

            We need to be taking authority of our own actions, as personal responsibility has been declining in the last few decades, due to better technology, but also due to the government involving themselves more and more in the personal affairs of private citizens. Apathy is ubiquitous, and those of […]

GRCA endorses west side development

February 3, 2014

Cambridge Times CAMBRIDGE – Servicing plans for a new 255-acre subdivision in west Cambridge were endorsed by the board of the Grand River Conservation Authority last Friday (Jan. 24). Plans for the 1,200 home subdivision flanking Blenheim Road have sparked concern among area residents in both Cambridge and North Dumfries Township. For city residents, traffic […]

Democracy won in Court Battle

January 9, 2014

Jun 08, 2011 This ran in the KW Record …………. comments invited below Thomas Vann and Debbie Vitez have lost their fight for a new municipal election in Cambridge but they have won the respect of their fellow citizens. At a time when the meaning of democracy is being fiercely debated around the world, these […]

Ontario municipal councils “addicted” to secrecy, ombudsman says

December 12, 2013

Richard J. Brennan / Toronto Star Order this photo Ombudsman André Marin’s second annual report on local government transparency said 19 of 96 meetings investigated by his office were found to be illegal because they violated the Municipal Act guidelines. By: Richard J. Brennan Provincial Politics, Published on Wed Dec 11 2013   There are […]

Kudos to Debbie Vitez

February 5, 2010

Federal and Provincial government has an official opposition party. Municipal government does not. This can be a ” free ride ” for whatever the majority of members on the municipal council want to do. The only problem is that this ” free ride ” of what the majority of council want to do comes out […]