Cambridge Council 2014/2015

Is Doug Craig holding Cambridge Hostage ?

November 24, 2015

If you look closely, you will see a pattern with this Mayor.. In the 2003…2006 Elections, the ballots took well over 2 hours to get to City Hall!! In 2010… He changed how we vote in Cambridge.. ( yes he blamed it on the Clerk) They missed over 14000 residents voter cards… blamed MPAC Cut […]

Ranking the worst aspects of Toronto council’s ranked ballot rejection

November 8, 2015

By: Matt Elliott Metro Published on Wed Oct 07 2015 Even though there’s a good chance their decision won’t end up meaning much – the province is likely to push forward with planned electoral reforms anyway — there are many terrible features of Toronto City Council’s 25-18 vote against ranked ballots last week. So many, […]

Council’s den of snakes put their interests ahead of voters: Ranked balloting gets shot down before it even had a chance.

October 4, 2015

Graham Hughes / The Canadian Press Ranked ballots have been hailed as a way to make municipal elections more democratic. By: Royson James Toronto Politics, Published on Fri Oct 02 2015 The last and only time we’ve seen Councillor Justin Di Ciano do anything remotely useful was Wednesday at city hall. He introduced the Blue […]

City’s sports multiplex debacle by Paul Langan

October 1, 2015

Cambridge Times CAMBRIDGE- The city of Cambridge desperately needs a sports complex that meets the needs of the citizens now and in the future. Tragically, the proposed plan falls short on both accounts. Even though I know that the location of the complex, and what it will consist of is a done deal, I still […]

Council makes poor choice on rec multiplex location

July 10, 2015

Cambridge Times If you were hoping city council would come to its senses and forego the planned $53-million recreation multiplex deal with Conestoga College in favour of something more central to … well, everybody, you’re out of luck. Related Stories Council approves multiplex… This week council approved a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the college […]

Petition against rec multiplex location garners hundreds of signatures

July 5, 2015

Field of dreams Bill Jackson, Times Staff A swath of land stretches north of Contestoga College’s Cambridge campus, where the city’s new multiplex facility is being proposed. Cambridge Times ByBill Jackson CAMBRIDGE – Bill Kirby doesn’t believe the mantra of some city council members who say a new sports and recreation facility would be delayed […]

Ranked ballots – anything less is an insult

June 4, 2015

Cambridge Times CAMBRIDGE – The provincial government is investigating giving municipalities the option of having ranked ballots for their 2018 elections. This would allow voters to identify their choices from first to last, with the result better representing the wishes of the public. Related Stories Municipalities weighing the merits… Municipalities will have a choice whether […]

Municipalities weighing the merits of ranked voting

June 4, 2015

Mayor Craig calls for shorter election campaign period Cambridge Times ByBill Jackson CAMBRIDGE – Much like voting, opinions differ when it comes to the possible implementation of a ranked balloting system in the next municipal election. Related Stories Ranked ballots – anything less is… Mayor Doug Craig doesn’t see the need for it here in […]

Doug Craig, talking out of both sides of his mouth? Mayor Doug Craig Comments of “Cambridges Sportsplex

June 4, 2015

Mayor Doug Craig Comments of Cambridge’s Sportsplex   Broad public engagement is needed to discuss and move forward on a great opportunity for Cambridge – building a new multi-purpose sports facility. That discussion should ensure everyone feels totally engaged and energized as they have their voices heard, including all sports groups. Cambridge – In order […]

What mayor wants, he gets – it’s that simple

June 1, 2015

Cambridge Times CAMBRIDGE- Anyone expecting to have any input into the location of the multiplex sports and recreation facility can forget about it. King (Doug) Craig has already decided it is going on the Conestoga site, so all the petitions that are going around and calling your councillors are a waste of time. In his […]

Conestoga site ‘another fine mess’ from mayor

May 8, 2015

Cambridge Times CAMBRIDGE- Surprise, surprise council voted for the multipurpose complex to be put on Conestoga College property because it is convenient and the chair of the task force won’t have to bother looking for other options making his job easier. I agree with (Coun.) Nicholas Ermeta and others who have voiced their opinion that […]

City council moves forward with Conestoga College partnership, multi-use rec facility Cambridge Times

April 30, 2015

By Bill Jackson CAMBRIDGE – For a majority of city councillors, time and money were the main determinants when it came to settling on a site for a new multiplex facility. Related Stories Partnership with college closer to… User groups not happy with… UPDATED: City, Conestoga College… Six of nine chose sooner and less expensive. […]

“Vladimir” Craig and his “Politburo”

April 17, 2015

Facility ‘rammed’ through Cambridge Times Re: City, Conestoga may partner on new rec facility Once again, and continuously in major decisions, “Vladimir” Craig and his “Politburo” on city council attempt to rule by “decree”. This small group – there may be dissenters – has an “ideology” that brooks no opposition or question; they know the […]

Former Galt post office eatery deal officially falls through

April 14, 2015

Cambridge Times ByBill Jackson CAMBRIDGE  – Cancellation of a partnership between the city and Pearle Hospitality to operate a restaurant inside the former Galt post office has been attributed to “varying visions for the use of space,” according to a city news release issued today (April 13). The release offered no other details regarding the […]

Cambridge Mill owners backing out of former Galt post office project? ( follow the comments)

April 11, 2015

  comments By Linda | APRIL 09, 2015 08:56 AM Another informative Article by Bill Jackson By xDEX | APRIL 09, 2015 09:34 AM I question why the whole steering committee was not in on the news. So even within the committee, secrets are being kept from others. Maybe now we won’t need to waste […]

Cambridge not spared problems with voters’ list in 2014

April 9, 2015

Waterloo Region Record ByChris Herhalt CAMBRIDGE — The City of Cambridge should pay its poll workers a little better, reduce the number of polling places and find better ways to verify the accuracy of its voters’ list, says a post-election report submitted to councillors Tuesday. The voters’ list errors that plagued the cities of Waterloo […]

Cambridge Mill owners backing out of former Galt post office project?

April 9, 2015

  Cambridge Times By Bill Jackson CAMBRIDGE – It hasn’t been declared dead, but an agreement in principle between the city and Pearle Hospitality, formerly the Landmark Group, to operate a restaurant inside Galt’s historic post office may be off the menu. When reached yesterday (April 8), the city’s chief administrative officer Gary Dyke wouldn’t […]

Municipal campaign finance highlights – donations and expenses

April 6, 2015

Several candidates ineligible to run next time because they didn’t file Cambridge Times ByBill Jackson CAMBRIDGE – Doug Craig spent $45,466 on his 2014 reelection campaign – more than $35,000 of which came from his own pocket. It’s the most he’s ever spent on an election campaign, and it paid off this past October when […]

Chief Administrative Officer’s Report on the Audit of City Water Billing Policies, Practices & Procedures – February 2015

February 23, 2015

THANK YOU SCOT FERGUSON FOR SUPPLYING THIS.. Here is most of the report. (It is too long to post the whole thing) Please note and remember.. The city hired and paid for this report.. Whose side do you suppose the Auditor is on ??.. Hint…. not yours or mine.. ( especially if they want more […]

Corruption at City Hall? by Scot Ferguson

January 28, 2015

Let me get this straight. Landmark Holdings buys the Post Office and guts it with plans to open a restaurant. They gut the interior and completely destroy it so no one else wants it. The city then buys the building from Landmark and gives them an exclusive, untendered deal on the restaurant that will be […]