November 22, 2017

Firstly as I’m more used to the brickbats versus kudos, here goes. Todays Waterloo Region Record carries the following story titled ” Hespeler residents voice concerns about air quality“. It seems that city officials have taken it upon themselves to advise the public that air quality is not a hazard. Really? And which city officials […]

Ontario Budget Talks – MPP McGarry press release

October 14, 2017

  Share Your Ideas for the 2018 Ontario Budget Up to $5 Million Available to Bring Ideas to Life       NEWS October 12, 2017   Ontario launched Budget Talks today, an online consultation that allows the public to help shape policies and programs that will be part of Ontario’s future.   The government […]

Kitchener funding announcement Health Facilities – Media Release

August 10, 2017

Ontario Updating and Repairing Community Health Facilities in Waterloo Region   Helping People Access Safe and High-Quality Health Care Close to Home     NEWS   August 9, 2017   Ontario is investing in community health facilities in Waterloo Region to help people get high-quality care close to home, in a safe, healthy and accessible […]

Investigative Report – Misfeasance in Policing

July 17, 2017

Good day, You are one of 45 or so media contacts receiving this email from me directly.  I resigned from the Waterloo Regional Police in June as opposed to joining the Class Action lawsuit. Attached to this email is a 93-page report I wrote about the systemic misfeasance in police management and coordinated suppression of […]

What’s up with the Cambridge Times?

November 25, 2015

YOUR HOMETOWN NEWSPAPER INDEED..!!! I can’t tell you the number of Cambridge Residents who have contacted me lately, asking that question.. I appears that numerous residents continue to send ” LETTERS TO THE EDITOR” without a response.. Apparently all those letters to the Editor are against the COMMUNITY CENTRE IN KITCHENER/DOON Or they contain complaints […]

Masked voting not an issue for these Cambridge residents

October 19, 2015

Masked voting Richard Vivian, Times Staff Tommy and Lucy Vann voted during the Oct. 19 federal election wearing face coverings. Cambridge Times ByRichard Vivian CAMBRIDGE – In an act of protest, Cambridge residents Tommy and Lucy Vann donned masks before heading into a Preston polling station this evening (Oct. 19). Theirs wasn’t a comment on […]

In-camera council meetings a challenging issue to navigate

January 14, 2015

  Waterloo Region Record ByPaige Desmond WATERLOO REGION — Regional Chair Ken Seiling says his government is the most transparent in the region despite a lengthy closed-door council meeting Tuesday. “You find one any more transparent than this council is and you show it to me,” Seiling said. Councillors went behind closed doors to discuss […]

1994 Report: showing evidence of VOC”s ( volatile organic chemicals) including TCE in Cambridge’s drinking water

December 6, 2014

re posting this..December 6/2014.. documents are old.. but readable.. *** By Debbie Vitez | November 15, 2011 | 4 Comments | Filed under: Cambridge’s Dirty Drinking Water I ran this April 10,2010 Re: Cambridge Drinking water.. Middleton St pumping station Canadian General Tower and Ciba Geigy Below you will find 3 links.. they include. A report by Brenda Thompson ( along […]

Lessons of Elmira’s water crisis painful, costly

November 6, 2014

Waterloo Region Record   Uniroyal Record file photo Al Marshall, an outspoken environmentalist, rows his boat along the contaminated Canagagigue Creek in Elmira in 1995, with the Uniroyal Chemical Co. plant in the background. ByBob Burtt It was 25 years ago this month that Elmira residents learned chemicals from Uniroyal Chemical Co., the town’s largest […]

Cambridge water billing issue, not one of them did a dam thing for you!!

October 27, 2014

          I did a google search to add under one heading the different news stories pertaining to the nightmare water stories.. what did any of these councillors or Mayor do for you? *** My findings, are all over the map I agree…., but follow each link and check out the dates […]

City council postpones decision on controversial development plan

February 12, 2014

        West Galt plans put on hold Bill Jackson, Times Staff Keith Rivers and Suzanne Tebbutt spoke on behalf of the West Galt Neighbourhood Protection Association during Monday’s (Feb. 10) council meeting. Cambridge Times By Bill Jackson CAMBRIDGE – Residents of a west Galt community want future development to adapt to their […]

TCE’s effects on the human body

August 17, 2011


Finally some good news, my Son got engaged today!

November 29, 2010

I am over the moon to announce the engagement of my Son,  Jason Casarin to his lovely partner of 5 years Theresa Perrotta. Jason Casarin: amazing son of Debbie Vitez, Rick and Suzanne Casarin. TO:  Theresa Perrotta:  beautiful daughter of , Nancy and Carlo Perrotta of Fonthill. I could not be happier or more proud of you […]

Our own Ozzy Osborne… Barkley Osborne Hespeler

September 4, 2010

For those who know Ozzie Osborne from Hespeler ( Barkley Osborne)..   You probably know he suffered a stroke earlier this year while at his Trailer..   He has been relocated as of yesterday to Freeport Hospital in Kitchener..   We are hoping to arrange a benefit for him in the very near future.   We […]

Gloria Leduc from Cambridge, trapped in her trailer during the Midland Tornado

June 26, 2010

 I learned this morning that a friend of mine was in her trailer in Midland when the Tornado went thru this week..What a horrible experience.. I am so relieved to know you’re ok Gloria.. Get Well Soon..   Gloria Leduc, 57, of Cambridge talks to the CBC’s Ioanna Roumeliotis about surviving the Midland tornado