Your POWER HUNGRY AND OUT OF CONTROL MAYOR “Doug Trump” ( is now sending police to your home over comments you post!!)

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THE GROUP IS CALLED..Cambridge Citizen Discussion on local politics


Controversial new ‘inclusiveness standards’ for public behaviour at city events

Policy is revised and renamed constituents’ code of conduct


DOUG CRAIG ACTUALLY SENT THE POLICE TO THESE PEOPLE’S HOMES.. he is totally out of control Cambridge

I copied some astounding comments..



Richard M. Sieminski How about storming by a mob and a public lynching? Will that be tolerated? lol Oh, I shouldn’t get carried away. Maybe a simple tar & feathering will remind our elected “betters” of who their true employers are!

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Richard M. Sieminski Would you folks believe it? I was visited tonight by two detectives with Waterloo Regional who were “just curious” about whether I was serious about the above posting. I guess that they didn’t see the “lol”. Maybe Dougie is looking in on this group and sent his minions to discourage unfavourable opinions. Nothing came of their visit and I certainly do not consider myself silenced. I will continue to express opinions here and elsewhere.

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Roy Talbot Mr. Sieminski, if & when I am payed (sic) the same visit by Waterloo Regional Police such as yourself, I will be filing an all-out harassment lawsuit against the the City of Cambridge & the WRP Service. As I have mentioned on previous FB posts,

Cambridge is (literally) turning into a police state. I will not be intimidated nor will I be silenced in my opinions of how the City of Cambridge is being run by senior city staff.

One serious question (of many) I will be raising is, is this how our police resources are being taken full advantage of? Not to mention, the number of plainclothes police officer hours that the city has paid out (approx. $120.00 per hour per officer) to the local police service for security detail at numerous city council & multiplex meetings.

Their services were never or even remotely close to being applied at any given meeting despite what mayor Doug Craig said on-air a couple of weeks ago on 570 NEWS.

Democracy will reign supreme as I am willing to go to jail for what I believe in and what is right for all the taxpayers and citizens of Cambridge.

The non-transparency and collusion here in Cambridge has got to stop! Chief of Police, Mr. Bryan Larkin will also be held accountable as I am an honest living and tax paying citizen of this community. His departments’ qualified and dedicated members have got better things to do in the Region & Township’s then chase FB, Twitter & Cambridge Advocate bloggers around. Common sense will and has to prevail as does criminal and municipal laws.

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Scot Ferguson I started this group so people could voice their opinions. I don’t always agree, but it is important to me that people have a forum. Did you get the names of the detectives? I will give them a piece of my mind, and Brian Larkin too. I won’t put up with this kind of BS, our cops have better things to do, and I won’t hesitate to publicize it. (If shooting your mouth off about politicians is a crime, Al Dettweiler would be doing life, and knowing my luck, I’d be in the cell next to him!)

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Richard M. Sieminski I would pledge to visit both of you, but I would probably be in an adjoining cell … 🙂

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Roy Talbot Richard, like Scot said. Did you get the detectives names and their badge numbers? To take it further, their staff sgt’s name and the occurrence or incident number is critical. Also, it is your right as a citizen to inquire as to who the complainant(s) are.

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Write a reply…

Roy Talbot I suffer from low tolerance disorder and strongly believe in what I know is right and what is wrong. The City of Cambridge is all wrong & “it’s not all alright here!”

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**Editors Note**


Please visit my home.. I have an entire binder full of questionable actions taken by your  boss Doug Craig..

It would please us all… if instead of harassing the voting public, you take a close look at Mr Craig and his nefarious activities..

before Craig and his regime, Cambridge never needed armed guards/ or cops coming to your door….


also.. note.. there are several copies of the binder all over the city… so no need to break into my home again..






16 Responses to Your POWER HUNGRY AND OUT OF CONTROL MAYOR “Doug Trump” ( is now sending police to your home over comments you post!!)

    r k April 2, 2017 at 1:11 pm

    This is starting to get a little on the stupid side here..You mean we can’t even voice our own opinions? I thought freedom of speech was allowed in this country.
    Are we maybe hitting some ‘nerves’ here?
    We are not a bunch of ‘Rednecks’ for crying out loud. We are simply regular taxpayers (if the powers to be would even know what that means) who want to know our voice is being heard. So far this City likes to fill their ears with potatoes and close their eyes to reality…WAKE up people…LISTEN to us…WE want to be heard.
    Council and the City Manager create a ‘Code of Conduct’ to try to silence the masses!!! Maybe there needs to be a Code of Conduct for the ‘City Manager’ to also abide by some guidelines????

    Gladys Smith April 2, 2017 at 2:59 pm

    Can you just imagine how horrible it would be to run against him in an Election

    • Debbie Duff Vitez April 3, 2017 at 6:49 pm

      Gladys, I tell everyone who will listen.. No point in running..
      He has it all sewn up.. He figured that out back in 2006..
      Having said that.. this time, he is going to have too have an election that we can scrutinize… too many people in this city are watching..

    Tom Vann April 2, 2017 at 6:35 pm

    Lucy just put all my weapons on her side of the bed. No longer will I be allowed to touch the rolling pin, nuclear bomb button, or the BB gun. She has taken my visa card, soldier of fortune mags and fake I.D. I can no longer go to city hall. Her fear of losing me to prison is too great in case I raise my hand to ask a question. I’m in the middle of watching a Hitler documentary, gotta go. Ole”

      r k April 3, 2017 at 7:19 am

      I will go in your place my friend…I will take the cast iron frying pan..(n case I want to ‘cook’ something) like is done in this neck of the woods. Thanks for giving me the code for the button just in case I need it and instead of a bb gun I heard spitballs work great…Oh and that documentary is going to be rebroadcast so everyone can see it and act accordingly

    r k April 3, 2017 at 8:28 am

    Should we get out the Pitchforks? Or do we all head down to Council Chambers with DUCT TAPE across our mouths so we can truly be called the SILENT MAJORITY..oops SILENT MINORITY

    Enuf April 3, 2017 at 9:03 am

    Has our Mayor paid attention to what happens out there with a real protest? People protest in hordes and make a lot of noise. The residents of Cambridge are passivist’s in comparison. If he keeps continuing pushing things through to muzzle the masses, it will become chaotic.
    No one brought a weapon or a pitchfork. People may have made exclamation noises, clapped and booed…but doesn’t that happen at Dunfield Theater? So I guess expression of what is seen and heard is not allowed in Council, but okay in the Theater?
    If Council wants the people to quiet down, then they need to start to listen to the concerns, act on them accordingly and start working for the people instead of developers and their own self financial or political interest.
    All of this is only a reaction to their actions and the people are having enough of it. It’s only when the Mayor pushed the button that the residents got started up…if you can even call it that.
    Guess the bully does not like being confronted with his bullying…must be hard to continue looking in to the mirrors these days and see that he is not as great in the eyes of the people as to what he sees himself.

    Tom Vann April 3, 2017 at 4:57 pm

    I have 2-3 people out there that like me and have offered kind words. Thanks. What these fools don’t realize is this kind of intimidation is for puppets and porn kings. Hit a nerve? It don’t work on me so bring it. Next time send the SWAT team. They have no idea what I have coming down the puppet pipe from outside Cambridge. Now we have some past issues of other council people to work with. Someone left a McDonalds coffee cup at the end of my driveway. I nearly called the cops! I feel threatened. Is someone sending me a message? Ring around the rosy, pocket full of poesy’s, hush, hush, we all fall down.

    Maggie Smith April 3, 2017 at 10:19 pm

    Our Power Hungry Mayor is holding secret meetings on the Bridge. They are talking Budget – what Budget – it is being paid with Hydro profits. Yours people – you know the high price you pay for Hydro = well they are going to drape that over the river to NOWHERE. What a dumb concept. Just what we need – something else to maintain – what with our tax dollars. BRIDGE TO NOWHERE is just that. BRIDGE TO NOWHERE. The Mayor has a no where brain these days!!!!
    Back to the River – I wish our Mayor would get back to some sensible basics – like building a Sports Complex in CENTRAL CAMBRIDGE – so that another Summer Games event could happen here. But of course he doesn’t know sensibility. Just power & greed.

    Tom Vann April 4, 2017 at 7:13 am

    I am looking into how Dyke, Doug, council or ? can be held accountable for the lies that were spread so far on the Multiplex. These are threats and dangers to our city’s financial stability. Why should my family have to suffer?

    Tom Vann April 7, 2017 at 7:51 am

    I have a number of gathered stories about Pam, Frank, Mike M, Donna, Doug, and Dyke to spread around Galt. I’m sure they’re not fake news. Let us begin the workings towards an election. So DYKE got tossed out of both contract meetings by the arbitrator for offensive, aggressive and or disrespectful I hear. Go figure. Within 2 days contracts were signed. You will never guess who I spoke with from his old town. I guess the call to other cities is working. Now the reason for leaving will be spoken in person when we meet folks. I don’t want the Black Watch turning up at my door playing country music. Un freaking believable. Many here that don’t like him have resources to make things non perfect via the truth. Painful word eh. Free room and board coming up. I wonder how much money has been wasted on surveillance, police, filing, and staff time by the Cambridge Gestapo. I will make it my mission to get rid of Dyke when I get elected as mayor. Note. Watch his eyes when you see him. I still love you Gary.

    Dex May 4, 2017 at 3:52 pm

    Dyke got tossed from city employee meetings by the mediator. Just goes to show what a meathead he is. London….ranked ballots. Leaders in this province, unlike Cambridge. I see Price sticking his nose in lots of meetings. The defeated candidate should slide into a hole and stay there. Adshade will beat him again by 3 votes , but look for the deal coming.

    Gary Prich May 4, 2017 at 7:28 pm

    Well said Dex. I don’t read you in the paper lately.

    Tom Vann May 27, 2017 at 8:01 am

    Any excuse will do for downtown. Oh my, they mentioned bombs, gun, shooting, weapons, kill, murdered, hang, stab, underwear, coal, hurt, slice, knife, church, and even the pope. Get him, stop these bad words before I think they could do something ghastly. Of course with an idiot in a position to interpret in their favor even an ex-cop can sound alarms that these kind of words can not ever be used again because they mean….. Another freedom is vanishing folks. If you tell people enough times…they believe it is true. I haven’t had the law at my door lately. I’m pretty sure they saw this for what it was. Then again, a guy like me that was in Nam and was a mercenary for the pope I can see how city hall must be trembling. Perhaps one day I will see bars, but today I can fire off comments freely. Fear gets used as an excuse to control and contain. Someone sounding mad for whatever reason will be deemed a risk if it is in their favor to do so. Hence, the abuse and control. Have a lovely weekend folks and city hall can file another letter. Remember, city hall will take these character assassination costs and just pass them onto the taxpayer. Ole’

    Jun May 27, 2017 at 9:56 am

    Thanks Roy:
    “Roy Talbot Richard, like Scot said. Did you get the detectives names and their badge numbers? To take it further, their staff sgt’s name and the occurrence or incident number is critical. Also, it is your right as a citizen to inquire as to who the complainant(s) are.”

    I will keep this in mind, if I ever need to take my issues regarding the hiring of frequent parking bylaw offenders as the city’s parking enforcement officers, any further. Going through the proper channels gets no results with city staff and council.

    Tom Vann May 27, 2017 at 7:58 pm

    Got it all. Once again, the cops were fine but downtown needs tuning up. Not one bit of good cop bad cop. Both were real nice and knew this was a witch hunt. They never even brought up my 6 pages of my past charges. Margaret even showed them to Doug. I spoke freely. As of last month I no longer have a violent bone in my body. I do still have many weapons in my home. Rolling pins, bats, hockey sticks, Red Rider gun, and my wife. Yes, I am a good shot with a 357 at 70 feet but I am a man of peace and kindness that wouldn’t harm a rat. Time to kill a few beers and puff on a pipe. Gotta go, someone’s at my door. Gnite Dyke, see ya soon.

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