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Well let’s be a little more specific. The Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) used to be known as the Workman’s Compensation Board (WCB). Whether an independent board or not I suspect that they are still under some sort of observation or supervision from the Ontario Ministry of Labour. Similarly the Ministry of Labour are represented in our provincial Cabinet by the Minister of Labour. So to call the WSIB corrupt I’m basically saying that our Ministry of Labour and our provincial government are corrupt. Good news though, you can’t lay this at the feet of Doug Ford. All those bodies were corrupt long before he came along.

Liz Witmer, former Progressive Conservative Cabinet Minister, is the head of the WSIB. Not a bad “retirement” appointment is it? How she managed to stay on with the Liberals in power for so long, I really don’t know unless they were as equally corrupt as the PCs and felt that she would continue to keep WSIB payouts in check.

Now to the present. Two days ago the Waterloo Region Record published the following front page story titled, “WSIB had flagged rubber cases as disease cluster.” Holy crap! E-mails have been found through a Freedom of Information request that show that the WSIB many years ago knew that rubber workers were among a group of five sectors in the province who formed clusters of occupational diseases. The five sectors are firefighters, herbicide sprayers, miners exposed to McIntyre Powder, and General Electric workers (likely in Peterborough) as well as rubber workers.

So let me get this straight. Our WSIB, Ministry of Labour, and provincial Cabinet have known for perhaps twenty years or more that there are five sectors of workers who are at extremely high risk of developing occupational diseases. That kind of puts a new light on the Horticultural Technologies fire here in Kitchener some thirty years ago, now doesn’t it? Firefighters who worked that fire have been dropping like flies with different cancers since then.

Back to the guilty parties. Why did they not inform the public as to the risks they and their loved ones were taking working in those sectors? Why did they insist that each and every rubber worker had to prove their sickness was caused by working in one of our local rubber factories when the facts are long known that those factories and their products caused cancers and much more? Why of the five sectors are only the firefighters given special status and don’t have to prove that their jobs caused their diseases?

The answers are painful but obvious. Money and power. Our government has the power and they wanted to spend taxpayers money elsewhere rather than on assisting critically ill rubber workers. Shame on the WSIB, Ministry of Labour and both Liberal and Progressive Conservative governments. You are corrupt, self-serving liars of the worst kind who hold other people’s lives as valueless. Posted by Alan Marshall at 9:28 AM



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    Brent April 18, 2019 at 5:46 pm

    Liars is correct. These are some of the most ignorant people in the country to deal with. Prove your sick from your job. We don’t believe you so fight for your money and care.

    Sandra Banks June 5, 2019 at 9:28 am

    Very worker should care about the corruption within the WSIB, Government elected representatives Liberal and Conservative governments, as well as Big business in every sector. Why? Easy workplace injury and illness can strike anyone at any time. Every worker is vulnerable. Who? Small and medium size companies pay for the bulk of the premiums,and many may not necessarily be able to pay legal and ongoing increasing NEER rates, in case of serious workplace accidents. When? Easy, at the first moment of serious workplace accidents, injuries and occupational disease the systematic cover up begins. How? Easy, Big business, and Corporations influence politicians and law makers. Why? Easy, Big business and corporations want to reduce their costs associated with workplace injury and disease in order to save money, save reputations, to “win” at all costs, and their greed and selfishness. What will happen next? Easy. As time goes by more and more injured workers will become sicker, more frustrated, marginalized, and poorer. Since big business and corporations are not financially accountable for their actions, and therefore unsafe facilities workplaces will become more and more common. Why? Easy Big business will realizes there is no benefit to invest in safety issues at their workplaces. What are the consequences to this corrupt system? Our taxpayer dollars will continue to be spent on healthcare for injured workers instead of WSIB, as WSIB denies denies more claims. Individual injured workers don’t have any power to change the system, most people don’t think about injured workers. Most people think injured workers “fake” their injuries or illness. Fact: Workplace injury fraud is less than 2%. Bottom Line: Abolish the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act.

    alan marshall June 5, 2019 at 10:24 am

    Apologies Rande and Debbie but I’m throwing in a comment here about the story in today’s Record about Jan Liggett. It certainly smells and makes me think that this is simply Cambridge councillors of the ilk of Donna Reid getting payback because Jan has taken the high ground so often when they haven’t that it makes them look bad. How typical and how hypocritical that they would do their best to disparage the best person on council. Kudos to Mike Devine and even Mr. Ermeta for not jumping on the get Jan bandwagon.

    Brad Ford February 25, 2020 at 12:20 pm

    The truth as told. Wsib, the provincial govt.and large corporate lobby groups are corrupt & at the heart of the problem. As long as we allow “Them” to continue their raping & pillaging they will do so very happily. There is 1 day a year recognizing workers who died providing a living for themselves and their families. I believe there should be a month every year recognizing workers who were injured not killed who are suffering from the corrupt govt. and its equally corrupt minion wsib.

    Bruce May 11, 2020 at 10:10 am

    wsib staved me into compliance by siezing my bank account in dec while i am on a claim
    i could not feed myself or family
    2 years later i still have no settlement of my claim
    they are crooks
    is there a law suit we all can join

      Craig October 19, 2020 at 12:52 pm

      Hi Bruce I’m fighting wsib right now I would like to talk to you I got a brain injury at work and the school board and wsi and the union are screwing me seems to be common unfortunenatlycontact me please

    Alan Marshall May 12, 2020 at 7:10 am

    I’m not aware of a lawsuit. Perhaps Greg Mercer at the Waterloo Region Record might be interested in your story. He’s the fellow writing the articles about rubber workers and the WSIB.

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