Wrong site for multiplex… by Gary Worton

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Opinion Jul 04, 2017 02:17 Waterloo Region Record

Details in multiplex debate favours college site — July 3

Methinks Luisa D’Amato has been ‘got-at’ by someone in the corridors of power down on Main Street in Cambridge.

Minor hockey, ringette, swimming — these groups have been in favour of the site from the get-go; and why wouldn’t they with four ice pads and an Olympic-size swimming pool up for grabs?

Not caring where the multiplex is located because they are used to traveling to venues is a load of garbage. This is not all about hockey and synchronized swimming. It has to be conveniently located for all the residents of Cambridge; after all, it is all of us who will be footing the bill. And not everyone has four SUVs parked on their driveway.

Kitchener residents are virtually salivating at the idea of these new amenities popping up right on their doorstep, courtesy of the Cambridge taxpayers.

To make matters worse, 50 years down the road it won’t even belong to Cambridge anymore, so it cannot be called a good investment.

I am a strong “no” to the Conestoga College location.





2 Responses to Wrong site for multiplex… by Gary Worton

  1. Debbie Duff Vitez July 5, 2017 at 9:10 am

    Way to go Gary..

    I think it’s clear that this was always a dog and pony show..
    I also think he doesn’t care what anyone thinks.. I believe he has the formula to win elections.. and doesn’t need our approval..He is gonna do what he wants..
    He will go down as our Donald Trump that’s for certain.. at least there’s an expiry date on trump and he can be voted out.. We have no such options..
    I kinda feel sorry for his family..
    They have to know what he’s doing.. No mater who benefits today from his questionable ways… they have to live with his legacy and from what I hear, no one likes or trust him… ( well.. a few might..lol

  2. mjqsmith@bell.net'
    Maggie July 5, 2017 at 7:59 pm

    Yes Gary – D’Amato has always quoted Craig & she is a non-thinker. Imagine writing an article like that – lots of us have complained to the Record about her ridiculous rants – in fact – some quit the paper because of her. She is another one like Reid – when Craig says ‘jump” – they say how high.
    No one wants it at Conestoga – some are just getting impatient & want it built. I talked to a young father today & he had attended meetings re Complex, but he said by the time they settle – he’s boys will be out of hockey. Conestoga is such an Idiot’s Idea – namely Craig. But he will expect you dumb Taxpayers to pay for it and support Conestoga & the Kitchener stores. Our stores in Cambridge are suffering & could use the support of our Mayor, Councillors & the money that Tournaments, etc. would bring in. It is just common sense. None of us wish to drive through all this current traffic & more coming to take your kids OUT-OF-TOWN for their sporets activities.
    What is going on with Craig & Tibbetts – I sure wish some proof of crap would be found & reported to us. What is going on in Galt in particular is out of control – Post Office – this Gas Light monument – the BRIDGE TO NOWHERE – AND NOW SOME FANCY GADGET ON THE GALT DAM & PRESTON CAN’T even get their dam fixed.
    It just goes on & on & if you ever get involved in the nonsense here in town – you will shake your heads. Please someone get this proof of a bribe – it is out there!!$$$$$

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