Why is Doug Craig still our ” Mayor”, and most of his Puppets still in” Office”..?

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Why isn’t anyone questioning how this continues to happen during every Municipal Election?

Would it have anything to do with his Creative Elections???..

Cutting polling locations, polling stations.. the use of Tabulators, Internet and Telephone Votes?

I have to question with his long long long list of legacy projects, why the residents of this city would not have kicked him to curb a long time ago.!!

Or maybe you’ve tried.. and were unsuccessful .. time to question how he continues to win ?..

TIME FOR A PAPER BALLOT VOTE.. remember those..??? they were BC.. before craig..




One Response to Why is Doug Craig still our ” Mayor”, and most of his Puppets still in” Office”..?

  1. mjqsmith@bell.net'
    Maggie Smith February 9, 2017 at 10:02 am

    Yes – time to get paper voting back!! Or Ranked voting – watch London – they might.
    Everyone I speak to – DID NOT vote for Craig! So how does he get back in?
    Very interesting.
    And yes the voting polls were cut & voting made complicated for a lot of the voters that wanted to do their duty.
    Until we get the Tax Payer to wake up and demand an honest voting system – it will remain crooked.

    But then again at next the Election we need mega Scrutineers at each Polling Booth and drivers to follow the boxes to Head quarters – not to be delayed for hours or end up in someone’s basement.

    Boy oh boy – the public needs to hear this….

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