Trial on the TCE: there are too many cancers Shannon says oncologist

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 (I thought I should scoop and publish this.. (in case no one is paying attention).. Lots of Data on TCE and other deadly chemicals are disappearing from the internet. Hence my coping posts and not just linking back to them. Debbie Vitez)

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Another health professional expressed his questions before the Court on Tuesday about the high number of cancers in the population, Shannon.

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(Quebec) There is some thing wrong with Shannon, said Tuesday in court Dr. Claude Shields, oncologist at the Hospital of the Child Jesus. Number, but also the density of cancer beyond anything he has experienced in 30 years of career.

Dr. Shields testified as an expert for the class members of citizens of the municipality, for the contamination of groundwater with trichlorethylene (TCE). He studied the case of Shannon for nearly a decade, and it was under his direction that the list of 500 cancer cases identified to date has been established.

And from the beginning of this work, anomalies have aroused his suspicions, he has explained to Judge Bernard Godbout. “There was an abnormal density of cancers in the” red zone “, which corresponds to the plume of contamination identified by hydrogeologists. And the highest concentration was in a more restricted area, the “red triangle”, where less than 220 people and where TCE concentrations were highest. “

According to him, in calculating these cases the entire population of the municipality, it is to dilute the real picture. A geographical analysis of these cases reveals abnormal concentration for this area.

One of the things that most impressed the specialist, the number of people who have suffered more than one type of cancer during their lifetime. Based on data available in 2009, there were 42 cancers for a group of 18 people, an average of 2.3 cancers per person. And this data was confirmed by the latest figures, in 2010. We then found 131 cancers for 56 people, again an average of 2.3 cancers per person.

“This is an unusual clinical situation. There is a light that is kindled in my mind. There is something wrong there. “

Dr. Shields is neither epidemiologist or researcher, he took care to point out to the judge. But after 30 years of patient care of the Infant Jesus, he said, “we finally have an idea of ​​what is normal or not.”

And the dozens of people who had more than one cancer, it is not normal, he said. We’re talking about cancer “primary”, that is to say, cancers that were not caused by metastasis from another cancer.

“In practice, we do not see much. Seen two cases of cancer, but three cancers, it is more rare. I do not remember more than five or six cases in my career. And I only saw one case with four types of cancer in the same person. “

At Shannon was listed so far no less than four people who have had four different primary cancers. He cited, among others, the case of a lady who had breast cancer and cancer of the skin on the right foot, then another skin cancer, over one shoulder, and finally a cancer of the intestine. “These are unusual patterns,” he says.



3 Responses to Trial on the TCE: there are too many cancers Shannon says oncologist

    alan marshall January 5, 2014 at 6:41 pm

    I received a book for Christmas from my daughter, Dr. Katie Marshall. The title is “Toms River”. Toms River is a small beach community in New Jersey. Ciba-Geigy did some horrific liquid & solid dumping for decades and then started dumping directly into the Atlantic Ocean via a permitted 10 mile long pipeline. Chemicals of interest include Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons as well as TCE. Lots of childrens’ cancers. I’m not done the book yet but there are huge difficulties scientifically and technically with two health studies and or cancer cluster studies.

    T.hipel January 7, 2014 at 4:29 pm

    So they had just over 50 people and our bishop street area has over 500 but we were told that its not enough to study.
    What b.s.

    alan marshall January 8, 2014 at 8:41 am

    Tracy: While I’m still not finished “Toms River” I am impressed with three things. 1) The authoritys do not want to know the truth re pollution/cancer clusters and 2) It is incredibly scientifically difficult to have a rigorous health study capable of pinpointing specific polluters/chemicals as the cause of cancer clusters 3) If a health study is done it is extremely expensive and time consuming. Therefore the only way it will happen is if literally hundreds to thousands of citizens are screaming at their politicians on an ongoing basis.

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