Time for “Big Changes” locally – the anger is not going away

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Speaking to a sea of tuxedoes and ball gowns — and wearing a tuxedo himself — Trudeau sharpened his now familiar pitch to help the middle class.

“For business leaders, it’s about thinking beyond your short-term responsibility to your shareholders. You have a equally important long-term responsibility to your workers, their families and the communities that support you,” Trudeau said.

“Whether you’re a business or a government, it’s time to realize that this anger and anxiety we see washing over the world is coming from a very real place and it is not going away.”

These words spoken by Trudeau could well describe the anger and anxiety many are feeling in Cambridge. The middle class is struggling. Seniors are going bankrupt. More and more are becoming homeless for various reasons. While our Prime Minister encourages helping the middle class and protecting the environment, our local municipality do the reverse.

The issues are not singular but a cumulative negative effect from the ever increasing taxes, cost of living and the inability to find fair paying jobs in our local living area. Commuting is fine for some, but when you leave before 6 in the morning and don’t make it home til 8 at night, there is little to no family quality time. With reduced income, there is not local spending to help keep local businesses open.

Now the City of Cambridge is having another strike. All this while our tax dollars are wastefully spent to assist developers rather than thinking of the true needs of the whole community.

We are told that we have to accept many changes due to new policies, and yet, when these new policies do not offer benefits to developers, the rules are broken, zoning is revised and official plans are amended.

How do we trust our Council when they speak out of both sides of their mouths? How do we feel confident with any public information sessions when concerns are completed disregarded and considered “addressed”, when there has been absolutely nothing done. As we have seen from many projects, most recently the Old Post Office renovations, when resident’s concerns have been disregarded at the start, we are now told to accept the additional extra costs to absolve these same concerns. They were obviously NOT addressed.

Residents are having a difficult time paying their bills and saving for an unsure future. If our local politicians do not hear our cries, then there is only anger and anxiety that will develop in to chaos.

It is not social media that is putting bad attention on the Mayor and some Council members…it is their inability to see and hear from the people that is putting them in a bad light. If they continue with old practices and processes as well as closed door meetings and lack of transparency, then the bad feelings are completely justified. When we find out that there is misleading information being provided and wasteful spending, then expect there to be anger with the mismanagement of our tax dollars.

Many work hard for their money and keep on being denied necessities due to the lack of available net income. The only way to change this is through our voting process. For that reason, we need to demand a more fair process and one that is openly transparent to the public to ensure that there is no possibility for fraudulant votes. If that means cancelling internet voting, then that is needed. It may make it easier for several people to vote online, but it does not mean that it is safer from being hacked. To promise that there is no way for a computer program to be hacked is like selling swamp land in Florida…”buyer beware” and don’t believe all that you are being told.




5 Responses to Time for “Big Changes” locally – the anger is not going away

  1. mjqsmith@bell.net'
    Maggie Smith February 19, 2017 at 4:58 pm

    What is the sense of voting Online is your vote gets discarded? And apparently our Home Taxes are higher here than T.O. – wow. And this inside worker strike – wow Paula at Johnson already gets over $100,000. and how many more like her. This is ridiculous – she along with Gar Dyke at $225,000. plus – is robbing the poor people blind. Seniors cannot keep up with all of this. Trudeau & Craig seem to run the same Bank Account – catering to the high ops rather than trying to make life better for all – not just the elite. Talked to people in Guelph today from Cambridge – they are disgusted with Craig & his legal theft from the poor. Will it never end…..

  2. lwhetham@live.ca'
    Gladys Smith February 21, 2017 at 2:06 pm

    If you are the Mayor’s Secretary and the Secretary has reached her full Potential on the Wage Scale, you just change the Job Description to Office Manager who Manages one other person, and you get to climb up the new wage scale..

    • enuf@yahoo.ca'
      Enuf February 21, 2017 at 4:42 pm

      I’ve seen that happen with just changing job descriptions. Even in the Region. When departmental cutbacks are required, they create a new department, move the people and then tell the public that they closed a department without telling them they just moved the people around. All of it is smoke and mirrors.

      There is way too much waste with our tax dollars. I guess that happens when they don’t know how hard it is for the taxpayers to earn those dollars that they so freely spend. Inside workers don’t work on sundays and yet they strike on a sunday and then one gets hurt for being somewhere they should not be??? I have no sympathy. The city worker was probably being stubborn and not moving for the snow plow making another persons job that much more difficult.

  3. lvann_11@sympatico.ca'
    Tom Vann March 10, 2017 at 7:54 am

    Soon the city of Cambridge SS will have armed guards during council meetings to make the public obey and bow to the mayor and council. This could finally put an end to anyone wearing blue jeans or filming at meetings. Check today’s Record front page. The sneaky mayor, Dyke and certain others hid a survey and want total control over everything. How dare anyone not kiss their asses when told to. Donna opened her mouth again and nothing came out democratic. Can you imagine electing an NDP party with someone like her involved? Fascism is making a comeback and Cambridge is leading the way. If the mayor and Dyke get their way anyone can be tossed they don’t want at council…..it’s coming folks. See you at the March 20th multiplex circus. They will cancel this and tunnel vision Donna and Frank will still tell you “IT’S A DONE DEAL! I’m the mayor damn it…..re-elect me.

  4. enuf@yahoo.ca'
    Enuf March 10, 2017 at 8:21 am

    The Times will not write the truth of Mayor Craig and expose him for what he is cause the Editor himself has a deep connection and history with Mayor Craig.

    I am ashamed that editorials are based on this history rather than the truth. So many journalists that have stood up for freedom of the press and then here we are in Cambridge, with an editor who will help the Mayor stifle and camouflage the truth.

    The Mayor is becoming so confident that he is no longer hiding behind closed doors as he knows he will only bully those who oppose in to submission or suppression.

    We need a strong person to run against him. Not more of the same old. And unless those who are currently on Council stand up now against the Mayor, then they too have shown that they are spineless and will end up corrupt in time. Why are so many Councillors determined to follow the captain down in to the depths with a sinking ship. Mayor Craig’s reign will end one day, by choice or by fate…and then his bullying and manipulation of the elections and people will also be over…and the old gang will not survive.

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