The voter is Boss: KW Record – Nov. 13, 2010

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 The voter is the boss

Originally printed in the KW Record – Nov. 13, 2010

Last month’s municipal elections should have reminded civic leaders everywhere in Ontario who they work for. But since the lessons seems to have been lost on a few misguided Cambridge politicians who treated a fellow citizen disgracefully this week, we’ll tell them: It’s the people. They’re the boss. Get it straight.

Thomas Vann is a citizen of Cambridge. He went through all the necessary rigamarole to speak to council on Monday about the difficulties Vann believes Cambridge seniors faced when they tried to vote in the last election.

Vann’s name was placed on the agenda. He went to the meeting in good faith expecting to be heard by the people who are supposed to represent  him and whose salaries he and others like him pay.

But he was told to go away. Mayor Doug Craig, city clerk Alex Mitchell and councilors Gary Price and Karl Kiefer decided Vann’s issue was not the right topic for the evening.

There was no good reason to silence Vann. The council was, indeed, discussing how the city serves its seniors. Vann’s concerns were entirely relevant. If the city serves seniors by helping them vote, why couldn’t council hear complaints that many seniors gave up trying to vote because of inadequate parking and unbearably long lines? Why was Vann brushed off on a technicality and told to return when council discusses the election?

This was a needlessly rude and cavalier way to treat a man who had taken the time and trouble to address council. To their credit, city councilors Rick Cowsill, Ben Tucci and Linda Whetham tried to let Vann have his say. They may have lost the vote. But they know who their boss is. And they’re right.

— written by The Records editorial staff




4 Responses to The voter is Boss: KW Record – Nov. 13, 2010

    Maggie Smith April 5, 2017 at 2:20 pm

    Wow – very interesting. And it looks like “they” are still trying to silence Vann and other Cambridge Voters. What are they afraid of? That Cambridge Voters just might clue in to the fact that there is a problem here in Cambridge.
    Why is it that the Mayor, Council & City Staff do not want the truth to be heard on any subject?????
    And how come Monteiro gets to spout off “FAKE NEWS” and he isn’t taken down.
    And now any one that will attend Council meetings will feel like they are now living in Russia & have no voice. Cambridge used to be a nice place to live in. Very soon us minimum wage earners & Srs. won’t be able to afford living here.
    People – think RANKED VOTING or you will just get the same old same old back!!
    If Vann’s name was on the Agenda & approved – then he had the right to speak. It is like Ken’s right for a rebuttal – the Mayor told him to sit & should not have. I guess power always goes to one’s head if allowed to do so – control control – control – not justice or respect. Shame Shame!!

    Linda April 5, 2017 at 2:56 pm

    the vote to allow Tom to speak was voted on and the vote was 3 – 3 and Mayor voted and broke the tie, I was running the meeting and Mr. Craig said from his seat “If you can not run the meeting, then get out of the chair” because I wanted to let Tom speak, I was told in no uncertain Terms before the meeting to not allow him to speak and I went against was I was told to do….

    Maggie Smith April 5, 2017 at 4:36 pm

    Oh Linda – that Craig has too much control. If Tom was on the Agenda – should have been allowed. So even back then Craig was in control – my way or no way.
    Stinks all way round. Wish you had those old emails. Would have been great to show him up.
    But then again look at now – Inclusiveness – right – just like in Russia.

    Tom Vann April 6, 2017 at 7:02 am

    This is one reason I have been going to OTHER city web sites similar to Debs and speaking of how bad things are here in Cambridge. The corruption, drugs, prostitution, council, mayor, the Dyke man, police raids, homeless, taxes, and you get my point. The flash back will eventually go around. Even the Dyke man 1st hand. The library has computers to help. Thing is hitting send to all the sites makes it easy. Anyone that wants my list can have it, but not from my computer. Hard copy only. Let’s warn other cities of issues here. Just trying to help all Canadians. Have a good day Dougie. The Bad Boy.

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