The evidence we used to challenge the “Cambridge 2010 Election Results”

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Now that the evidence has been heard by a Hamilton Judge and the results are in.  Now that this case is public knowledge.

We had promised to add all here on the Advocate:

First is the Letter from the Honourable

minister of municipal affairs nov.10

Affidavit of Thomas Vann

affidavit of Thomas Vann for Advocate readers

Affidavit of Deborah Vitez

affidavit for Debbie for advocate readers

(The original affidavits were not very well organized) Remember we did this without help from anyone..i.e . A Lawyer.. We were flying by the seat of our pants.

All we knew for sure is that the election was flawed and we were determined to have a judge read our evidence.

We also managed to secure 14 Affidavits from outside folk, 4 of which this Judge threw out?

Remember when we first filed we submitted questionnaires which were not sworn so inadmissible.. But the city received our evidence with our application. It’s our belief that some seniors were scared off.. Because when we approached them asking them to swear their questionnaire in the form of affidavits, they panicked and refused.. And no one can blame them. 

I will be submitting an email on here that we received early on.. Which was part of the original filing and I will also include the second email from this person. Where he admits he was approached by someone from city hall, and refused to follow thru with his complaint.

MORE Evidence to follow, including the affidavits and My response to the clerks defense. ( which the Judge would not allow into evidence)

Due to the privacy act I have to alter some to make certain no names are printed without their permission.



4 Responses to The evidence we used to challenge the “Cambridge 2010 Election Results”

    Billy K. June 19, 2011 at 9:02 pm

    So this is the Cambridge Advocate l heard so much about this weekend. The election was a terrible situation and winebibbing may have taken place by some involved in the workings of such an election to have caused such situations to take place. The rumblings l hear are not from downtown Galt near City Hall but from a vast cross section of the people across this City. Mounting of a great charge at City Hall may be required to contain some of the accusations and opinions of those in need of a zipper at such a location. Future works might be good advice since the present ideas are not working. Nothing seems to surprise me any longer in this City. I can tell you first hand that our City Hall needs people skills 101 in a number of departments. Your inspection teams need to be brought up to speed for contractors other than the selected few.

    les kadar June 20, 2011 at 12:32 pm

    Billy K, the charge to city hall has been made on several fronts for several reasons this past year to no avail.

    The latest big draw in council chambers was on account of the opposition to the Theatre project to which a great many more residents who were opposed came out than those that were in favour.

    While the issue was completely hushed up during the election and financial figures of costs and spending to date seriously fudged to say the least, this council pushes on as if the community was 100 % behind their initiative and that money grew on trees.

    I fear that the only thing left to do, once again, is to take them to court given the complete lack of teeth or enforcement capabilities built into the municipal act that would protect citizens from unruly council decisions.

    I am afraid we are way beyond people skills here.

    Again the big stumbling block for the citizenry is the same that Deb and Tom encountered in their objection, CASH !

    No lawyer in this community would stand up and take the case for fear of future work being cut off.

    Outside legal aid that was available would have cost 20 to 30 thousand dollars which was unavailable.

    As long as the municipal act shrowds councillors actions from the tax payers with exhorbitant costs and retribution financially for their actions, citizens will continue to be the victim of bad or unscrupulous decisions supposedly made to their benefit.

    Each city must have a government issued intervenor/ ombudsman with teeth that can be called upon when necessary to review their actions and then have the authority to make a decision that is enforceable if required and justified.

    Without such a portfolio in place, city governments can and will continue to run wild as they please with taxpayers money.

    agm June 20, 2011 at 1:00 pm

    Hi Les:
    I’ve just finished sending Debbie an e-mail with some of the following info that might be helpful to highlight the true cost of the proposed Drayton Theatre.

    The report I am reading was pointed out to me courtesy of Bev McDowell.

    It’s a Supplemental Phase ll Environmental Site Assessment.

    It’s chock full of acronyms and short forms perhaps intentionally to make reading by lay persons difficult.

    It’s also barren of maps, figures and drawings again perhaps to make reading by lay persons difficult..

    While I’m still reading it, the obvious interpretation is that you’ve got one nasty site there, that drastically needs remediation.

    The fact that apparently they aren’t going to do so can be justifed a number of ways but most especially on the basis of “Dilution is the Solution to Pollution”.

    You’ve got a river and you’ve got air and as long as the profits are taken privately and the costs transferred to the public, then what’s the problem?

    Thomas Vann June 20, 2011 at 10:56 pm

    Billy. City Hall makes it so easy to chose a topic to pick on. Where should you start? Your choice. lt’s all about MONEY HONEY. Everytime l turn around $$$$$ are flashing. We are not Toronto, we are not Windsor we are also not a complaining city. Councillors make ward changes to suit their election locations, Drayton, election mess, campaign donations, downtown Galt rework AGAIN, poor drinking water in our city, nearly 2/10th of a billion dollar infrastructure backlog, council perks, lawyers lying, over managed and over paid staff, broken by-laws, rights denied, Galt getting more than the other centers, yikes Billy l’ll have to leave the other 100 till another day. Take your pick. NEWS FLASH! We are to look into the sky near the sun at about 12:30 to watch a huge asteroid pass earth l was told last week, l hope it’s not a joke so let’s see Tues. June 21/11 at 12:30 pm.

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