The Dangers of Internet Voting… { Again, why is Cambridge using internet voting?}

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Revised and Updated July 26, 2016

Those who believe that “voting online is the future” or that it is “possible given current technology” to create a secure online voting system are dangerously mistaken.[1] According to computer experts, Internet voting is vulnerable to cyber-attack and fraud—vulnerabilities inherent in current hardware and software, as well as the basic manner in which the Internet is organized. It is unlikely that these vulnerabilities will be eliminated at any time in the near future.

State legislators and secretaries of state who are considering implementing

Internet voting, or even the delivery by e-mail of voted ballots from registered voters, should reconsider such measures. These programs would be vulnerable to a variety of well-known cyber-attacks, any of which could be catastrophic. Such attacks could be “launched by anyone from a disaffected lone individual to a well-financed enemy agency outside the reach of U.S. law.”[2] They also “could result in large-scale, selective voter disenfranchisement,” privacy violations, vote buying and selling, and vote switching “even to the extent of reversing the outcome of many elections at once….”[3] The biggest danger, however, is that such attacks “could succeed and yet go completely undetected.”[4]



3 Responses to The Dangers of Internet Voting… { Again, why is Cambridge using internet voting?}

    Maggie Smith February 16, 2017 at 9:27 am

    Well as proven by Vann & Vitez – internet voting is definitely able to “fix” – just look at what is going on in the U.S. And we know why Cambridge likes it – people can be paid to fix the voting the way certain controlling people want it.
    Cambridge Taxpayers must wake up to the fact it has been fixed since 2010 & 2014 & do we want another fixed election in 2018. Are there no honest people out there any more?? Just greedy people looking out for themselves.
    Saw a photo of the old/new city hall and it is so UGLY – the new one – oh why oh why did we let this happen. So out-of-lace for sure and so is Craig. Wake up!!
    Ranked voting is definitely the only honest way to go. If people are to lazy to get out and vote – well then – suffer – & don’t complain.

    Sarah A. February 16, 2017 at 5:25 pm

    I’m all in favor of returning to the paper ballot. I also believe ballots should be counted on the spot and in front of everyone.

    Maggie Smith February 17, 2017 at 6:56 pm

    Sarah – you are so right. As in reading you will see that two people took the 2010 election to court because of dishonesty in the last 2 elections actually. So we need to be aware of just what is happening in the 2018 election as the Mayor has turned down Ranked voting. So – no to online voting for sure.
    Tell everyone you know. This dishonest elections must stop, but then if we get rid of Craig – maybe they will. He may move on to another area after he has spent all our tax dollars on projects we don’t need – like the bridge to NOWHERE and the bookless library that we don’t need & now this humongous highrise at Southworks – he just goes on & on & you don’t think something isn’t getting shoved under the table – you bet. No to Online voting!!

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