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I received by e-mail yesterday a copy of the Bishop St. Community Information Centre, Issue #6, COMMUNITY UPDATE dated June 2018. While acknowledging there has been major time, effort and money pored into cleaning up this lethal, industrial contamination of both the groundwater and the indoor air for hundreds of homes in the community, it has not been enough. Nearly as importantly it has been handled in such a way by our authorities and media as to avoid the condemnation the guilty parties deserve. It’s funny how a thief of so much as a couple of loaves of bread can be arrested, charged, detained in jail and convicted whereas these bastards and their lawyers have the nerve to bleat that as they are cooperating with the Ministry of Environment now; and because the cleanup of their past negligence is going to be so expensive, that we should either feel sorry for them or alternately give them an award for their world class remediation plans. They make me sick.

We are advised that the majority of homes now have indoor air concentrations of TCE (Trichloroethylene) below 5 ug/m3. After approximately fourteen years I’m really not impressed. Why aren’t ALL homes not only below 5 ug/m3 but why the hell are residents still breathing any TCE? Good God, multi generational families living together have died in this community from cancers and you’re bragging that they are still breathing TCE at any measureable concentrations? The goal we are advised is to by 2020 have ALL homes below .5 ug/m3. That is a far better goal than 5 ug/m3 but tell me this. Are the residents of those homes expected to hold their breathes for the next two years? Or perhaps you are going to issue them all indoor portable air packs that they can walk around inside their homes with? I repeat we throw petty offenders in jail in this country but we still allow corporate, for profit murderers, free rein to kill Canadian citizens as long as their intent was to make money and the deaths were merely collateral damage.

Following are two sentences that speak for themselves in this “Community Update”.

“All relevant information pertaining to the BSC can still be obtained by contacting the CIC at AET’s Cambridge office…” and

“HRV should be on the SUMMER setting If your home is on a SVE system, call the CIC before you dig deeper than 2 feet in your front or back yard.”

Many of you will know what every acronym stands for and many of you will not. English please!

Lastly the Community Information Centre (hint, hint) would like to know if any homeowners are planning on installing a sump, changing the basement plumbing, adding a bathroom or deepening the basement. My assessment is that they know that monsters still lurk below ground. The Bishop St. contamination is a stark reminder of the reality of industrial negligence, all to save money for the shareholders at the cost of other human lives and health. The Bishop St. contamination should have resulted in criminal charges and did not. It is a corrupt political system running interference for environmental criminals. And they got away with it which means it will happen again and again until society demands justice. This is the reality of our “Just Us” system.




    Tom Vann June 24, 2018 at 10:43 am

    Nice update sir. The beat goes on and on. Many government or businesses with large capital behind them pretty much know they can get away with almost anything imaginable. Look no further than the Liberals of Ontario over the past 15 years with all the scandals. Add the Feds to this list. Then we have election scandals as we have seen locally. Moral standards are not important. People have put so much on their plates these days time is premium and in short supply. We have the hydro overcharging rate payers hundreds of millions of dollars. Lying politicians spewing fake info daily. No accountability. No wonder city hall had to make sure a guy like me never made it on council in 2010. I would have risked it all and blown the lid off of any corruption I encountered. Corruption steals from the community no matter where it is and so many spineless people let it go on hurting our people, even if the result is cancer, money, an impaired charge or death. One day they will answer for their actions. Mr. Marshall, you should have a medal for your efforts.

    Alan Marshall June 24, 2018 at 11:22 am

    Thanks Thomas.
    I just got an error message because my message was too short????

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