SHAME ON YOU MIKE DEVINE ( Hespeler Councillor) also voted for electronic voting..

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Mike Devine, Hespeler Councillor also voted for internet and telephone voting..

 {Remember this come Election Time, Hespeler}..

I did send him an email prior to the vote showing him numerous sites that clearly state how unsafe this method of casting a ballot is.

DID HE LISTEN?.. Did he even bother to respond.. NO IS THE ANSWER.. { gonna assume he too was instructed to follow the flow}

His lame excuse was ACCESSIBILITY.. when that has not been a problem in the past..

( he is right on the accessibility)…. This council continues to cut polling locations and stations..

Which could be considered OBSTRUCTION of our Democratic Right to a fair vote.. have you fought for us on this issue Mike..?


He along with fellow Councillor members.  VOTED FOR, Internet and Telephone Voting.

good ol Frank Monterio, and

MIKE MANN, { who opted to vote the way Staff recommended).. along with the bobbsy Twins..

DONNA REID & PAM WOLF.. ( voted the way their master instructed)..





and I never thought I would say this.. but..



Please note..

Waterloo voted to not use this system..

Kitchener won’t consider it..

Guelph who used it in the past, voted it down for 2018..

We are the only city in this region who voted for it..

Did you question any of them Mike before you cast your vote?

If you and Mike Mann really cared, you both could bring a new Motion to change this vote..

Unless you’re afraid of upsetting your boss and the puppet squad..


9 Responses to SHAME ON YOU MIKE DEVINE ( Hespeler Councillor) also voted for electronic voting..

    alan marshall April 24, 2017 at 12:16 pm

    You’re the only city (town) in the Region who voted for it up until tomorrow night. Up here in Woolwich township we are hell bent to wrest the poorest managed municipality title away from you guys if we possibly can. It looks as if tomorrow night Woolwich Township will join the Cambridge bandwagon. What a coicidence that the two poorest managed municipalities both want Internet & telephone voting.

    Maggie April 24, 2017 at 4:35 pm

    Yes – isn’t it interesting.
    Just ask “why” – because it can be “managed” – especially if City Staff is manning the machines. And we know who is paying them – right.
    Oh, well, some of us tried to get people interested – so if they don’t want their vote to count – shame on them.
    Welcome to the “no thinkers” Club Mr. Marshall – good luck.
    I think Mike meant well – but all one has to do is read all the articles posted on here & you would never use Online. Should be interesting in 2018.

  3. Debbie Duff Vitez April 24, 2017 at 4:35 pm

    It’s a rigged system Al..

    Read my letter to the clerk on here, it clearly shows this system is hackable and certainly not fool proof..

    I did hear about your situation from the reporter from CTV news during our interview.

    He said, that you guys don’t have 2 options, you only get paper ballots or internet telephone.. NOT BOTH..

    Gloria April 25, 2017 at 8:01 am

    After Mike Mann got a slap on the wrist for his “misdemeanour”, he may be trying to vote with the majority of council and with the Ol’ Boys Club to keep in good standing with all of them. voting is a game where they pick and choose who votes for what to make it look like they are not always for or against…some truly speak out and vote how the feel, but that is very few of them during few of the votes.

    Until we get new and better blood in council, the corruption will only get worse. How can we have a councillor with a drinking and driving charge sitting on council? This same person would not qualify a government job anywhere else with this on her record. The municipal act is to blame for the lack of protection for residents with the ones who run and sit on council.

    Pete Copely April 25, 2017 at 6:07 pm

    Read the Times letters today to see how misdirected peoples letters can be when they are uninformed. Both need to show up to council meetings. Curnew ran in 2010 and hasn’t a clue. As for Roberts, How long has he had his head in the sand. A boozing and cruising Pam Wolf, council members that don’t listen to constituents, lies on the air ways, lies in council, sports-plex circus, and more. Caused by who? Wake up Roberts, your lip is on the zipper.

      Enuf April 26, 2017 at 9:20 am

      Curnew needs glasses as he must have missed the other two bridges with sidewalks that already cross the river and link the theater and gaslight district to the downtown core.

      And where will all the parking be for these new businesses, theater and tenants. We are already short on downtown parking with all the condos and businesses are closing as not enough business to keep running.

      I could agree on the pedestrian bridge if there were no other bridges and if there were no other priorities that needed attention. This is the wrong thing at the wrong time.

      I do have to say that all the mouthing off is turning people off and so the battle has to be fought with facts and mindfulness. The only right thing that was said in those columns was about how others would be afraid to run for council with all the name calling and put downs. Fix that up to fix up council.

    Maggie April 25, 2017 at 10:27 pm

    Pete – you got that right. These people never go to a Council/Complex meeting to find out just what is going on, but of course they get their letters in the Times as people say it is biased.
    If only half of Cambridge Taxpayers would go to these meetings – WOW – would they get their eyes opened.
    Have we had an answer yet about what Dr. D. Coleman discovered – ??? the City let that property go for 1.9 m. And someone cut down 10 acres of designated green space. It is all $$$$$$. Now 10 more acres to build on. It would be a perfect spot for the SPORTS COMPLEX. Will be very central the way building is going on in the NORTH OF CAMBRIDGE. Yes, Peter, wish people would wake up to what is going on in Cambridge. A lot of crap & corruption right here in town!!!
    If we only had more Councillors like Jan, Nike, Mike Devine & now Adshade is thinking for himself.

    Gloria April 26, 2017 at 9:13 am

    With all the people moving here from out of town, there are too many that are out of touch with the realities of the happenings and the history of our community. It are these types of people that allow the same stupid crap to keep on happening.

    They will only have their eyes opened when they are personally affected…and then be upset when they receive no support.

    Maggie April 26, 2017 at 10:34 am

    Gloria – you got that right! And “they” are probably counting on this disinterest so they get voted back in again.
    Just wait for the next tax bill – re LTR & if we have to pay to build a Complex on someone else’s property – wow – what a joke. And pay for the BRIDGE TO NOWHERE$$$$$
    But if people complain to me about either of the above – too bad – if you show no interest in the corruption going on – so be it.
    There are some of us malcontents that have tried to fight the fight – but need a few more thousand Taxpayers to speak up before the FACT not AFTER.

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