Residents stuck with legal bills after losing court case

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this ran in the Print version of the Cambridge Times..   comments invited below

By Lisa Ruthledge

Please click on link to view post, from Thursday June 9th 2011 Cambridge Times

residents stuck with legal bills Times



6 Responses to Residents stuck with legal bills after losing court case

    Thomas Vann June 9, 2011 at 5:58 pm

    Lisa and l were on the phone for a while with the facts, numbers, and a friendly chat just as l returned home from work. l will be sending a letter into the guest column to expand on this article. lt will be full of facts and the truth and should be in within the next week or two.

    Thomas Vann June 9, 2011 at 9:39 pm

    l’m grateful we live in a country where one can do this.
    Section 83.1 of the municipal act must be changed because it doesn’t work and we proved it.
    This was not known until our case, but it’s known now. We can not live in a democratic country that is not equal to all, though we boast of such in Canada. Making things better is best for all. l will speak with Steve Harper on this Sunday while we’re golfing.
    Have a dandy weekend all and thanks Lisa.

    Debbie Vitez June 9, 2011 at 10:39 pm

    She did not publish any facts pertaining to what really happened in court.
    She printed what she was told to print.. And sadly the residents of Cambridge do not get to see the truth.

    Thomas Vann June 10, 2011 at 5:15 am

    As l mentioned earlier, l will print up a guest column to the Times. l realize they don’t like to print some things but this is a story for our citizens. l wonder what that 91 year old lady after all that time in line that stagered from exhaustion and that put her hand on a table for support only to be told by a poll worker to get her hand off the table is thinking after reading nothing went wrong during this election. She left, didn’t vote, was supported back to her ride and went home. She never missed a vote before. The Feds got it right, no problems in that election, nor will there be any in the Provincial election. Like l told the Judge, l don’t care what anyone thinks this was a bad election for many. Very sad to see, yes those nuns were lying as well and should never be allowed to vote. Oopps, what am l saying THEY WEREN’T ALLOWED THIS TIME. lf only the nuns knew the municipal election act they would have known what to do.

    Thomas Vann June 10, 2011 at 1:25 pm

    l want to thank and will be thanking all the seniors and disabled people that came forward, and all that assisted Deb and l financially and in other ways. l also will remember those that tried to toss a wrench into this case or make things tough for us for a variety of reasons. l must head out but will go further next time about this. The Tin Man.

    Thomas Vann June 10, 2011 at 7:08 pm

    l have a few minutes before the game tonight to now express my gratitude. These folks that signed the affidavits did so at a risk of backlash and l will leave it at that. These people cared enough to do so and though they all came to us l thank them for doing so. The city would have you believe little went wrong during this election and everything possible was done to ensure an easy vote. l have my opinion on this and it certainly appears l’m not alone. l stand firm that this was a botched election and from what l heard and saw no Judge, lawyer, clerk or spin doctor is going to convince me otherwise. l realize missing 1400 voters, conditions at the locations, and cutting polls by 75% and stuffing them into dead end streets with up to 21/2 hour line ups was the voters fault and not knowing the municipal act was their fault as well so to blame the city is wrong some feel. Those 90 year old people better toughen up for the next election since the city did little or nothing wrong we could expect more of the same. They may be asked to stand in 31/2 hour lines with no place to sit next time. Those damn Feds though screwed everything up when the election they ran went off without a hitch with many more locations and a quicker 1 tick vote. Damn you Harper. So thanks to those people from us. To those that tried to derail us shame on you and l know who you are and l’m gonna smile with you when we meet but . Might have been different if one of these people was your mom or dad. l’m sure they would just have told them suck it up mom and you screwed up. l did meet some wonderful people during all this on the up side and watched some great days pass with them was worthy of praise. We have a lot of good people in this city and it’s too bad they don’t get heard of often such as Victoria (Betty)Koch. She was our next door neighbour as kids. This lady never ever turned her back on anyone in need, or an animal hurt or healthy. This lady drove at her own expense cancer patients to Hamilton (my favorite town, ya sure) did healing, or whatever needed for people. She will be buried Sat. lt is a great loss to me personally and our city. agm you were on my mind today at work and l recalled some of your sayings. The best one that made me roar laughing was the ” No good dead goes unpunished”. How true it is and the fellows were asking me why are you laughing? l just told them, guys l’m just thinking of the price one will pay one day for doing certain things to and for people. These students didn’t understand but the seed has been planted. Betty will get her rewards 10 fold for it is written.

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