From Oct/2008…..Contaminated ground and water in Cambridge

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Someone asked me recently to rerun my story and my findings at the Bishop Street Community.


Long story shortened…


We vacated our home when we found levels unheard of, anywhere in Canada or the United States… and to date we have not been reimbursed by our Polluter… We were informed  we did not have their permission {?} to vacate our highly contaminated house. Our government did nothing..


We are being punished for not following the status quo.. we were wiped out financially.. we had 3 address’ in 12 months…Home gone, source of income gone.. It’s been rough…


Below Scot mentions that I have mind blowing data on the topic of TCE..


If you use facebook I invite you to join the group or just read about TCE..


I can promise you… what you will find there… is only a small portion of the daily information I receive from the States on this deadly chemical..


I have posted our personal journey including our lawsuit against the polluter on the facebook group..

Our lawsuit or a link to it, is also on the facebook site.. The States posted it.. {in its entirety} … but it was like pulling teeth to get any serious coverage here in Ontario..


Hence..” The Cambridge Advocate”… and my posting and informing the public { when I can } about TCE and all Injustices.


Also the numbers have grown on the ill and dying from that subdivision … Waterloo Health unit refuse to meet these families or even consider doing a Health Study..???


Here is the link to the facebook group.. I invite you to join and pass the link along..


The article below was posted in Oct 2008  , prior to the election


I have been looking into ground and water contamination in Cambridge since I started at Echo Weekly in April, long before I met Debbie Vitez. I have found at least 20 current and former areas of Cambridge with major contaminants, and I’m sure there are a lot more.

This seems to be a perfect local election topic. I have looked into some of the enormous mound of research Debbie has compiled. It is mind numbing. I’m going to work on condensing it into a short version so residents can better understand the dangers.

One of the lovely little presents that Northstar Corp. left with us is Chromium 6, the same chemical that was the reason for the lawsuit in Erin Brokovich. In fact, Debbie has been in touch with Brokovich about the situation in Cambridge, and they have had regular correspondence over it.

It’s not just Erin’s old friend Chromium we have been left with. It seems he has a friend called TCE Plume that is spreading throughout the Grand River Watershed. Now call me stupid, you wouldn’t be the first, but wouldn’t the Grand River be covered under the Federal Fisheries Act and The Navigable Waters Act? and that’s just of the top of my head, but Vitez has a letter from P.M. Harper’s office saying it’s not their problem. (She has similar responses from all levels of government.)

I think this is a perfect topic to ask our local candidates…What are you going to do about it? Keep in mind, this is only the tip of the iceberg. The problems at Northstar are well documented, it’s just that no-one want to do anything.

Here’s a snapshot, as I said, the amount of reseach Debbie has compiled is enormous.

Bishop Street Community
What are the potential health risks of these Solvents/substances?

The potential health effects vary with the type and the level of exposure. Most of the adverse health effects attributed to TCE and Chromium are from studies of workers exposed to high concentrations during the course of their workday. Breathing high concentrations of TCE in air may cause impaired heart function, nerve, kidney and liver damage, unconsciousness and death while lower concentrations may cause headaches, irritation, poor coordination and difficulty concentrating. TCE is classified by Health Canada and the International Agency for Research on Cancer as a probable carcinogen. This is based on evidence of carcinogenicity in animal studies that involved exposing animals to high concentrations throughout their lifetime. There is limited direct evidence of carcinogenicity in humans.
The second substance, chromium, is present in the environment in several different forms. Chromium (III), which was found at levels above MOE standards in areas removed from the plant, occurs naturally in the environment and is an essential nutrient. Chromium (VI), which was also confirmed at levels above MOE standards in areas removed from the plant, is classified by Health Canada and the World Health Organization (WHO) as a human carcinogen.

Below you will find a partial list of people who have contacted Debbie regarding this.
I gave this list to the Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of Health, and they informed me that they needed 10,000 to do a study.

My argument is this,
There are 400 homes affected and families are being exposed to a toxic chemical 24/7 in their homes.
DO NOT TELL ME.. you can not look at this issue and do something for these families.
A complied list of the health issues I found (without too much effort) in a one block area, most of these homes I could see from my property.
End of Pine Street (in the court)
17 year old with kidney stones age 17.
Mom daily headaches
.Parkinson’s disease
Young man brain tumour, deaf in one ear
The gentleman died in 2005 Brain tumour
This lady had Parkinson’s disease amongst other health issues
The gentleman passed in 2006 with cancer, type unknown
Wife major lung and respiratory problems; she was on steroids for years. The husband tingling in his fingers and toes,
This lady she has a form of skin cancer Carcinoma grand son, has a serious form of arthritis that affects his eyes,
This lady lived on Dunbar Road from 1992 to 2002 and all during that time suffered severe depression and daily headaches. Since moving away she is fine.
Another lady Dunbar, passed with Lou Gerick disease
****Please note all the neurological diseases
King St/Concession Rd..
This man has lost a kidney to cancer, heart attack, white masses in his brain has symptoms of mini strokes. Restless leg. Neuropathy
Immediate neighbour has restless leg, neuropathy
Fairview Road:
A young child benign brain tumour/ she is blind.
Severn Cres.
One neighbour complaining constant headaches..
Phillip Cres.
A young lady passed of cancer
Mrs P. suffers daily headaches bedroom in basement.
Grand Valley Drive.
Our previous address.
3rd owner, Denis and Debbie Vitez
Denis has been diagnosed with Parkinsonism, neuropathy, restless leg,
MRI shows white masses in front brain, suspected mini strokes. raynodes phenomena, damage to his central nervous system Age 56 disabled
Previous owners
Most of the same symptoms as my husband.
She lived in the house for 13 years prior to us.
She also had Neuropathy, same noticeable tremor in her left arm, fibromyalgia, questionable test results for years; heart etc Disabled, age 51.
Her daughter restless leg, and neuropathy, (that tingling in fingers and toes)
Another neighbour, daughter died cancer, son has heart condition and grand son cancer.
Next door, Husband suffered major heart attack, age 50, wife suffers daily headaches awaiting an MRI, and daughter has daily headaches
Next door, both husband and wife passed with heart, adult daughter being treated for Thyroid. The lady who moved into this home both dogs died, and she suffered daily disabeing daily headaches.
Another neighbour, Hodgkinsons disease, had it twice..He moved away, and has been in remission. Ever since
2 neighbours both passed from respiratory.
A young girl age 21 ovarian cancer.
Corner of Concession Road/ Grand Valley Drive Cambridge
This lady has questionable kidney tests .
This young couple has a son who was born with birth defects. Recently had a benign tumour removed from his face?
They were told the odds of this tumour are very rare
This couple have been in their home for 40 years both have kidney and liver disease
This lady has a tumour in her brain; on her pituitary gland she has Cushing’s disease, Sleep apnoea.
She has white masses in her brain. She did suffer a stroke early 2007
Husband and daughter both suffer from a thyroid condition.
Daughter has Narcolepsy and they all have restless leg.
I have been informed that this family had several cases of cancer. I was told the daughter recently passed, approx age 50, with lung liver and brain cancer.

It was so bad that they did contact some professional questioning their house, asking if it something was wrong.
This Family… 50 years in their home.
This lady contacted me to inform me that her daughter age 47 recently had a malignant tumour removed from her chest
She also told me that her and husband both have the tingling in their right hands.
Fairview Road:
A young child benign brain tumour/ she is blind.
Severn Cres.
One neighbour; complaining constant headaches.
Phillip Cres.
A young lady passed of cancer, type unknown
Another family.. Whose bedroom is in their basement… suffers daily headaches.
Immediate neighbour to above, the son has been passing out since age 3,He is now age 21…

The above is from people who contacted me and from immediate neighbours..
There may be more over there, but I have not met them, but that does not mean there isn’t more illness.

Cambridge Voice readers, if you have a chance to ask about this at the debate on Wednesday night … a lot of people are interested. If you don’t do it then, you’ll have to wait four years.

Here is a link to an interview I did with David Wellhauser regarding what is going on in Preston..











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