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Kathryn McGarry exits as Cambridge MPP with no regrets

Despite defeat, McGarry is proud of her achievements

NewsJun 11, 2018by Ray Martin Cambridge Times
McGarry cheered

Liberals cheered as Kathryn McGarry entered the room. – Ray Martin/Metroland

Doug Ford’s blue wave across the province last Thursday has turned former Cambridge MPP Kathryn McGarry into a one-term wonder.

In her four-year stint in representing Cambridge and North Dumfries, McGarry served first as a parliamentary assistant in the Ministry of Transportation and later moved on to become the Minister of Natural Resources and Forests, and then wrapped up the term as Minister of Transportation.

As the parliamentary assistant for transportation, she drafted the province’s first-ever driverless car regulations, reformed Ontario’s intercity bus system, and strengthened cycling and road safety.

In late 2014, she introduced a private member’s bill, The Lung Health Act, which brought about the Ontario Lung Health Action Plan covering research, diagnosis and treatment of lung disease.

“Kathryn has been amazing to work with. She’s the Energizer Bunny. She just keeps going and going. I don’t know how she does it all.”
Andrew Donnachie, Kathryn McGarry’s campaign manager and senior communications adviser“I consider that my biggest triumph,” she said.

As a critical-care nurse, it was professionally important, but it was also personal for her because she has a family member who has struggles with lung health.

At Queen’s Park, McGarry set the same hectic pace for herself as she did in the critic care unit — a pace that amazed both her staff and fellow politicians.

“Kathryn has been amazing to work with. She’s the Energizer Bunny — she just keeps going and going. I don’t know how she does it all,” said her campaign manager and senior communications adviser Andrew Donnachie.

“Kathryn immersed herself in the community. She was at every civic function she could get to when she wasn’t at Queen’s Park, which really impressed me,” said Mayor Doug Craig.

Craig said McGarry was very responsive to all issues raised in the community and he was further impressed when she took time out of her campaign to meet with councillors Mike Devine and Donna Reid, and city, regional and ministry staff to find a solution to the pedestrian-cycle path across the Franklin Boulevard Bridge.

Friend and fellow politician Cambridge MP Bryan May said of McGarry: “(She) has been an inspiration to me. She has been a friend and is an amazing person and an amazing professional, who just blew me away over the last four years in terms of what she was able to accomplish.”

At the campaign wrap-up party, May said, he drove McGarry to the Progressive Conservatives’ victory party to concede the election to Belinda Karahalios.

“It was amazing how many people came up to Kathryn while we were there and thanked for her service, saying she was an amazing member for provincial parliament,” May said.

McGarry puts down her success to teamwork.

“We have done so much in this community. I really owe a lot to the area politicians and the collaborative working relationship that we have had in order to deliver results for Cambridge,” McGarry said.

While disappointed with the election results, McGarry said, “It’s a tide of change, and I am proud of what I’ve accomplished for the city.”

Giving herself a job performance review, McGarry said she made sure Cambridge got a new hospital. On the long-standing issue of GO train service for Cambridge, there is now a new option on the table. The Highway 401 expansion through Cambridge is now entering its next phase and should be completed in the next two years, including the remedy for the pedestrian-cyclist use of the Franklin bridge. Cambridge is also seeing more infrastructure improvements and more caregiving, with pharmacare for children and seniors.

“I could not be more proud of the job I’ve done,” she said. “I have absolutely not one regret.”

Asked what she has taken away for her experience at Queen’s Park, McGarry said: “What I have learned about myself is the capacity that I have for a brand new role to excel at. I was very proud to have held a senior portfolio in Ontario’s cabinet in my first term. I used every bit of the experience that I had in all the committees that I sat on in Cambridge and North Dumfries and the region.”

After wrapping up her campaign and taking care of her staff, McGarry’s immediate plans are to take a vacation and reintroduce herself to her family.



8 Responses to Read what Craig had to say about Kathryn McGarry

    Maggie September 14, 2018 at 1:00 pm

    Well done Kathryn – so this shows us just what you can do for Cambridge. Bring it alive again – gets rid of the Legacy projects with wasted tax dollars. Do something about what is & has been for a while, wrong with Cambridge & definitely going in the wrong direction.
    As you can read above – even Craig promotes McGarry’s care for the City!!
    Sure the Post Office & Gas Light District is great but not if you have people that have no where to live, too many young people on drugs – camping on business lots & parks & trails – we have that huge building – Preston Springs – sitting there rotting away – lets use it – great for low-income – & a good bus service at its doors. There is so much good that can be done in Cambridge – but not with the present Mayor doing his own thing & putting notches on his belt while people can’t pay their bills. He is disgusting. We don’t all have a Teachers pension, plus a paid job, plus a wife on a Teacher’s pension – Craig just can’t see how the real world lives.
    McGarry talks about bike trails – bringing tourists into town – this would also include adding 2 rinks to the Ice Park – a 50 ft. swim pool with a Gym, fixing up some of the other rinks – one in each part of the City – this is where the community gathers & get to know friends. We do not need a multi-plex – that has been proven over & over & we sure don’t need to build anything at Conestoga. No way!! Lets start acting like a caring City & get on with the job.
    Kathryn McGarry – we hope you can do this & make Cambridge proud.
    Vote paper ballots – vote at the early polls – but vote – ABC – but preferably for McGarry – who has a warm heart & will pass that on to the City.

    Taxpayer September 14, 2018 at 3:46 pm

    Wow after reading this and even the Mayor is saying she is tops therefore we know where our vote is going.
    Her address might not be Cambridge but we sure know where her heart and thoughts are. And her plans for a better and safer Cambridge.
    Vote at early polls – vote only paper ballots – but vote please.
    Paper ballots only… as we know in the past internet voting has been fixed & changed!!!
    Read the articles on here & you will see how untrustworthy internet voting is.
    Time for change. ABC but Kathryn McGarry for sure!!
    Vote Oct. 22nd. Vote McGarry.

    Dex September 14, 2018 at 4:01 pm

    Just saw on Facebook how Craig’s team cut out McGarry and put another in the photo opp about the new bridge. Of course Craig is saying he knew nothing about it and doesn’t check his facebook or site. Right. If you believe in bullshit that Doug had no idea I have a bridge for sale. Anyone wanting this guy for mayor is a fool. Then you want to trust him with the internet. Such a dick.

    Trixie September 14, 2018 at 4:31 pm

    Dex – gee do you think Craig is nervous that he would do this – you bet. And that he would lie about it being done – he controls the people around him so who is he kidding.
    Well it is good to know he is nervous enough to remove the connection.
    He also controls the internet voting – so pass around the word to vote at early Polls and only paper ballots. We know for a fact internet can be fixed & changed. Just read all the articles on this & especially the night Alesander Nesser spot at Council. And all but 2 (Craig & Reid) wanted to listen to this knowledgeable man. I find this very interesting!!
    time for change. VOTE for change!!

    Tom Vann September 26, 2018 at 6:52 am

    I wonder how many are helping at city hall with a certain persons campaign? I hear from city hall some dirty tricks are coming out in favor of ……do I need to tell you? Lots of lies are coming out of the pompous ones team and puppets. The social media puppets are in full swing and are spreading fake news and lies. The usual dirt.

    Maggie September 26, 2018 at 9:29 am

    Well we know that Craig will do anything to stay in “power”. Anything goes as we saw in the photo hacking he did.
    It is showing his true colours when he needs to use dirty tricks to win again – I thought he had the Internet voting all secured for him to manipulate. Isn’t that why he turned down paper ballots – think so.
    Oh well all Kathryn can do is to run an honest meaningful campaign and for the people of Cambridge who need to wake up to Craig’s crooked deals.
    Vote for Kathryn McGarry – by paper ballots at the early Poll as you never know if Craig is doing sneaky tricks again with closing more Polls.

    Stan A September 26, 2018 at 9:04 pm

    I saw 2 guys in a truck tossing something at McGarry’s sign the other night. I will contact them. Her signs are being damaged in other places I see. Why do people do this childish damage?

    AVoter September 26, 2018 at 10:28 pm

    Well I guess if Craig can’t impose another female in the sign – he just hires men to destroy the sign. Just like Craig is doing to our city – destroying it. So now what is he going to do next??
    Boy Craig must be really nervous if he is sending out guys to destroy competitors signs. Guess that is how he operates.
    Voters – ABC – but vote – we need a change for sure.
    Kathryn McGarry is that change. Vote early Polls or yours could close. Vote paper ballots or internet voting can be re-directed. Read all that info on the Advocate.

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