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So the “so called Mayor” and a few of his followers (councillors) are pointing the finger at social media for their public image of disrespect and deceitful manner they treat us taxpayers.

The truth hurts; if you have a conscience. People say things about people’s actions, comments and character as they see and hear them by observing, be it over a short or long time.


So what kind of impression do you so called leaders of the community think you leave? Is social media right or wrong?

At every turn taxes go up and you think of any way possible to take the last penny from our pockets.


Be it personal, a pet project or wants versus needs, you have to listen to us, you work for us!


Stop thinking of us as a bunch of drooling idiots, and looking down your noses at us with contempt that we are not as intelligent of some good, if not great ideas and words of wisdom and insight.

All the white elephants of past and future :

Hespeler glass library, City Hall, Dunfield Theatre etc., old post office, library, footbridge just to mention a few would have been money better spent on infrastructure and help replace taxes.

Customer service is a joke.


You have no compassion or concern for the people who have experienced super high water bills etc., JUST PAY, or businesses that are loosing their shirts such as those in Preston.


The reason for the success in the Hespeler reunion is due to pride of generations of Hespelerites.

True or false, do we the taxpayers not give tens of thousand of dollars per year to the Dunfield theatre?

Also the people wanted a central located City Hall…true of false? You call them legacy projects…

then why the deceit and secrets such as the Multiplex etc. etc.

We will see where your community pride lays on the Multiplex vote.

We, your critics, social media and the taxpayers have little if any trust or faith in the Mayor or his few followers.


Trust and respect are earned! Want it, earn it!


Can’t be trusted period, this is your legacy.

It’s time to change your image as we the see it, not the way you think or imagine yourself as the top civil servant, king of the hill.

Signed, some thoughts, questions and observations of a few, or many of us critics (according to the mayor), taxpayers and users of social media.

P.S. mayor, invite a few of your followers (concillors) over to pop some corn, enjoy a few cold beverages or two and watch with eyes, ears and mind open the movie Scrooge and how the Grinch stole Christmas.

You may learn something about community pride, self respect, compassion, integrity and honesty and maybe then, you will start a legacy.

Think Hazel McCallion and Max Saltzman. Merry Christmas to all!

E P. Mercer…the pen




12 Responses to RE: The Mayor and Council of Cambridge, by E P. Mercer…the pen

    Maggie Smith February 11, 2017 at 1:42 pm

    All I see in what Craig is doing is “make-up” – doing nothing of value – as said our infrastructure is so bad and nothing is being replaced properly. I have a friend in Galt & monthly they come to her street to try & fix the infrastructure temporarily. My friend asked them why they don’t do it right and the men just shrug their shoulders and say this is what they were told to do. So thereofore, Craig is not doing WHAT SHOULD BE DONE but only doing what he thinks make things look good, but nothing is working right in Cambridge.
    He is such an egotistical idiot – he is ruining our future Cambridge with his useless projects. The Library in Hespeler is a joke. Really a glass wall around – why – it did nothing for the Library. And on and on – mega money on his projects that will prove useless. The Complex better go where it should although the plans for it were made for Conestoga – not really designed properly for the purposes of a growing City. This article says it all for sure.

    Dex February 11, 2017 at 4:30 pm

    I used to find out many things that happened around the table as I had access. The whisperings your hearing are those of your friends and neighbours as you walk by p/u your pension and raise your nose. Listen, the pot just called the kettle black.

    Gloria February 11, 2017 at 6:15 pm

    A wise man once said to not listen to the words spoken with eloquence, but instead, watch the actions as then you will know the truth.

    The Mayor’s actions do not follow his words. Only those who are blinded with manipulative and managed words are fooled. Being tossed a “bone” once in a while to become misdirected and for projects to be so divided with little to no public participation, along with so many closed door meetings is not the way to gain respect.

    Children in sports are losing out on their practices with the strike while tax paying parents are losing out on the fees paid for these practices…and then we are expected to give even more dollars to build salaries and pensions that far exceed what most “regular” people are getting? With seniors going bankrupt and average Joe workers getting between 16 to 18 dollars an hour after 20 to 30 years of hard work, along with benefit cut backs and no pension and most times, absolutely NO wage increase in years can no longer afford the spending frenzy of this Mayor. And most of it is for developers to gain riches off of our backs.

    The facts are there to see that the city does not gain more money but higher debt with these projects, and yet they continue.

    The Mayor enjoyed using “media” to his advantage at one time and now that it is being used against him, he no longer favours what he once promoted. Internet voting and the Digital library are usages of the digital age, and now he gets upset…well, maybe if there was more honesty and transparency, social media would again work in his favour.

    People are being told that all city happenings are put in the paper and it is our responsibility to be informed…then why is it that just this week, the city sends out a costly mass mailing for nominations for the arts??? Would these dollars on the cost of the paper, envelopes, mailing and staff time be better put to use elsewhere?

    No wonder why city workers are striking as the waste of money being spent by the city makes them feel entitled to gain some of these dollars. The Mayor has forgotten that it is the money of taxpayers and not his personal bank account.

    Mayor Craig and some Councillors need to stop “shooting the messenger” and start making the changes they wish to see in social media. All they need to do is look in the mirror instead of transferring the blame and pointing fingers away from themselves.

    If the Mayor is not in favour of the usage of internet and social media, then he needs to stop the Old Post Office bookless library and the online voting. Now there is a scam in itself that has a proven record for faulty results…and yet, ranked ballot voting is what the Mayor is against…go figure.

    Tom Vann February 12, 2017 at 5:04 pm

    This is done for sympathy and damage control for those pensioned indexed teachers and cops on council. Poor Mike Mann making over 100 grand a year. Then we have Pam still teaching I hear, Donna crossing union lines endless. To those that follow council closely we’ve all seen it before and will again come election time. The baby kissing and ass patting is on the way. What usually follows one of these sympathy finger pointing outbursts is a bomb on Joe taxpayers doorstep. It’s coming.

    alan marshall February 17, 2017 at 11:10 am

    How come my comments aren’t being published???

    alan marshall February 17, 2017 at 11:11 am

    O.K. so now they are? See the article in today’s Record regarding Councillor Mike devine. Has he put himself squarely into the crap with his rude comments.

    Tom Vann February 17, 2017 at 6:49 pm

    My articles have been tossed when I hit post comment also agm. Perhaps Deb is still pissed at my refusal to marry her years ago. Sure Mike was wrong and he has made recovery moves. He apologized to all and that’s more than Pam (DUI) Wolf did when she had 8-10 glasses of wine and nearly killed that girl. Mike excepted responsibility of his actions Pam never did. She blamed everyone and everything but herself. (Thank-you ex-cop Frank). Have we forgotten about how Liggett got treated in meetings and at council? You will see a better Mike come out of this. To me, this lady has an agenda. This must be the lady that has a sign up on her spot that I think says ‘spicy grandma” or something like that. I know I won’t go back. Something stinks here pal. I for one won’t say shit to Mike about this as he’s humbled. He does a lot in this community few hear about and I like the guy. Thank heavens no one follows me around with a tape recorder. Perhaps that is why I can’t cross any borders.

    linda February 19, 2017 at 1:11 pm

    I have to laugh when I hear Mr. Craig say this will be addressed at Council and Devine has to go to tenderness training hahaha hope he take Craig with him because no one is more abusive on Council than Mr. Craig. I have seen him take people down to tears because of his behaviour….

    Dex February 19, 2017 at 4:34 pm

    Our councillor got a DUI and only had sympathy counselling to feel better about getting caught. Who’s the cop? Woof woof.

    Gladys Smith March 20, 2017 at 2:35 pm

    Where’s the Clerk, This picture could be considered a Council meeting

    Robin Dyke April 6, 2017 at 6:12 pm

    Strange to see strings attached to brown envelopes these days. It looks like several are under the table. Elton Johns sister is special; don’t you think?

    Bozo April 7, 2017 at 7:30 am

    council meeting for sure
    what else would they talk about
    how much they love each other

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