Rainbow Painting Downtown

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Mayor McGarry and Members of Cambridge City Council

I am writing you today to consider re-thinking the idea of having a ‘Rainbow’ crosswalk for several reasons.

One of the three meanings of the word INCLUSIVE is ‘aiming to provide equal access to opportunities and resources to people who might otherwise be excluded or marginalized, such as those having physical or mental disabilities or belonging to other minority groups.

I refer to this meaning because I realize the City of Cambridge does strive to include all residents.  In the above definition, there are three words in the definition that I feel are important and significant in the discussion of the Rainbow Crossing.  Those words are: aiming, opportunities, and resources.

Cambridge is a city that has been melded together by the four communities of Galt, Preston, Hespeler and Blair.  The idea of a ‘Rainbow Crosswalk’ in one section of the four communities may have residents in the other three feel that the Council is not ‘aiming’ to provide equal access to the ‘opportunity; of having a ‘Rainbow Crosswalk’ in their community.  Even though we are one ‘City’ we are still set apart by our distinct communities.

This Council needs to ask if a ‘Rainbow Crosswalk’ is a ‘resource’ and a necessity given the fact that it has been quoted by our Mayor that Cambridge will have a 100K shortfall to deal with.  Yes we as a city strive to be inclusive but at what cost?  Some might say ‘oh the crosswalk will only cost this city 15K.’  That doesn’t seem like a lot of money but another fact that has to be considered in voting ‘yes’ to this crosswalk is the financial ‘Resources’ that will be needed to maintain this crosswalk.  We have all read about the damage that has occurred when the City of Waterloo installed their ‘Rainbow Crosswalk.’ While many residents may be fine with a Rainbow Crosswalk, not everyone strives to be inclusive when it comes to items such as this.

The LGBTQ members already have their own flag and parades throughout this country.  By adding a ‘Rainbow Crosswalk’ in this City one has to wonder how long it will be before other minorities within our city as well as other organizations will come before this Council to express their desire for a crosswalk.  Will this Council say ‘NO,’ and if so then by the definitions of ‘INCLUSIVENESS’ you are not aiming to provide equal access or opportunities to these organizations or minority groups.

It is my understanding that if this item is to be pass at City Council, this ‘Rainbow Crosswalk’ will be painted n the downtown Galt core area once again.  Now what about downtown Preston, Hespeler and Blair?  Remember that INCLUSIVENESS is aiming to provide equal access and opportunities.   If you only put this cross walk in the downtown core of Galt, you are now excluding the other communities that make up this city.  That being said, if the residents of these communities come to council and insist on a Rainbow Crossing in their community will this council say NO?  If this council votes ‘yes’ to installing the crosswalk in all four communities we have just gone from a figure of 15K to 60K because being inclusive also means being inclusive to all four communities.

This Council has already cut back programs that are being offered to our young people in this city with the closing of the Hancock Poll.  Yes, I understand this is a necessity because of age, but now we have a ‘minority’ that can no longer utilize a facility.  This is also becoming true with the cute in programs for seniors at our local centres where they gather.  If this city cannot afford to offer programs for our seniors because of cost, how can the city afford to spend money on a Rainbow Crosswalk?  Seems to me that seniors and young people in this community should mean more to the Council than painting a crosswalk in the Rainbow colours.

I will ask this Council to focus on spending taxpayers money in a better and more focused way than to paint a crosswalk.  If, down the road, the city is dealing with a surplus in the budget then please ask the electorate what their feeling are regarding painting a crosswalk in the Rainbow colours.  After all this is what an open and transparent Council should be doing.

(Mrs.) Rande Keffer



4 Responses to Rainbow Painting Downtown

  1. mjqsmith@bell.net'
    Ellen M. Smith December 8, 2019 at 9:41 pm

    Great letter. We have many more items to spend this money on. We do not need to cater to one group – there are many other groups with more serious needs. Why are they making so many demands – get on with living and get over thinking they are special. We have homeless – Vets that needs some help. The Vets earned the help! I sincerely hope the Mayor & Council can come to a sensible decision, which is not to cater to one group. We are Taxpayers and need to see our tax dollars being used wisely. Don’t start something that will snowball. Think about our youth & our Seniors & our Vets who made this country safe for all.

  2. ltvann@rogers.com'
    Tom Vann December 15, 2019 at 6:03 pm

    What about all the people that aren’t like this? What do we deserve? The Badger makes sense. I am so sick and tired of this lifestyle being pushed at me to cater to this group. Grow some balls people and get a life you can live and not promote 24/7. I wonder if these people would like it if religious groups pushed their agenda on them constantly with we want, we demand, or how someone cried when they saw a cross on a crosswalk. Time to get back in the closet.

  3. ltvann@rogers.com'
    Tom Vann February 8, 2020 at 9:23 am

    Looks like the Homo community crybaby’s got their painted walk now to expand to 3 more communities with wants. This will hit 50+ grand. Funny we don’t have money to help special needs people in this city but we sure as hell can paint our roads. This centers out the special status these people have over regular tax paying people with no agenda. Thank your NDP clowns on council. Now find us money for our special needs inclusion plan council.

  4. mjqsmith@bell.net'
    Ellen M. Smith February 11, 2020 at 4:27 pm

    Well it looks like the City is wasting money of coloured paint for the sidewalks. Inclusive – no – this is definitely ignoring other groups – a very dumb decision. I can hardly wait to spit on it. It is my tax dollars so i can do this. Oh, well, I really never go to Galt – what is there – homeless – druggies – needles – thieves – Council keeps wasting money on Galt to make it beautiful – why – no one goes there – what is there – everything we need is on Hespeler Rd. – exactly where the Sports Complex should be built. Craig wasted time & money on the Old Post office – finally had a tour – wow – lovely – BEING RUN ON TAX PAYERS MONEY – there were maybe 8 people there – not being used when you think of the millions spend on it. Whereas if Craig had built a Complex on a central area – it would have been well-used by all. I am so disappointed in the people running this City – bad choices – wrong choices – wrong decisions – wrong – wrong – wasting money on unneeded items.
    Then again we have the Preston Springs – why did not Craig develope this & have people living in it. he made sure he saw the Old Post office bought with Taxpayer money – why not Preston Springs. As I said – such very bad decisions by people you expect to have more brains for the job we elected them to do.
    Disgusted – yes. Disappointed – definitely – looks like it is continuing with the same unthinking 7 Councillors – only 3 have a thinking brain. So sad…..

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