Public Information Meeting April 3, 2019

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On April 3, as you are aware, residents of Cambridge attended another Public Information Centre in the Bowman Room at City Hall.

As you are also aware, I was present and listened to the presentation and was also able to ask questions of Council Members as well as City Staff.

I came home from the meeting and then I opened up my Social Media account I found a comment by Corinna Harris that I feel is a little unnerving.

This is a direct quote word for word from the Facebook Account

(‘Pam Wolf backtracked a little bit when I spoke to her tonight.  I was chatting about how I thought the Flea Market was a good location being directly on transit, central to town.  Initially she liked the idea but when I said Flea Market she pretty much said, ‘It’ll never be there.  We can collect too much in future taxes from that area as it’s highly sought after and the Y has already told us they don’t want it directly across the street.  

I think that pretty much says all that needs to be said about that as a number one choice.)’

The point I am making here is the fact that Councillor Wolf has told a resident something that is not correct, by stating that the Y does not want the complex on the Flea Market property, and according to a reply from an email to Mr. Peter Sweeney CEO of the Cambridge Kitchener Waterloo Y in which he has responded …I can assure you that we have not weighed in on any location decisions with the City one way or the other and are on record with a position that respects the City’s process..  which once again casts the veil that members of council are not open, honest and transparent.

As a resident and seeing a comment like this by a City Councillor, I find it totally reprehensible.  Councillor Wolf should never have interjected her opinion whatsoever in the comment to this resident. 

Members of this City do read and also comment on Facebook and after a comment like that, it almost makes one feel that the mind of this Councillor is already made up and could possibly be used to influence the outcome of the questionnaire that is online at this present time.

At this time I would also like to say that the only way residents of the city are able to give their opinion about the location and comments regarding their opinions on this complex is for the them to register on ‘’ and vote online.  First let me say that the website is not easy to navigate and I do have concerns about people who don’t have internet or are not computer literate enough to complete the survey.  Right now in my neighbourhood I can tell you that I know of four households that DO NOT have computers which means they will not be able to complete the survey.  We also have a large demographic of seniors that I am sure would respond to the survey had it been sent out in the mail which could easily have been done with the water bills that went out to residents this month.  Since this survey is not really available to EVERY city taxpayer, they are not being afforded the equal opportunity that they need to be afforded to them.

Kathryn, I think this sort of thing needs to be dealt with because after a statement like that how many residents truly feel that the decision has already been made and their voice will not be heard.

I want to see this complex get off the ground like many other residents of this city and I think that the City does need to work with both the owner of the flea market as well as partner with the Y on this.

This is a prime location the  best location for a complex such as this.  It is only a short distance to the Cambridge ice Park, close to three 401 exits, centrally located, right on a transit route, close to shopping, motels, restaurants and of course the Y.  By not looking ‘outside the box’ and by that statement I mean that these remarks could curtail an otherwise great opportunity to make this complex the ‘shining star’ for our community.

The possibilities here are endless. This site could be developed into condo units in one area and then the City could provide the amenities such as the gym, walking track, weight room, work out facility, and other indoor items as needed in a complex of this magnitude.  We also know that the local Y is struggling and if the City would be  willing to partner with the Y this could become a total win win for both parties.  The Y could build the pool that is in the schematic and thereby allowing them to have full control over that aspect.  We can also partner with Buckingham Sports and have them level the Cambridge Sports Park and build a new Sports Park which includes the two arenas that is in the proposed Complex and perhaps even incorporate a walking track overlooking the ice rinks.  We know that right now we do not need four ice pads and if in the future when the need arises for more ice time for minor sports, the City can look to putting another ice pad at the Hespeler Arena.  If we do things this way we might just be able to start construction on this complex by entering into partnerships with these entities.  

Statements such as the one that I have quoted by this Councillor gives one the impression that this Council is not open to the suggestions of the public and will not listen to public input.

Respectfully submitted

(Mrs.) Rande Keffer



6 Responses to Public Information Meeting April 3, 2019

    David Weber April 10, 2019 at 8:55 am

    I am shocked that the writer would question the ethics of the Councillor but not the writer on social media. And yes, it is time to make a decision and get the project moving.

    Danny Andrews April 10, 2019 at 4:21 pm

    Good letter showing how council member Wolf has her mind made up already. She needs to get with the program. A fantastic location for all of Cambridge people and businesses. Buckingham is willing to take on all costs of building the arenas so the tax effect should not count for losses at this location fully. With the debt mess the last politicians left Cambridge taxpayers in, Buckingham is a no brainer.

    Maggie April 11, 2019 at 10:28 am

    Yes, Danny, we thinkers all know this – but can’t seem to get this thought to our Councillors & maybe new Mayor. We now have this useless Engage survey – which eliminates many people who do not have computers etc. – actually this is a form of DISCRIMINATION in my view. As it was suggested to the Mayor & Council – send out a voting notice in our water bills to all households & give us all a fair chance to vote!! But if what is being said on here re a Councillor stating “where it would not be going” – just shows us that we are back to square one & looks like we Taxpayers paying the bill really do not have a say. Sounds like it is settled & this Engage Survey is just pretending to really give us a vote!! Conestoga should be off the list – period. This is still being done without any thought to us taxpayers! As I said – this Engage survey is discriminating a lot of Taxpayers. What a sad City we are – no thinkers – no progressive ideas – or of those that have – get shot down. Very frustrating & not right!!

    Tera April 29, 2019 at 8:16 pm

    This city has problems with the new mayor and council already. The computer gate scandal shows yet another example of lack of transparency. This was to change but it is the same old same old. When some people get elected power goes to their head. Nothing has changed in Cambridge.

    Tom Vann May 11, 2019 at 7:34 pm

    Anybody here about our town hall meetings? I was asked about them and have heard nothing so far. I did hear some pissed off people having a coffee in Preston talk about the dam not getting fixed. So far the redhead has not called the cops on me yet for my views. Bombs and shootings now coming to Cambridge. What happened? More to come I’m sure.

    Rick Muise May 23, 2019 at 4:08 pm

    This city hall is a mess. My Ward 6 councillor won’t return my e-mail and l can’t get a permit for work on my house. Overpaid Hedgehogs.

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