Preston residents deserve answers

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This ran in the Times……. comments invited below

The first of two meetings held Monday night to give a Preston neighbourhood some answers on future health issues ended up creating more questions.

Residents in the Preston neighbourhood have faced fear and health problems after trichloroethylene(TCE) contamination was discovered in their Bishop Street community.

While Dr. Ray Copes, spokesman for the Ontario Agency for Health Protection and Promotion, explained the risks, he said there is minimal additional risk of developing cancer.

From a scientific outlook, it seems sound enough. However, it didn’t take in the emotional turmoil that residents have faced over a period of years. 

In fact, when officials were asked to go door to door in the neighbourhood to collect stories from residents, Dr. Copes said it “wouldn’t make things any better”. Perhaps it wouldn’t help the doctor, but showing a little compassion for residents – who have faced a living hell in some cases – might show a sense of understanding to families who are worried.

While Dr. Hsiu-Li Wang, Waterloo Regions’s associate medical officer of health, said the area of contamination is shrinking because of work done up to this part, a further 200 homes will be tested. Apparently testing extra houses will show officials the periphery of the contamination, plus provincial guidelines require it.

As a resident in the area, doesn’t that send out the message that officials aren’t quite sure the extent of the problem? As an official, it would be appropriate to go door to door and reassure residents that everything is OK.–preston-residents-deserve-answers


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  1. Debbie Duff Vitez November 3, 2010 at 10:38 pm

    The news is this..
    Northstar and their hired hands have been in every single home over there !

    Trust me, they have spoken to the Parkinson’s patients and told them that TCE did not cause their Disease.

    They have met the young boy with the brain tumor who is now deaf, and the young girl with the brain tumour who is now blind..

    They met the widow of the 64 yr old gentlemen since passed with a cancerous Brain Tumour…

    They met the families with kidney cancer, lupus, Lou Gehrig disease, and the husband and wife both with liver and kidney disease… there are plenty of different types of Cancers and tumours over in that area..

    Did I mention we’re up to approximately 70 people and that was in a one block radius.!!!!

    They know what’s there..

    They’ve spent the last 5 years in my personal experience trying to cover it up bury it as deep as possible…

    Why? Because no one demands the truth.. Simple.. PEOPLE NEED TO RALLY.

    Where was everyone when they built that school?

    No Child of mine would ever attend a school sitting on top of a deadly plume of TCE.

    Those vapours come up thru the ground, while your child is playing outside.. How much inhalation is enough for a small child?
    That 4 year old with Breast Cancer was inside her Mom’s tummy, while the Mom lived there..

    The Mom was ill all the while she resided on that property.. Was this the cause of her child’s cancer?


    They should all be ashamed of themselves.. in my personal opinion!

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