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Keep in mind the dictionary definition of corruption. It doesn’t have to be brown paper bags full of money changing hands as in the Karl Heinz Screiber / Brian Mulroney style. “Riddled with errors” is also a definition of corruption.

I would add that deceit, deception and manipulation of the public for self-serving purposes are examples of political corruption.

A concerned Cambridge citizen has been corresponding with the Municipal Clerk of Cambridge Ontario regarding a very recent Rogers Cable TV broadcast of a public meeting of Cambridge Council.

Before I go any further let me add a clarification here. My plans for this Blog were 100% to be regarding environmental issues. I have strayed somewhat regarding local political issues up here in Woolwich Township as it has become clear to me that everything environmental eventually boils down to the relevant political situation. Whether corruption within the provincial Ministry of the Environment or one form or another of corruption at the local, municipal level; this is what determines environmental outcomes, not the science or the facts of the situation. For example apparently mandatory Records of Site Condition (environmental) aren’t so mandatory in Cambridge as Cambridge Council seem to exempt them at will for some property sales.

The concerned Cambridge citizen has sent several very clear and cogent e-mails to the Cambridge Clerk advising him of serious discrepancies between a December 13/16 public Cambridge Council meeting and the later Rogers Cable TV broadcast of same.


This later broadcast appears to have removed/edited a number of Delegations to Council as well as certain exchanges between Council members and or the Chairman. This concerned citizen has also approached Rogers Cable TV with a request for clarification as to the reasons for the alleged disappearance of specific matters that he personally saw and heard at the December 13/16 Council meeting.

From the responses received by this citizen to date I would agree that he is being stonewalled. Three fairly straightforward questions were specifically asked of the Municipal Clerk on two separate occasions and again it appears as if the Clerk is stick handling around them.

Most of us cannot or will not spare the time to attend regular Council meetings in person. I would like to think that a significant number of us however avail ourselves of the opportunity from the comfort of our own homes to watch televised Council meetings on Rogers Cable TV.


If as is being stated by this citizen, editing, shortening or actually any revisions are somehow being made to these televised Council meetings then it is absolutely incumbent upon both Rogers Cable and the municipal Council involved to state this clearly and publicly not just once but every single time it occurs.


This is a serious matter regarding both political transparency and political accountability. Even more important if there is any tacit or explicit “arrangement” between Rogers Cable TV and our local Councils to edit particular portions at the request of the municipality this must be exposed and stopped.

Citizens including myself have a difficult enough time in trusting any politicians.

Any breech of the integrity and completeness of these televised municipal/regional Council meetings in Waterloo Region must be clarified with specifics each and every time.

In other words there must be a reasonable rationale for so doing and the criteria for and personnel making these decisions must also be made public.





  1. Gloria@yahoo.ca'
    Gloria January 4, 2017 at 1:18 pm

    An ethical line has been crossed. Political corruption around here has grown from just election rigging. Our Mayor and some Councillors have steered away from good government.

    The decisions being made seem to benefit those who fund them while public interest falls in second place. Political corruption is taking away from already scarce resources from our poor and disadvantaged people. Private interests are now dictating policy.

    The trust in our Mayor to do what is right and to work in good faith is damaged. If residents continue to turn a blind eye to what is happening or make excuses and defend the wrong doing, then the political corruption continues unchecked.

    We can no longer wear those rose coloured glasses. We have to be smarter than to be brain washed in to the word manipulation and managed propaganda that is being falsely presented to the media by the Mayor. There once was good in him and not all things he has done has been harmful, but overall, the scales do not level out, as the corruption outweighs any good.

  2. roytalbot19622002@yahoo.ca'
    Roy A. Talbot January 4, 2017 at 6:53 pm

    Extremely well put and summary Gloria!

  3. lvann_11@sympatico.ca'
    Tony Soutra January 4, 2017 at 7:33 pm

    This Mike Mann better handle this budget better than the last one. He is out of control and needs to be turfed. There is a reason he got passed by for the top cop job. Millions more bucks brought into city coffers with less work being done around the city. Workers told to hold the line while huge increases are going to management. People are fed up with this group around town. No matter how much B.S the mayor is spouting off, nobody believes him. Show us the money! Look for the city to nickel and dime Preston on the dam. The damn needs holes in it to drain the mud backing up like in Galt. We already seen the draft.

  4. roytalbot19622002@yahoo.ca'
    Roy A. Talbot January 4, 2017 at 8:09 pm

    In regards to Mr. Marshall’s editorial (see above) from earlier today. It is a well-known and documented fact that certain moments/clips of numerous Cambridge city council and Multi-sportsplex meetings have in actual fact been edited by someone, albeit the local Rogers Cable Television network with the possible influence of an outside source or third party? I know this first hand as a majority of the meetings from the past six months have been recorded by a member of the public (whom has shared those with myself) and when compared with what has been duly noted and what has gone “to air” are flawed with omissions. Unlike another major media outlet (CTV News – Kitchener), they have been professional and thorough in their reporting to date. However, I must confess that some of CTV’s reporting has depicted mine (and my wife’s) behaviour at a few meetings as abhorrent and distracting with unecessary outbursts of foul language and name calling. We (both) would like to take this opportunity to apologize the all those CTV News viewers, three city councillors, two multiplex task force members, all the delegates and all citizens of Cambridge for our past rudeness but please know that this is how passionate and concerned we are for our (Cambridge’s) new multiplex and it’s proposed location which is Conestoga College. Simply put, the Conestoga College site is “not right” for so many reasons, it’s bizarre and wrong to say the least! Hence, our disdain, patience and the long drawn out process that this matter has taken, it is beyond embarrassing for all concerned. The actions (or lack thereof) and ignorance of our elected officials here in Cambridge has put us on the map for all the wrong reasons, thus we are the laughing stock in regards to the placement our multiplex and in making sure that the location is central for all Cambridge residents!

  5. clifford@yahoo.ca'
    Clifford January 4, 2017 at 8:53 pm

    It explains why the Mayor wanted changes in Council chambers by banning cameras and recordings by the public.

    They needed to make sure the public were not recording so that the truth is never revealed and the facts can be hidden by being edited to match what the Mayor wants portrayed to the public. All this so he can continue with manipulation and lies and making it look like he cares when everything he says is nothing more than a setup for his personal and primary objective.

    He realized that media is not his friend when he does not control it.

  6. mjqsmith@bell.net'
    Maggie Smith January 4, 2017 at 9:40 pm

    Very interesting. I have made a complaint to the Ont. Ombudsman about Craig’s behavior at the Dec.13th meeting and told them the evidence was on this tape. I am now wondering if they will see the true Mayor in his rude/crude behavior. I will check with them. This is disgusting. Is there nothing in Cambridge that the Mayor does not control??? Boy is it time to get rid of him & his puppets. This is way out of control in Cambridge. Thank goodness we have the videos for evidence of the true happenings.
    So therefore, the public isn’t getting the truth. Terrible. And the people videoing are doing this. Isn’t this against reporting rules? Some investigating should be done and the people responsible made public.
    Cambridge is is a terrible situation and sounding very corrupt. How sad. Guess that’s what happens when Craig doesn’t get his way – he buys it….

  7. mjqsmith@bell.net'
    Maggie Smith January 4, 2017 at 9:45 pm

    Tony – your Dam should have been done years ago. That Park is well-used. But then again as long as Galt is getting everything you’ll be last with the dam. The money for that Bridge to NOWHERE should go to the dam. Did you see here that the Gaslight project will be charging the City $22,000/per parking for Dunfield. Read the article by Uwe. Craig couldn’t make a deal with Wright – so he makes another deal – but we still pay in the end. For the parking, for the dumb Bridge to NOWHERE – it is totally unneeded – but the dam in Preston is totally necessary.
    They just continually spend money in Galt – and I personally never go to Galt – what for. With all the taxes I have to pay – can’t afford to drive there to see where all my money went. Disgusting!!!

  8. clifford@yahoo.ca'
    Clifford January 5, 2017 at 9:12 am

    Craig’s son owns investments in downtown Galt…remember how Craig had to use taxpayer money to pay for his legal fees to fight this conflict of interest with the LRT…and yet, when all this money is spent closer to his sons place, no one mentions it???

    This is why Central Cambridge needs to be the center of our city so that there is no more division between Galt, Preston and Hespeler. We are one city. And now that the Theater is built, we are stuck paying more money for parking. This will happen with the Multiplex if at Conestoga as well. More good money going after bad.

    Since when is it up to taxpayers to pay for theater amenities and development perks while they make money off of it? How stupid are the yaysayers for Craig that they keep defending him and stay blind to how he is stealing from them and using them to pave the way for these poor planning ideas.

  9. mjqsmith@bell.net'
    Maggie Smith January 7, 2017 at 2:21 pm

    Hey everyone – go to the Levee tomorrow at 1 at City Hall & talk to your idiot Mayor & his Puppets. Maybe you can make them see sense and maybe not – but at least you have tried.

  10. mjqsmith@bell.net'
    Maggie Smith January 8, 2017 at 11:22 am

    Re missing sections from the Dec.13th meeting – I find very interesting as in the fact that I personally sent a Complaint re the Mayor to our Ont. Ombudsman and said to refer to the Dec.13th Video – well surprise surprise – the complaint parts have been removed. Isn’t this very interesting. I spoke to the person at Ont. Ombudsman and they now said this has to be referred to our City person. What a joke – who is working for whom and who is getting paid under the table. Who removed these details?? I just wonder – and now we know why the Mayor was requesting no private taking. Thank goodness we have these private tapes to now process with. Crooked politics in Cambridge is certainly very visible. I only wish the Taxpayers would wake up to what is going on and be better informed.
    Terrible – shame on our Mayor and his Puppet Councillors. Apparently we only 3 thinkers on Council. We need more. We need Ranked voting for 2018 – and again surprise surprise – Craig made sure this was also turned down. Why – Fed. government uses it – time was here in Cambridge.

  11. lwhetham@live.ca'
    Gladys Smith January 8, 2017 at 1:05 pm

    You really do not have 3 Thinkers on Council, one of them was thrown under the Bus when Craig got tired of him, or he would still be kissing Craig’s Butt.

  12. mjqsmith@bell.net'
    Maggie Smith January 8, 2017 at 10:25 pm

    Don’t we have three – Erematus, Liggett & Devine – they do their own thinking – that’s why the vote is always 5-3 – if ever 4-4 – then the Mayor steps in. It seems anyone that thinks at City Hall – gets fired – leaves – retires – and all get to sign that shhhh paper. I understand some of them are still getting paid. Lots of garbage going in in Cambridge.
    Monteiro was thrown under the bus – got to do the dirty work for Craig & now looks like a dummy putting the Complex at Conestoga. What do you think??

  13. lvann_11@sympatico.ca'
    Rene January 9, 2017 at 7:24 pm

    Not just in the Advocate but in the Cambridge Times also are different names writing letters about the mayor and most council they don’t like. Many different names of different people. They don’t like them.

  14. papafish@rogers.com'
    rob October 31, 2017 at 11:36 am

    yo…When you’re ready to know about the real death and destruction this corrupt town is involved in….please advise me.

  15. Debbie Duff Vitez November 1, 2017 at 10:18 am


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