Plenty of Cambridge, North Dumfries candidates for October’s elections

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Let the races begin

News04:13 PMby Ray Martin Cambridge Times
Cambridge council chambers

Nominations have closed for the October municipal elections and voters will have plenty of choices in candidates. – Metroland file photo

The deadline for nomination has officially passed and there will be no lack of candidates to choose from in the upcoming October municipal elections.

All candidates had to have their papers filed by today at 2 p.m. for positions on Cambridge and North Dumfries council, Region of Waterloo, as well as local school boards.

In Cambridge, there will be five candidates looking to warm the mayor’s chair. Mayor Doug Craig is running for another term for the city’s top job, but he can expect some competition from three challengers, including former Cambridge MPP Kathryn McGarry, former city councillor Ben Tucci, Colin Tucker and Randy Carter.

In the Township of North Dumfries, Mayor Sue Foxton is also running for another term. Martin Harrison is challenging her for the township’s top job.

Cambridge council has eight ward councillor positions up for grabs this October.

Democracy is alive and well in the city’s north end, as there are a dozen candidates running for two seats on council.

Ward 1 has seven candidates in the hunt for its council seat. Running in Ward 1 are Kevin Hiebert, Ryan O’Hagan, Clifford Vanclief, Peter Crystal, Stewart Allan, Cliff Eggleton and incumbent Donna Reid.

In Ward 2, Janice Lajeunesse, Jeff Richardson, Jay Edward Brown and Jaanus Kimsto are challenging incumbent Mike Devine.

Tracy Hipel and Patricia Bercowski are challenging incumbent Mike Mann for the Ward 3 seat.

In Ward 4, Jan Liggett is seeking another term on council, but a former councillor, Gary Price is challenging her, along with Edwin Friest.

Bill Kirby and Brett Wagner challenging incumbent Pam Wolf for the Ward 5 seat.

In Ward 6, there will be a four-way race with Kurt Ditner, Sandy Falkiner and Peter Renco challenging incumbent Shannon Adshade.

In Ward 7, there is a four-way race, as Ryan Coles, Cody Botelho and Connie Cody challenge incumbent Frank Monteiro.

Incumbent Nicholas Ermeta will compete for the Ward 8 seat with Kenneth Bartlett and Carla Johnson.

As of deadline Friday, the North Dumfries Township had not posted its official list of candidates. There are four council seats are up for grabs.

In Ward 1, incumbent Rod Rolleman is unopposed.

Sheila Harrison is being challenging by incumbent Derrick Ostner for the Ward 2 seat.

In Ward 3, the rural portion of the township west of the Grand River, there will be a new face in that seat, as veteran councillor Gord Taylor retires. Margaret McCreery has thrown her hat into the ring, and will duke it out with Paul Cabral and John Clarke.

Three candidates have now registered for Ward 4, which takes in the portion of the township east of the Grand River. Incumbent Neil Ritchie will fight to retain his seat against Pamela Gillespie and Dawna Ward.

In the race for regional council, there are five candidates in the running for the two Cambridge seats available. Jeffrey Shaver, John Florence and Rob Brunette are challenging incumbents Karl Kiefer and Helen Jowett.

The post of regional chair will see four candidates battling it out. Waterloo councillor Jan d’Ailly, regional councillor Karen Redman, former North Dumfries Mayor Rob Deutschmann and Waterloo businessman Jay Aissa are all vying for the region’s top job.

There are now nine candidates running to become trustees representing Cambridge and North Dumfries on the Waterloo Region District School Board. They are Jayne Herring, Courtney Waterfall, Eian Campbell, William G. Schneider, Crystal Whetham and Cindy Watson, John J. Dideczek, Cam Stewart and Kemesha Alli.

Four candidates are currently in the running to become trustees representing Cambridge and North Dumfries with the Waterloo Catholic District School Board. They are Bill Conway, Wendy Price, Brian Quigley and Manuel da Silva.

Dorothee Petit-Pas is running to become a trustee with Conseil Scolaire Catholique MonAvenir, while Denis Trudel is running to be a trustee with Conseil Scolaire Viamonde.

The municipal elections will be held Oct. 22.



6 Responses to Plenty of Cambridge, North Dumfries candidates for October’s elections

  1. Debbie Duff Vitez July 27, 2018 at 6:04 pm

    My personal opinion only here.

    Tucci knows full well how Elections are run and won in Cambridge.
    If he runs and doesn’t insist on paper ballots or a new company overseeing the results..
    He’s signing on to split the vote.. To legitimize the Craig win..

    David Krause July 28, 2018 at 6:17 pm

    As for Ben slithering into the race on the 11th hour, people will take him for what he is worth. He will be seen as a last minute favor with limited credibility for mayor. Sure he will take votes but Kathryn will come out on top far ahead of Ben and Doug. McGarry is the one to watch not Doug.

    Maggie July 29, 2018 at 10:32 am

    David – we sure hope you are right. The thought is that Craig/Tucci are working together to split votes. What is your thought on this. Too many in the mix!!
    Anyways, McGarry’s sign is going on our front lawn for sure.
    And also Cliff for Ward 1. He is a good person – hard worker – and honest – so we support him.
    If we were in Ward 2, we would definitely support Mike Devine – when we can’t get answers from our Ward 1 person, Mike gets it for us pronto or tells us how.
    Also Connie Codie for Ward 7 & Bill Kirby for Ward 5, Jan Liggett for Ward 4, Tracey for Ward 3. These would be our choices. Nick is of course the choice. So the race begins. ABC – but of course McGarry! We need to keep the 3 good Councillors, but definitely make changes in the other 5. You know how the votes always go 5-3. Time for change Voters – & use paper ballots or your vote will be re-directed by guess who!!$$ Vote only paper ballots on Oct. 22nd.

    Informed August 7, 2018 at 4:11 pm

    Good to be informed Vince – keep up the good work. But what about the internet voting that can be fixed at City Hall? How can you stop this? Are Ben & Kathryn aware that this has happened in the past. Are you aware that it has happened? Votes can be directed to different people with internet voting.
    Paper ballots need to be used. Ask Ben & Kathryn about this. Needs to be changed back to paper ballots such as the Fed. election.
    Craig has been in “how many years” & look at the mess he has made & no Go Train from him only this stupid expensive useless LRT – buses make more sense.

    Tom Vann August 11, 2018 at 9:14 pm

    I was at the Rib-fest today and met a lot of people from Preston I know. I put the pump in for the Hipel guy to win Preston and have someone that actually gives a shit about our town. Tracy just won a tax break with no help from a councillor, mayor or staff. He’s focused and I will be door knocking in Preston with him. Toss the cops and teachers! 3 years of butter balling and the last year squawking for Preston. It don’t cut it and like Al Bundy says….let’s rock. Tracy is da man.

    Ready September 6, 2018 at 8:19 am

    Just read the “Why Am I Running” and interesting that all but present Mayor mentioned their family.
    Not surprised as it seems like he never mentions them or is with them – and as suspected his job is his family – pretty sad when you have “no life to live” isn’t it. Never travels with his wife – but he gets all his trips paid for$$$
    It is time he steps back & finds out what he has been missing.
    We don’t want him anyways – but noticed he had “his followers” at his Campaign. People he has done favours for & now must support him – especially if they need more favours.
    Well done Sandra – if you have a legal claim – file it. Sounds wrong to us.
    Remember vote early Poll – to make sure you can – vote paper & ABC

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