Online voting is impossible to secure. So why are some governments using it?

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Democracy at stake

The purpose of an election is not just to select a winner, but to convince the loser, and their supporters, that they lost. Trust in the voting process is, therefore, an essential element to any voting system. “Voting over the internet is not secure enough to be trusted for government elections,” Teague tells CSO. “It’s not verifiable.”

Unlike electronic voting machines, online voting lets voters cast their ballots on a website with a click of a mouse or tap of a finger. While electronic voting machines could one day be used in conjunction with paper ballots to increase the security of the voting process, web-based online voting is not only insecure, but is impossible to secure, experts warn.




2 Responses to Online voting is impossible to secure. So why are some governments using it?

    Maggie October 9, 2018 at 10:41 am

    Well Cambridge government is using it because Craig wants it. We had an expert talk about the problems with internet voting, but Craig still insisted on it. I wonder why – no I don’t – it is so he can control what the outcome is. Internet voting can be fixed – re-directed – people can use other people’s pin # – it just goes on & on. Plus at that meeting Bush was ordered to go out & attack the expert speaker. That was not right. Two men stopped him. They wanted to report this abuse, but the speaker said let it go. Show it just shows how up Craig was to hear the truth & ALL his Councillors wanted to hear the facts!!!
    The only true way is paper ballots. We tried for the Ranked voting but it was turned down. It think it would be good. I voted for it this election!!
    So voters – only vote early Polls – as it won’t be removed – closed up – etc. and only vote with paper ballots – which can be re-counted. Just vote McGarry!!
    and Cliff Vanclief for Ward 1 Hespeler – good person.

    Sarah Andrade October 17, 2018 at 6:07 pm

    I remember the problems and unreliable election results in 2010. This mayor and his golden girl DUI Pam will be gone. Nearly every serious conversation on voting I’ve had in October only 2 out of 20 stated they would vote for Craig. Nowhere is this man winning. He has worn out his welcome years ago as did Pam.

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