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What is this Council up to now?


A member of the public was going to attend the Special Council Meeting on the Multiplex issue on Monday evening at City Hall.

This member was sitting at the landing next to the washroom on the third floor which houses Council Chambers.

This is the area where Council Members as well as members of the public have to pass by before entering the doors of the ‘hallowed kingdom’ of Council Chambers.

People were beginning to filter in as well as Councillors.

Both Mayor Craig and Councillor Pam Wolfe were getting ready to go into Council Chamber when they saw this individual sitting on his walker.

Councillor Wolfe from across the room notified this person..


Where does a member of this Council get off telling a member of the public that ‘THEY ARE NOT WELCOME’ to attend a Council Meeting?

This individual did not come to the meeting to be disruptive, this individual was there to hear just how this Council was going to fill the residents of this City with more mumble jumble regarding the biggest issue this City is dealing with…Namely…The Multiplex.

The City has laid out a Code of Conduct for Members of the Public attending meetings to once again thwart anyone from expressing their voice when it comes to issues such as this.

The members of the public have been abiding by this and have behaved in an upstanding manner at Council Meetings since this Code has been enacted.

So why this member of the public was told that ‘THEY WERE NOT WELCOME?’

Is this just one more way our Council and Mayor has to keep the public HOSTAGE?




**Editors note**.

I just verified this story with the individual in this post.. He validated what is posted here.

Here is why he was informed that “HE WAS NOT WELCOME HERE”.

He was accused of disrespecting a council Member… ( see attached card).

And yet the person named in his suggestion below, ( Donna Reid, council member) was quoted as stating the following..

       “I, for one, say enough is enough. Let’s stand together against the malcontents”.

So, it has to be clear to the reader.. That this council and mayor are totally out of control.

They are under the false impression that they and they alone get to call all the shots..

REMEMBER THIS WHEN YOU CAST YOUR BALLOT IN 2018.. ( that is of course if Putin doesn’t tamper

with any electronic ballots) suggested by Frank Monteiro at a council meeting..

I guess only time will tell..

If they all get back in, I would certainly question those results..




    Catharine December 6, 2017 at 1:41 pm

    Tell Pam to have another drink and relax

    Linda whetham December 6, 2017 at 3:42 pm

    Well then Mr. Craig should not be welcomed in the Council Chamber either, for disrespecting people

    Tom Vann December 6, 2017 at 5:35 pm

    After I spoke with this person in the hall I told them “your coming in with me” and opened the doors. Had there been an issue or a comment to leave, I had my tape recorder and camera ready. Perhaps M.A.D.D has a moral compass to insert here. Security would not have helped. Perhaps the NDP should hear about this along with human rights. I would support the NDP this election if not for certain people at council meetings. I have often stated that we need to remove teachers and police from council positions as they seem to be out of touch with many. I take it my election posters will not be well liked. Santa may have to stock up on a lot of coal in this cruel world this year. Ho, ho, ho.

    Maggie December 6, 2017 at 11:27 pm

    Remember “sticks & stones can hurt my bones – but words will never hurt me” – therefore this person’s words will not injure anyone – but Pam’S driving drunk hit a car – found a way to get out of it – but has enough gull & nerve to speak to this person (using a walker) – as she did. I think she should have been barred from entering Council Chambers & being a Councillor.
    Is our Mayor so afraid of this Senior? Remember he hired Security for the Complex meetings – at which THERE WERE NO PROBLEMS – not one!!!! I attended them all.
    Also I guess the other old saying applies here “DO AS I SAY, NOT DO AS I DO”.
    People – 2018 election coming – please vote WISELY!!

  5. UP FRONT AND HONEST December 7, 2017 at 5:59 am

    This just goes to show you the things that this Council and Council members do to intimidate members of the public.
    The ELECTORATE of Cambridge put these people in to the THE VOICE OF THE PEOPLE not to HARASS AND BELITTLE THEM!!
    Let’s show this COUNCIL that we want A COUNCIL THAT LISTENS and will LET THE PUBLIC express their concerns so we don’t have anymore ACTIONS LIKE THIS HAPPEN AGAIN!!!

    Gary Worton December 7, 2017 at 10:22 am

    Speaking as one of Donna’s malcontents, I will do my utmost to ensure that she is ousted come the next election. Any of her signs that appear on my fence on Fountain St N will be unceremoniously removed!
    Regarding the Multiplex, although the new proposals seem more palatable (The former Sears location at the Cambridge Mall e.g.) Conestoga College has not been ruled out completely.
    Methinks Craig and Tibbets are still plotting behind the scenes. Keep your guard up!

    Chester December 7, 2017 at 11:18 am

    I’m with you re signs in my area as well.
    And you are right – I guess for Craig – half a promise is better than none. No we have not seen the last of Conestoga.
    If Craig spent his time of traffic rather than screwing up the Complex – we just might have had a bypass in Cambridge or a Go train.
    He sure is screwed up on his priorities.
    Yes beware Cambridge – Craig isn’t finished with Conestoga yet – or is it Tibbets isn’t finished with Craig yet and guess who will pay for all this nonsense…..
    2018 ELECTION coming – beware……………be smart when you vote & only by a paper ballot or your vote will be lost (or moved)!!!!

  8. Citizen Against Electronic Voting December 23, 2017 at 4:05 pm

    Cambridge Residents may sure you come out and exercise your DEMOCRATIC RIGHT and Vote at the POLLS….DO NOT..I REPEAT..DO NOT Vote electronically…You DO NOT know if the vote you have cast electronically has actually gone to the Candidate you want in office..TAKE THE TIME TO GO TO A POLLING STATION AND CAST YOUR VOTE..Then you can be assured that the Vote you cast went to the CANDIDATE YOU want on Council….

    Vincent Benjamin February 24, 2018 at 3:58 pm

    We pay your salary, we pay for the city hall and we are paying for this dam Multiplex. So we the people own everything there. So Pam can shut her mouth. Unless she wants to do some more “Drink and Driving” in which case I would charge her and through her in “Jail”

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