No satisfaction for neighbours of Preston industrial cleaning business Opinion Sep 04, 2019 Cambridge Times

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After reading a recent article in the Times regarding the odour coming from the Team Reclamation location at 1574 Eagle St. N. in Preston, I feel it could have benefited from my file that goes back to 2009, including pictures and the ministry’s report.

We visited Mark, the manager at Team Reclamation, twice about the odour around 2016. Mark told me he would not use the thermal cleaning ovens that remove all types of coatings from metals and other substrates while the wind blows in our street’s direction.

They also used chemical stripping. I contacted the ministry many times over the years as have numerous neighbours about the odours. We often wondered: how many times do we have to complain?

I also contacted Ward 1 Coun. Donna Reid.

There have been times the odour was so strong you could feel burning in your eyes and lungs.

Our family had to leave our home and neighbours shut their windows. Swimming pools had a brown layer of film on them and cars had brown stains on them. I wondered what it did to people, pets, hanging laundry and vegetable gardens in the area?

In 2017, two businesses were operating without the required air approvals. This makes me wonder what kind of air quality residents and the children at the local French school have been breathing in over the years.

It is too bad the former manager and Coun. Reid were not able to breathe these fumes or ask the residents their experiences to understand how serious the situation was.

Perhaps the Times would have had another side to the story.

Local MPP Belinda Karahalios met with me a few months ago to listen to our neighbourhood concerns.

Thank you Mrs. Karahalios for your action as air quality has improved. As for the low, or dropping, numbers of complaints filed with the ministry, council members, and businesses, my conclusions after speaking with many residents is that people just live with it, complain once then give up, expect someone else to fix it, have no confidence in government action, or just move.

As for Glen Smith at Team Reclamation, we are far past calling you to complain. If you are sincere as you say, show us. If you wish to meet with me I’m in the phone book on Thorman Drive.

Thomas Vann



9 Responses to No satisfaction for neighbours of Preston industrial cleaning business Opinion Sep 04, 2019 Cambridge Times

    Alan Marshall September 6, 2019 at 6:15 pm

    Tom: The MOE/MECP are beyond useless and that includes when we’ve had NDP (long, long ago) or Liberal governments. It sure as heck isn’t going to improve under Mr. Ford. The affected residents need to make it personal (but not illegal) for this company. Perhaps a polite taping of your Editorial to a couple of their doors and windows for a start. If no response or improvement then some signs and banners in front of his business during business hours may be required.

    Tom Vann September 7, 2019 at 7:55 am

    The news media have been contacted. If a date is chosen we will contact them to show up. What kind of pollution has this company been allowed to put into our air over the past 10 years is a question that needs answering. There was a boy on puffers a block from this plant and when they moved he no longer uses them. Coincidence, not likely. The ministry could not deal with this case a few years ago for many months due to their backlog they told us. So the company just kept on with unprotected air and we were breathing it in. I wonder if a high end politician lived next to these fumes if this odour would have been corrected immediately. Why were standards not put into place when this company opened? People around here are not pleased but still will sit on their couch with a bag of chips, close the windows and live with it except for a few radical people like myself. Shame on me for wanting clean air. Donna Reid has no idea what has happened here or she forgot what I told her. Maybe she is too busy fighting for a rainbow crosswalk to worry about clean air.

  3. RK September 9, 2019 at 8:07 am

    I find this appalling that Councillor Donna Reid has just blown this off. She is not part of the Ministry of Health and she is not a doctor so how can she say that there are no concerns about this matter.
    This needs to be dealt with and needs to be dealt with better than the Northstar fiasco.
    DONNA listen to your Ward Electorate…they voted you in to be their representative on this issue now do your job

  4. RK September 9, 2019 at 8:11 am

    Tom I think you are right Donna Reid will not get into matters that might dirty her hands and make her take action.
    A Rainbow Crosswalk is much safer for her to advocate for rather than advocating for the residents in the Ward where this is happening.
    I was even talking to a Ward 2 resident that uses the walking trails in her ward on a regular basis. I guess these trails are not being kept and he contacted Donna and nothing was done until he contacted another Councillor in another Ward…
    This is disappointing since she was elected in Ward 2 and when you have to go outside your Ward to get things done it sure says a lot about the Councillor doesn’t it

    Tom Vann September 10, 2019 at 8:14 am

    Why was this company allowed to open without an inspection from the start? Any type of burn-off should be checked before any okay was given. For years we have complained and little changed. They kept polluting. Now we wonder if our health has been compromised. Belinda has done something because it is not constant any longer. Thanks to the Times for printing this.

    Vicki Lucas Ozarowski October 27, 2019 at 10:46 am

    Hello Tom.
    I am checking to see if you are the same Tommy Vann who worked at the Hespeler Holiday Inn during the 1970’s? If you are, my family and I remember you with fondness and good memories. You visited us in the states (Philadelphia) a long time ago.
    Thanks for letting me know.

    Tom Vann November 3, 2019 at 4:58 am

    Yes Vickie, it is me. Your family were excellent people and always were nice to me. This is funny, as I thought about your family a short while ago. Best wishes Vickie and thank-you for reaching out. Tommy.

    Tom Vann November 3, 2019 at 5:02 am

    Vickie Please contact me at your convenience.

    Tom Vann November 4, 2019 at 3:57 pm

    After 40 plus years past I was in contact with Vicki. I am sending her the photos I have of her wonderful family during my days at the Inn. So nice when a plan comes together. I thank Vicki for her efforts.

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