My Letter to Greg Durocher… by Rande Keffer

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Mr. Durocher:

I read the article in The Record today regarding the questions that you have been asking the candidates in the interviews you have conducted thus far for this Municipal Election.

In my opinion some of these questions are very inappropriate and cross the line.  These questions would not be able to be asked in a typical job interview so what makes you think they can be asked of candidates vying for office in a Municipal Election?  These interview need to cease immediately and the questions as well as the previous interviews need to be destroyed.

It would be better to ask candidates more appropriate questions that address the issues on the electorates minds such as:

1) If elected how do you plan to engage the residents of your ward to be more involved with items that affect them as well as the city?

2) If elected and you received a 1 Million Dollar grant to use for the city in any way you deemed appropriate, what would you do with it and why?

3) If elected what steps would you implement to put the city on a firmer financial footing?

4) Name three things you think are important to the residents of this city and how do you propose implementing this in a way that is fiscally sound?

These are questions that get to the heart of the matter and speak to the electorate.  Do you really think the electorate cares if the candidate is married or what religion they are.  Those are very personal one-on-one questions that the candidate can be asked in a more private setting and not in the venue in which they are being asked now.  Frankly I don’t really care if my Ward Councillor is Married or has a religion what I care about is how he will work for me at City Hall when elected.

The questions being asked make the interview more like NOSEYGATE and do not reflect how an elected official will handle themselves on my behalf.
Stop the interviews and those questions immediately and ask ones more appropriate that will help people make the right decisions on October 22.

(Mrs.) Rande Keffer




3 Responses to My Letter to Greg Durocher… by Rande Keffer

    Firehim September 24, 2018 at 9:11 pm

    If you check Facebook you will see how many running for office have refused to answer Greg Durocher’s dumb invasive questions.
    He was out of line definitely & the questions are certainly not in line with correctness. Durocher should know this.
    Durocher should be asked to step down from CEO of Chamber of Commerce. He has definitely made a fool of himself in the position he holds.
    We want to know what our candidates are going to do for our City – we don’t really care if they had a poor childhood or married 20 times. What on earth was Durocher thinking – or rather not thinking.
    Durocher step down or you should be fired!

    Jerry Price September 25, 2018 at 7:40 am

    This is what happens when someone feels entitled. Then the foolish response by Greg saying “what have you got to hide” pissed everyone off and he should step down from his gray train post and all those related to him that work there. No wonder he isn’t around to field the anger. Holiday time! Just like Craig does when he books a trip with staff to China when he screws up. I for one will be glad when Craig is gone with his crew.

    Maggie October 3, 2018 at 1:44 pm

    Jerry – yes definitely – Durocher – out of line & our Mayor is away out of control. Spend – spend.
    Spread the word – vote McGarry preferably. She has the smarts & know how for politics.
    Yes & really how busy is our Chamber of Commerce – never any cars there – what do they do? Besides get paid too much. Entitlement – exactly.
    Durocher should be fired – what an absolute idiot he was with those questions.
    Loved Sandy’s letter.
    Vote people – Oct. 6th early polls – vote paper ballot. Online will be redirected.

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