My Letter to Doug Craig.. by Rande Keffer

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Letter to Doug Craig


Mr. Craig:


Well it is really evident that we are into another election campaign.  While I thought campaigns were a platform to set out goals and ideals that make the city a better place.


That being said, social media venues such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have become an integral part of a political campaign as of late  and can make a big difference in the end result of a campaign. Things that are posted in this type of media site can also change the course of a campaign and that is why I am writing to you.


I avidly follow Facebook; which I am sure you are well aware of.  When I saw the posting regarding the editing of your challenger in this mayoral race, namely Kathryn McGarry in the photo that was taken back in May at the official opening of the bridge downtown and read the article that is associated with this photo, quite frankly, Mayor Craig, I was appalled to say the least.


It was very observant that a resident from our city noticed this inconsistency.  In the article by Kate Bueckert ,CBC News and posted to Facebook September 14, 2018 at 2:15 PM, it stated  that you talked about using this photo in your campaign and I find it a travesty to your campaign and your campaign team, that  Kathryn McGarry who was actually in the original photograph was photo-shopped and replaced by someone else.  This altered photo shows many members of our current council as well as MP Brian May.  It states in the news column that the original picture was taken in May and that the altered photo was posted to the ‘Elect Doug Craig Instagram Account’ on August 15.


Interestingly enough the photo has since been removed from your Instagram Account and rightly so, but that still does not underscore what your campaign has done here Mr. Craig.  Yes, you state that you did not know there were any plans to alter the photo and you don’t know what happened, and you have apologized and have left it at that.  You then go on to state that you and if I may quote this, ‘I didn’t pay attention to be perfectly honest.’  Wow, now that is a ‘simple’ statement coming from someone who has spent the last 18 years as the mayor of our city. That just seems to gloss over the fact that a miscarriage of justice has been done by your campaign.


That particular statement leads me to believe that  you do not oversee what your campaign manager is putting out to the residents of our city on  behalf your mayoral campaign.  If you are not paying attention to an item as critical as what is going  with your campaign, one has to question if you pay attention to the items that cross your desk on a daily basis as mayor of this city.

Mr. Craig, after reading this statement, I truly have concerns and wonder if you are the right candidate to be the Mayor of our city and make the crucial day to day decisions.  If you are not paying attention to what is going on in your campaign, I have to wonder if you truly pay attention to items that cross your desk on a daily basis.


Can I really, in the truly sense of the terminology, call you ‘Your Worship’ when what has been done by your campaign in this election was underhanded, deceptive, and unscrupulous?  If I recall, I came before you in Council Chambers saying that I expect my elected officials to be open, honest, and transparent.  What has been done here has me questioning my expectations as Mayor and leads me come to the conclusion that these items I have stated really are not part of your moral compass.


I know you have given Kathryn McGarry a spoken  apology but Mr. Craig, and it seems that you think that is sufficient.  Actually Mayor Craig, that is not enough, and I think that a  genuine written apology by yourself and also one by your campaign manager is  also  something that needs to be done.  You have done damage here and if you want to redeem yourself in any way, in my opinion, I think you should to the honourable thing and  humbly bow out of this campaign, while setting the records straight.



Rande Keffer





3 Responses to My Letter to Doug Craig.. by Rande Keffer

    Maggie September 25, 2018 at 3:21 pm

    Well written as usual Rande. And yes this Mayor should just pass on Oct. 22 – he has wore out his welcome for sure.
    When you have to go to these lengths to get elected – then it shows what you are willing to do to get re-elected – like keeping Internet voting so he can fix the votes in his direction.
    We know it can be done, we know it was likely done, and if voters don’t smarten up & only vote early Polls with paper ballots – it could happen again.
    ABC – paper ballots – but vote ABC – Kathryn McGarry is the new future of Cambridge.
    We need a new Mayor & replace some of the Councillors that cannot think for themselves. Vote Oct. 22nd.

    Karl Travis October 5, 2018 at 4:12 pm

    l heard Craig was rude to Randy Carter in the debate. What kind of person is this guy anyway. Randy is a taxpayer trying to make changes for a better city. Craig was out of line and lost many people’s respect. Tucci only talked money. What a sorry mess. We need change.

    Beware October 8, 2018 at 1:45 pm

    Karl – you are so right. Craig thinks he is perfect. Randy has a heart but is not Mayor material. Craig was rude & if you watched his face at times, was arrogant. He seems to feel he has this in the bag. Does he know something we don’t (or do suspect) – that people voting via internet – will have their vote re-directed -by him or hired experts. There have been mega warnings about internet voting. We are asking people to take the time & go to the early Polls & use paper ballots. Then if a re-count is necessary – this can be done.
    We must fight this arrogance & need to complete his Legacies that are putting Taxes too high for ordinary people.

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