Multiplex at Conestoga College would be ‘a shame’

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Apr 18, 2017 Cambridge Times

The (Conestoga) College multiplex site was chosen by politicians with little or no public, business or economic advisery committee involvement.

Why do certain politicians want you to believe there is a crisis of “now or never?”

When you do something right you have few regrets. College site “a done deal?” This was never a done deal.

A catchy phrase to con the public; “Shovel ready.” It was never shovel ready.

Environmental studies take time, similar to Barrie’s Lake (west Galt).

Derek Coleman is a professional planner with numerous degrees and has offered to assist our city. His knowledge of planning and multiplex buildings is vast.

He mentions a justification study, an ecological wetlands study, and engineering approvals are still needed.

Why has council rejected his advice? Why must the multiplex be at the 401 when the public wants it central?

Are we building this for other cities or for Cambridge?

Since Kitchener will benefit greatly, why have they not been asked to join this venture and share costs?

Why did they say “we need 30 acres” when actually 13 to 17 acres are required?

This opened up more locations for the task force to evaluate.

“Public input, honesty and transparency,” the lack thereof, created a public outcry.

This united our city.

Citizens were called “malcontents” by Coun. (Donna) Reid, showing a total lack of public respect. To top it off, she stated she will vote how she chooses and not by her constituents voices.

In contrast, Coun. Mike Mann told of how he must listen to his constituents after a flood of calls.

Why are public-private-partnerships not being seriously considered?

(Cambridge Sports Park, operated by Buckingham Sports Properties,) is willing to take on the costs of building professional rinks via expanding the ice park. All Buckingham requires is an agreement from the city.

The 13 to 17 acres then gets cut in half, along with the costs. The taxpayer wins huge!

The panic and lies that have come out of city hall must stop! The biggest spin is “it must be the college location or we risk getting nothing.”

We trusted the “task force” to select good, better, and best locations.

It would be a shame to toss out their selected highest rated locations and move it back to the college where certain politicians want it.

Do we not want a multiplex that we will proudly own? It’s value will only increase?

Please take a minute today to call the mayor or your council member at 519-623-1340 to leave a message of where you want your multiplex.

Your children will thank you for years to come.

Thomas Vann




14 Responses to Multiplex at Conestoga College would be ‘a shame’

    Derek Hill April 21, 2017 at 4:24 pm

    This is a great letter all of council should read before they vote. Donna will never let go of the mayors purse strings. I see her with him every time there is a picture to be taken. This woman should never be in office. Doug looks like shit in the last picture. I can see a heart attack for him coming. I’m glad he’s out of the Bee Hive.

    rk April 21, 2017 at 5:42 pm

    This is a very insightful Letter to the Editor…I agree…Council needs to think long and hard when they hear what the City brings back to Council in June…ALSO we need as many people as possible out at that Council Meeting and our VOICE needs to be heard….Council needs to listen to the VOICE of the PEOPLE rather than ‘STAFF RECOMMENDED IT” as one councillor said in an interview on CTV NEWS after the Tuesday Council meeting

    Maggie April 21, 2017 at 6:23 pm

    Great letter Tom – wish the Councillors would read & digest it. Re the Complex – and the Developer showing up all of a sudden for Pinebush – well we know the Mayor was behind this – develop the land then 1 site off of Complex picks. Which one is next?? Oh, yes, McVittie was spouting off about loss of taxes on a site – well really – if on Hespeler Rd. – great location – bus depot. – central – Cambridge kids can get part time jobs – full time for others. And if Tournaments – support for all stores on Hespeler Rd. & surrounding area. I thought it was the Mayor & Council’s job to support the people paying their wages???
    You said it all T.V. – and people are complaining about the BRIDGE TO NOWHERE – when our streets are a mess – people starving – the Dam is Preston needed fixed years ago – yes i know – not in Galt – so not a priority. Keeps forgetting Craig only looks after Galt – well mister – you need to do repair all over the City – not keep allowing more building & you can’t maintain services.
    We all know what Tom is saying is so right – just how do we get this drilled into the ones on Council – especially Donna/Pam – the Bobsey twins & others who need to wake up & treat Cambridge better.
    Yes – Cambridge – attend the meeting in June to see if they are honest or doing another railroad job on all of us$$$$$$

    Tom Vann April 21, 2017 at 8:36 pm

    Thanks folks. I know I wrote a doozy when I get strangers calling me. Most loved when I put the 401 part in and who are we building this for, us or them?
    Mike Mann won’t win a hamster race in this town if he votes for the college after stating he must listen to his constituents.
    Mrs. Reid, a typical teacher in the wrong job. I say she is the worst council member I have ever known.

    I will make sure she doesn’t win in 18. I agree that Doug while hugging Donner looks like shit. I’m willing to bet anyone he don’t run again. Bombs away voters. He may not make it past this summer. Then Frank has the dose of cancer in his testicles or somewhere I hear. He looks real bad. I’m sure he’ll be fine. Pam may get hit by a drunk driver 3x’s over the limit. Pam can sure put away the booze herself. I may try and repair our friendship and send her a bottle of Baby Duck. Then we got the Dyke. He looks like he is ready to pop. I saw a movie about a guy dressed in S&M in leather that had his similar size. I had to toss that CD. Then Price will run again. He looks 80. Have I missed anyone? When you tell the truth and have good intentions good things happen and you have a good long lasting family relationship. If Donner didn’t color her hair would it be white or grey? This letter should bring out lots of puppets for the mayor. Bring it.

      Gary Worton April 22, 2017 at 11:26 am

      You get an A+ for this article Tom. Every single word is so true! I’ll wager that you speak for the vast majority of Cambridge taxpaying residents, at least on this issue.
      Incidentally, I also live in Donna und Bitzen’s ward and will vote for anyone but her in 2018. I can only hope that my vote gets counted!

  5. Debbie Duff Vitez April 22, 2017 at 8:38 am

    I’ll say it again.. They all get back in with the creative voting they do..

    That will be interesting, as it was him who started the ball rolling on the

    His only concern ever was pleasing the developers..

    Tracy Hipel April 22, 2017 at 3:40 pm

    Mr. Mann doesn’t want to get involved with helping people in his ward.

    When asked for help for residents in the bishop street area he said nothing he could do, hung up on one resident and didn’t return a call after a resident called him 4 times and left message.

    On the other side he did vote to give Dumpfield a tax rebate of $70,000 but when asked to help residents with taxes on their properties from contamination his answer NO..

    P.S. after hearing Franks comment on Putin at city hall I think you better get your house checked for TCE because It might be affecting your thoughts

    Maggie April 22, 2017 at 3:59 pm

    Wow – we all agree with Tommy. Interesting –

    Mike Mann thought it was o.k. to give Dunfield a $70,000. break but not those people in Preston suffering from the Northstar damage. Wow – so disappointed Mike Mann.

    And yes, Gary Worton, I agree with you on Reid – talk about a worshipper – that is her with Craig – I don’t know why as he isn’t too smart these days – such as giving away our Sports Complex and then making us pay for it. Donna is out for Donna – she & Pam Wolf have been tagged the Bobsey twins – as Donna writes speeches for Pam – who can hardly read them.
    I just wish all of Cambridge would wake up before we are into 2018 election & we get the same old “do nothing” group – like the ones that voted in the “BRIDGE TO NOWHERE” – Millions wasted & our roads are a mess. Craig just keeps bringing in developers – who profit along with Craig & us sucker Taxpayers just keep paying. Like I said before re Mattamy Homes Hespeler – we wanted them to build a new bridge as we people knew Blackbridge could not handle new traffic – oh no – said the Mayor – won’t be enough traffic. What hole did he have his head in – so now us sucker Taxpayers will pay for a new Bridge. It will be the same if that Development goes ahead at Pinebush – when Mike Devine asked if they would build a Bridge over the 401 – the guy mumbled something that likely meant “no”.

    It just goes on here in Cambridge – no honest leadership. And by the way – Craig had no sidewalk – just in front of his home on Guelph Ave. – but Mattamy put one in for him – isn’t that nice – while the rest of us have to pay for a sidewalk – just goes on & on folks!

    – if you are lucky enough to find a Polling Station. Don’t vote Online – it just might be changed for you!!!

    We need someone honest/sincere to run for Mayor & Councillors in 2018. Please!

    rk April 23, 2017 at 7:23 am

    Tom: An amazing Letter to the Editor.

    hope everyone in Cambridge too the time to read it and to really study and digest exactly what you had to say in the letter.

    It was to the point and informative. The people of this City need to wake up and read exactly what is going on here by people who know…People who have been attending Council Meetings and see first hand what goes on there. We need to have more people come out to those meetings and really see..You voted for your Councillor…

    You need to go to Council meetings to see if the one you elected to be your voice is doing what you elected them to do for you…do they have your best interested when they vote or are they voting for something because STAFF RECOMMENDED it. If it’s the latter…you councillor is SPINELESS and does not vote the way you would have him vote….If this is the case…My advice is VOTE HIM/HER out in 2018..the are following their own agenda (which most of these people are doing right now) put that Councillor on Council to do what is best for the PEOPLE of your WARD and not what’s best for STAFF because they RECOMMENDED it.

    This Multiplex is one good example..had the people of this CITY not taken some ACTION on this…this complex would end up on LEASED land and the TAXPAYER would have had no SAY in this at all..Now at least we can have some input…

  9. Debbie Duff Vitez April 23, 2017 at 11:34 am

    You said a mouth full there Gary..

    I can only hope that my vote gets counted!

    With the desperation in which this council voted for electronic ballots, when GUELPH and WATERLOO voted it down.. (we are the only city in the region who insists on using it..)

    Speaks volumes on what the outcome will be in 2018…
    How low has this city fallen under the craig regime…
    when in your lifetime did you ever have to worry about YOUR VOTE COUNTING?>??

    Tom Vann April 23, 2017 at 10:29 pm

    Thank-you all. This town is corrupt and has brown envelopes passed under desks. Once again. LOOK. COPS and TEACHERS pensioned with the entitlement factor. They follow the head duck. Never, never, never, ever vote for a teacher or cop ever again people. Do you really think they give a damn about the taxpayer or little guy?
    Anyone want to bet me that Donna has never voted against the mayor? I love you Douggie. Elton John……take her back home.

    Tom Vann May 2, 2017 at 9:56 pm

    I mailed my cousin in London about the goings on in this city and the stupid thoughts behind the sports building. He asked why the business people are not up in arms. I told him about the cushy Chamber job someone got. Many family workers involved so no waves. Keep the donation coming. Sounds like Donna is doing the dirty work for the mayor these days. Keep those hands clean sir. He ain’t making the next election from a home.

    Tom Vann May 13, 2017 at 8:33 am

    Getting closer to the date to make a choice on the location. City hall is getting messy and desperate pulling out all stops. All those that choose the college location will be dead in the water come 2018. Their chance for re-election will be done. Dougie boy doesn’t want to split the vote and be the center of public anger. City hall even has the CIA style surveillance crew monitoring (for years now) sites, facebook, washrooms, and maybe even our bedrooms for any political punishing words against our leaders and system. Speaking with some during their strike I take it they don’t like doing this kind of stuff but a job is a job like Alex had. Whatever it takes I guess. Here is how it works. You create a problem, then come up with a solution in your favor. You also toss out your interpretation of a persons words. Something like “this is going to blow up in your face”, in sports “I’m gonna kill that guy”, “shoot him down comment”, and my favorite “he’s dead meat”. I am thinking of becoming a Priest. This way if I do any crime, I just ask for forgiveness. As we know the Pope tells us he is above God on earth. (check it out). Sounds like the new world order speech but hey….let’s enjoy what we can before the Brown Shirts take us away. Police chiefs are on side if history tells us anything. They get the word, they do. Why do you think their huge wage increase happened, benefits, retention pay and above the law status has been in effect for years? They are the 1st line of control against unrest. This doesn’t mean they are evil, it just means they do what they are told. So, hello officers that have come to visit me. I’m sure we will meet again. You are just doing your job. Free speech, standing up against corruption, lies and bullies seems to be going well in the world these days. Ahhh the old days of simplicity and a handshake seem to be vanishing to the great evil of money. Peace, love ya all. Smooch.

    Maggie May 13, 2017 at 10:07 pm

    You say it all right Tommy – and how come Dougie can dig up more money for Post Office, but can’t seem to find any for the Sports Complex which should be built centrally in Cambridge.
    We know he had a hand in the developer buying Pinebush for 1.95M – really 1.9M & our dumb city didn’t buy it – as Dr. Coleman spoke – a perfect spot.
    I bet the Council didn’t even look into who cut down all those trees for money$$ and clearing more land. Don’t they know what goes on in their City????
    The Developer doesn’t care about a little fine – but MAKE HIM REPLANT THE WHOLE AREA HE DESTROYED – now that is the right thing to do. Oh, darn, keep forgetting – or Mayor & buddies don’t believe in the RIGHT THING – just POWER TRIPS. Attending Council meetings sure has been an eye opener – to see all the stupidity & corruption in our own City. Taxpayers need to wake up SOON!!

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