McGarry targets Cambridge’s top job

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NewsSep 10, 2018by Ray Martin Cambridge Times

Kathryn McGarry is seeking Cambridge’s top job in hopes of continuing her service to the city. – Ray Martin/Metroland

Kathryn McGarry kicked off her bid for mayor Sept. 6, packing Preston’s Fiddle and Firkin pub.

“I am running to be your mayor because I want to fight for people like you and continue to serve this community which has given so much to me and my family,” McGarry told the crowd.

The former Cambridge Liberal MPP called the 2018 municipal vote a “change election.”

“It’s about a new style of positive leadership. It’s about seizing opportunities, attracting jobs and making sure we have a better quality of life for all of us,” she said.

McGarry said she moved to Cambridge 30 years ago and has been “deeply rooted in Cambridge ever since.”

She cited her lengthy resume of community involvement, working as a nurse for 30 years and as a volunteer with Heritage Cambridge and the Waterloo Region Crime Prevention Council. McGarry was also a founding member of Hospice of Waterloo Region and, in 2010, helped get the initial funding for the expansion and renovation of Cambridge Memorial Hospital.

As the city’s MPP, McGarry was able to acquire further funding for the hospital as well as sponsor a private member’s bill on respiratory health. As minister of the natural resources and forests, she finalized details on the new Conservation Authorities Act. As minister of transportation, McGarry worked to continue the expansion of Highway 401 through Cambridge and worked out a resolution for the redevelopment of the Franklin Boulevard bridge.

“My plan for a safe, connected and thriving Cambridge will be achieved by working together to solve the challenges in front of us while at the same time capitalizing on our community’s enormous potential.”

McGarry also spoke about the serious challenges facing Cambridge, including the opioid crisis, growing homeless population and the disconnect between city hall and the community.

“From my experience as your MPP, around the cabinet table, and working on important local committees like the crime prevention council, I know I have the skills and the relationships to get things done at city hall,” she said.

In highlighting her plan, she focused on her desire to fix the relationship with the region, ensure the community feels safe in its neighbourhoods and address the lack of affordable housing in the city.

“We need a city hall that actively listens to taxpayers and engages with citizen groups, that’s how we start fixing these issues, and that’s how we ensure Cambridge can continue to be a great place to live, work and raise a family,” she said.

McGarry’s plan involves four key priorities:

In the area of leadership and accountability, the mayoral candidate wants to start holding town hall meetings in each ward, start new citizen action committees and begin public consultations early in the planning process.

In the area of public safety, McGarry wants residents to feel safe in their community, as the city moves forward to deal with the issues of drug addiction and homelessness.

“The solution starts with moving the Bridges out of the downtown core, working with police and social services to remove tent cities from our trails and using lessons learned from other municipalities to provide wraparound addiction, mental health and employment services to help address the long-term issue,” she said.

In the area of jobs and economic growth, McGarry wants to work with local groups to leverage the strengths of the community to grow business and attract new investment and new opportunities.

Looking to the future and the community, McGarry wants to tap into assets — like the Grand River, the trail system, the city’s heritage buildings and its thriving arts and entertainment scene — to promote tourism in Cambridge. She wants to work collaboratively to create more affordable housing, develop a new youth advisory committee and work with seniors. She also wants to find a final solution to the multiplex issue and develop a long-term plan for sport and recreation.



6 Responses to McGarry targets Cambridge’s top job

    Tom Vann September 22, 2018 at 8:24 am

    I speak with Kathryn from time to time and I gotta tell you “she is the real deal”. To have a credible person running Cambridge would be so good for us. They would work for us again, not us for them. I can tell you straight up the mayor has reached into his bag of tricks and friends for this election. He needs to be replaced Oct. 22nd. If by some chance he wins this election the fix was in. Spoke to people with the city and every one of them want him gone. Just step down and do the right thing.

    Heather Koch October 5, 2018 at 7:34 pm

    Driving in town l often see Tuckers signs blocking McGarry’s. This is not a coincidence. It is often and that shows me the kind of person he is or who he is helping. This type of action has a reverse effect on voters. I now think he is just a vote splitter and maybe the city does buy from him as was mentioned.

    Brett October 5, 2018 at 9:01 pm

    I don’t trust Doug, Ben, Tucker, or many of the council members. No wonder people are talking change. Nobody enters the race hours before closing. Tucci will be lucky to get 500 votes. Nobody trusts a banker.

    AVoter October 6, 2018 at 9:38 pm

    Yes think once McGarry was into the race – Craig contacted Tucci. So is he paying Tucci’s expenses just to split votes? Well with the photo imposing – guess anything is possible. Tucci was very last minute – so likely a setup by Craig.
    We do need change. Lets hope it happens. We have had enough of wasteful spending on non-necessary issues & Ben will be the same. He voted to buy the Old Post office for thousands more than valued – signed for the theatre & all the freebies.
    Just vote people – preferably eaerly Polls – paper ballot only – although when I voted it was the City Clerk who tabulated it. Is that lega?? He works for the City – along with present Mayor – not sure about this. Does anybody know if this is legal or not. hope the fix isn’t already in on Day One!!
    Vote people – clear the swamp – time for change – need Council change as well.

    Tom Vann October 7, 2018 at 7:16 am

    I’m only saying what I hear when I’m out Deb. Was at a party with about 50 people (old school buds and some car guy’s). I’m telling ya straight up, the mayor and Ben are not well liked around town. People don’t forget about how Ben was on council and some old Liberal guys hate him. All the guys know I do politics so after a few beers they ramble on. Election talk has turned nasty this election. I think they rev it up when I’m around. I wonder if city hall is doing inside election work for someone. I’m willing to bet 95% of city workers and staff won’t vote for Doug. Heading out to the Portuguese club for a feast and you can bet my comments will be kind. Think I will head to the gun club today before I pig out on Turkey. It must be the time of year….my targets scores have gone up. I missed my calling when they got Bronson to do Death Wish instead of me. Enjoy the weekend all.

    Rick Muise November 11, 2018 at 9:11 am

    McGarry will take her position as Mayor during the Remembrance Day ceremonies for the 100th year after the Great War. A woman to show our respect is perfect being a mother.

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