Mayor’s focus is on his vision for the future, ignores other possibilities: opinion by Mark Boughan

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Editor’s note: This is an open letter to Mayor Doug Craig, submitted to the Times in response to the mayor’s comments during this week’s planning and development committee meeting regarding the “Gaslight District” proposal.

We’ve never met. I don’t know you and you don’t know me.

That’s why it bothers me that you presume to understand my attitudes, emotions, and intelligence. That’s why it concerns me that you believe that any opposition that I might hold to the Gaslight District development is due to a “fear of the future”.

You see, I wouldn’t dare suggest that you hold paternalistic attitudes toward the population of Cambridge, just because of the way you refer to those who disagree with you. I don’t know you.

So, perhaps we should meet and talk. Here are some of my topics.

1. I’d like to know why you speak of the future? Do you believe we’re on an inevitable path to some specific future (one that people fear)?

You see, I believe that there are several possible futures … even the very futures that you want to embrace.

It would help prevent me from thinking you want to dominate this city with a vision of your future and that your governing mode tended toward arrogance. I don’t want to think this of you. But then … I don’t know you.

2.  I wouldn’t want to imagine your thinking or imagination are so limited you are unable to conceive of different possible futures. But then …  I don’t know you.

3. I’d also like to talk about esthetics. You’ve certainly been heavily involved in decisions about civic architecture and this suggests you have an appreciation for visual artistry. But then why do you seem to deny the artistic sense of others and demand that your own comes first? Is this like your vision of the future?

I wouldn’t want to imagine you thought that your own personal artistic tastes were the only ones that mattered. But then … I don’t know you.

4. Lastly, maybe we could talk politics. I have to believe that as a very able politician you’re aware that society is made up of competing visions and values and the wisdom in recognizing these differences — or at least not demonizing or demeaning those who disagree with you.

We have at least one major politician south of the border who takes this negative approach. I certainly wouldn’t want to think that kind of politics would come from your office. But then … I don’t know you.

And maybe you would have some questions for me. Maybe you would learn of my interests, tastes, education, personality, ethics and beliefs.

Maybe then you wouldn’t characterize me, and many others, as one who fears the future.

But right now … you don’t know me.

Maybe you don’t want to? Perhaps it makes me, and those like me, easier to dismiss.

Mark Boughan




3 Responses to Mayor’s focus is on his vision for the future, ignores other possibilities: opinion by Mark Boughan

    Enuf June 10, 2017 at 7:37 am

    Very well said. The reason for so much anger from residents is not being a malcontent, but from NOT being heard. And when an issue or concern or an idea is brought forward, if it is not what the Mayor wants, then these same people are criticized and put down and made to look like disgruntled people with conspiracy theories. To be lumped in to one group of naysayers when the Mayor and Councillors have not even had the courtesy to get to know the people they criticize is nothing more than an insult. Their antics on council and amongst themselves is nothing to be proud of.

    Has council even thought that the reason for so much anger is because they are not listening and spending unwisely and using our tax money to make developers even more rich? They are using their position as a form of power over the people, forgetting who they are really supposed to represent.

    No one likes to be forced in the corner while being robbed of all their hard earned money. Last I heard, that’s a form of bullying…and the people have had enough.

    Maggie July 1, 2017 at 1:08 pm

    Yes you got that right – we Taxpayers are sick & tired of the Mayor’s antics. His way or no way and that is what is happening with the Complex. He should be supporting his City and the people trying to make a living in it – oh no he thinks he has to support Conestoga & Kitchener. What an idiot. Cannot explain him any more than that – but then again it looks like we have more idiots on Council. Really – can they not think for themselves. What are they afraid of when they can’t vote their own way. What control does the Mayor have on them. We understand his control over Reid – but the rest should be able to use their own common sense & the brain they were given to use.
    It is just so wrong that one person – with the WRONG IDEAS – can control others. Yes we need a stop on this Complex – and a review – but get going as I do believe the Hockey/Sports areas need facilities. For crying out loud – the Mayor seems to find money for all his GALT PROJECTS. But not a proper situated sports facility for the PEOPLE.
    And now we need some expensive system for the GALT Dam but cannot find the money to fix the Preston Dam which has been on hold for years.
    Mike Mann – this is your area – you have a broken dam & contamination in your Preston area. – Work it out for the people – ignore your controlling Mayor.
    Politics -disgusting – you think you vote in good local people and they just seem to change once given all this power. Power seems to replace honesty.

    Chester July 2, 2017 at 3:06 pm

    Mark – I just love this – I think you do know the Mayor & his selfish projects.
    We just arrived home to see that Sears Cambridge is closing – how sad and if the Mayor continues on his selfish quest &/or promise/agreement with Tibbets (??) then we will see more sad closings in Cambridge. But I guess the Mayor would rather support Kitchener than the City he is Mayor of. Or just build High rises for the modern useless world. High tech – no shopping Malls like other Cities – sad sad!!!
    How sad that we have such a brainless bunch at the controls at the moment. Mark you said it all very well.

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