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Firstly as I’m more used to the brickbats versus kudos, here goes. Todays Waterloo Region Record carries the following story titled ”
Hespeler residents voice concerns about air quality“. It seems that city officials have taken it upon themselves to advise the public that air quality is not a hazard. Really? And which city officials exactly have any training or expertise in air quality matters? More importantly did they take the air samples themselves and or have they read the results and have the knowledge to interpret them? Obviously not. So please shut up and stop being cheerleaders.The Ministry of the Environment (M.O.E.) also say that “Air test results showed no excessive contaminants that are usually associated with industrial fires”. What exactly does that mean? Does “no excessive contaminants” mean that air concentrations are below criteria for toxic compounds such as benzene, toluene, TCA, TCE etc. or does it mean that the levels, regardless of health criteria, were just par for the course of what is emitted from industrial fires? That statement is as clear as mud and typical gobbledygook from government officials more intent on reassuring the public than on being honest.

There is another concern. Having dealt with the Ontario M.O.E. literally for decades I wonder how it is that allegedly they already have their test results back. Whether air, water or soil, up here in Elmira, we routinely wait for months if not years to get test results back. Are whatever results they allegedly have formally completed test results or are they preliminary at best?

Now the kudos to the City of Cambridge. Believe me this hurts because over the years they have not impressed very many as being the sharpest tools in the drawer. Well according to both today’s Record article as well as one in the Record on July 6, 2013 it seems as if they behaved proactively and removed numerous 45 gallons of drums of flammable and toxic liquids from this property back in 2013. That is to their credit and as Monday’s fire indicates was a very good decision and money well spent. Kudos to all those involved at the City of Cambridge for so doing.




  1. mjqsmith@bell.net'
    Maggie November 22, 2017 at 6:46 pm

    Well, Alan, you may not know it, but there is a work shed kitty-corner to this factory fire, so, yes, the City workers might have noted the flammable drums located in that factory. So give them credit, not the so-called over-paid staff at City Hall. They would not have had a clue unless notified by these labourers. Believe me, as I have reported another situation to our Ward Councillor, Donna Reid, and she refused to look into it. Said it was not up to her to investigate – well, then just who’s responsibility is it? We residents do not know what is going on in this building & are nervous.
    So yes, give credit where credit is due, which was nice of you.
    But we have many empty buildings in Cambridge – and we have to thank Roy Talbot for bringing attention to two of these sites on Hespeler Rd. & they are now cleaned up & going to be utilized.
    Just what we need to do with our ugly Flea Market – needs to go. The Sports Complex should have been built there & would have complimented the YWCA plus the appearance of Hespeler Road. Oh, dear, I keep forgetting, all our tax dollars go to the BRIDGE TO NOWHERE & tHE POST OFFICE – so easy to see where our tax dollars are wasted. And our business people need support – but not from our Mayor or Councillors that is for sure – or the word Conestoga would not even be in print anymore. Just a deal made with Craig & Tibbets – not with us!!!!
    WAKE UP CAMBRIDGE!! The wool is being pulled over your eyes while you sleep.

  2. lvann_11@sympatico.ca'
    Tom Vann November 22, 2017 at 7:06 pm

    I agree it was a smart move agm. Now, was the fire set intentionally so development can move forward? River property…more real estate moves. Fires are an old trick to moving forward. Air quality? I must say our air issue here has improved to a level of being breathable with zero thanks to Donna Reid or Mike Mann. Government is so cash strapped for our important issues often until they think of something. Now Truedoe has just said sorry
    ( EDITED.. Sorry Tommy.. ; Is there a group left that needs a cash settlement? I have suffered through years of marriage. My wife doesn’t talk to me anymore, my kids steal my dope from my grow-op, my neighbour has stopped going to Florida so now I can’t steal his hydro and water, and I get shit every time I run into an old girlfriend. Maybe I can get an apology and cash for how my life has taken a turn due to idiots. Maybe I need to strap on one of them explosive belts, arm myself with to the teeth and threaten to blow myself up in the name of Ali on the Grand. I could even wear a turbine on my head for sympathy. Ah…my life is a mess. Family stealing my inheritance. I must be going to heaven. Now that Huge Hefner is up there will be no women for me. Can someone tell me where to go? I just realized….my life isn’t as poor as Pam’s. Ole’.

    • Debbie Duff Vitez November 23, 2017 at 10:54 am

      Tommy Tommy, what’s it gonna take to bring you into 2017?…
      You need to be more PC with name calling (which are your personal opinion) I get that.. but.. times have changed.. you need to catch up..
      Now for the rest of your post.. I know who you’re trying to provoke.. Good luck with that.. lol

  3. mjqsmith@bell.net'
    Maggie November 22, 2017 at 10:56 pm

    I like the statement – River front property – hmmmm – another project – oh no Tom – this isn’t Galt – this is Hespeler. The place where they put glass around the Library – rather than re-build & add to it like the Galt old Post Office – where mega Millions have been wasted. So nice to preserve the red brick in Hespeler. Gee I wonder if we can get a BRIDGE TO NOWHERE built in Hespeler & Preston. But then again Preston sure would like their DAM FIXED. Oh, darn, forgot using that money to put some wierd thing on the Galt Dam – gee how could I miss that. Just goes on & on ……………….
    Just goes on & on – dumb & dumber is the term for our City officials$$$$$$$$$

  4. lvann_11@sympatico.ca'
    Tom Vann November 23, 2017 at 1:15 pm

    I live in a different world than you Deb. I don’t hate (edited)or others. I just choose to live a normal life with old fashioned Leave It To Beaver values. I just don’t appreciate having their flag on any government pole or be told I have to understand. How bout they understand me. It must be something in the water. I have numerous un-straight people as friends and I bend over backwards to help them. Can we stay on topic Deb?
    The Dam will be left to crumble to return to the old river path...it’s cheaper and the money saved can fix downtown Galt again to bring all those internet shoppers back. I just ordered my Santa suit to hand out coal, cookies and toys. Santa may also visit some homes again. Love ya!

  5. lvann_11@sympatico.ca'
    Nurse M. November 24, 2017 at 4:23 pm

    Hello. I work at the hospital and am not sure how the effect on people breathing in this air can be judged fully. Time will tell. What is seen down the road in health care is a considerable jump in cancer cases in this Province. Good luck.

  6. mjqsmith@bell.net'
    Chester November 27, 2017 at 11:03 am

    Everyone – get out to the Dec. 4th meeting at City Hall re the Complex debate.
    Talk about foul air – you will get a lot of that at the meeting.
    Taxpayers want it built CENTRAL to Cambridge. Why not?
    So attend this meeting to get your facts straight. Hear the speakers that tell it like it is, not like the Mayor wants it.
    Show up or shut up when it gets built in the wrong location. Far far away from Central Cambridge.
    Wake up Taxpayers & Sports groups – this is your money & your say

  7. lvann_11@sympatico.ca'
    Tom Vann November 27, 2017 at 3:06 pm

    I was to have an Oriental massage that night with special oils and some country and western playing but I cancelled to be at this meeting. I have some thoughts for Dyke to hear. I have a letter to deliver also.

  8. mjqsmith@bell.net'
    Maggie November 29, 2017 at 10:32 pm

    Well just attended the Dam issue in Preston. I felt like I was at a Sports Complex meeting with the big shot from T.O. Six men there to run the meeting – wonder what that cost$$$$ Where were you Tommy – this is your Dam??
    Lots of questions – not many answers. It took 9 years to get to this night but they want your comments in 11 days. Right & who is going to pay attention to them anyways.
    As a lady said – same old crap like the Complex. All settled – just looking like residents have a choice. EVERYONE wanted the Dam rebuilt. None of this natural stuff – look at Fisher Mills Dam – it is now a puddle with weeds all around it. Our Councillor doesn’t see that it is keep at least trimmed.
    Oh, well, good luck Preston – now if your Dam was in Galt – it would have been rebuilt 9 years ago. This should have been done before the Bridge to NOWHERE$$$
    Ho hum – same old – same old…………………..

  9. kefran@bell.net'
    UP FRONT AND HONEST December 6, 2017 at 3:26 pm

    Well this fire that the Village on the River had or otherwise known as Hespeler has many repercussions ..We need to know what the long term effects will be…we need to know what was in that building…we need to know the next steps…now will the members of this Council be upfront with the residents of Hespeler….mmm that’s a good question…some Councillors do not know what that word means…they talk out of both sides of their mouths…we need change in 2018…get rid of the ass kissers!!!!!!

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