Kitchener funding announcement Health Facilities – Media Release

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Ontario Updating and Repairing Community Health Facilities in Waterloo Region


Helping People Access Safe and High-Quality Health Care Close to Home





August 9, 2017


Ontario is investing in community health facilities in Waterloo Region to help people get high-quality care close to home, in a safe, healthy and accessible environment.


Daiene Vernile, MPP for Kitchener Centre, and Kathryn McGarry, MPP for Cambridge, are proud to announce funding for local community health service providers to repair and upgrade their facilities, making them more accessible and enhancing quality of care.


Through the Community Infrastructure Renewal Fund the province is investing $83,000 in Kitchener facilities:


  • Thresholds Homes and Supports is receiving $73,000 for repairs to buildings on Joseph Street and Sheldon Avenue
  • The Kitchener Downtown Community Health Centre is receiving $10,000 for fire alarm and lock upgrades.


This fund is supporting 68 community health service providers across the province to support crucial infrastructure projects, including replacements to roofs, windows, heating and air conditioning systems, fire alarms and back-up generators.


Ontario is increasing access to care, reducing wait times and improving the patient experience through its Patients First: Action Plan for Health Care and OHIP+: Children and Youth Pharmacare – protecting health care today and into the future.





“By investing in community health infrastructure, we will help ensure that community health organizations can keep their facilities in a good state of repair, make them accessible, and continue to provide high-quality care, close to home.”

— Dr. Eric Hoskins, Minister of Health and Long-Term Care



“It’s important to provide a range of health care options for people in Waterloo Region.  Community health facilities, such as Thresholds Homes and Supports and the Kitchener Downtown Community Health Centre, play an important role in maintaining the health of our population, and these facilities need to be cared for so that they can continue to serve people in our community.”

— Daiene Vernile, MPP Kitchener Centre

“The government is investing in health care, both for expanded services and essential infrastructure repairs to support community services.  It’s important to put patients first, by providing services near where they live. ”

– Kathryn McGarry, MPP Cambridge





  • Community Infrastructure Renewal Fund (CIRF) investments have increased 78 per cent from last year, up from $4.1 million to $7.3 million, which will support 68 communities across 85 sites province-wide.
  • Community health facilities are publicly funded and provide a range of programs, including primary care, community mental health and addictions, allied health care (e.g., physical therapists, occupational and respiratory therapists, dietitians, speech language pathologists and audiologists) and health promotion (e.g., not-for-profit programs and services delivered by a public health unit).
  • Ontario’s health care budget in 2017-18 is $53.8 billion — a 3.8 per cent increase from the previous year.
  • As part of the 2017 Budget, Ontario is also spending an additional $9 billion to support the construction of new hospital projects across the province. This brings Ontario’s total planned investment in hospital infrastructure to more than $20 billion over the next 10 years.





Patients First: Action Plan for Health Care

Rebecca Wagner

Office of Daiene Vernile, MPP Kitchener Centre

379 Queen Street South Unit 3,

Kitchener ON N2G 1W6


Kevin Swayze

Office of Kathryn McGarry, MPP Cambridge

498 Eagle Street North Unit 101

Cambridge, ON N3H 1C2




2 Responses to Kitchener funding announcement Health Facilities – Media Release

    Concerned August 11, 2017 at 2:59 pm

    So great that they are doing these things but is it an election ploy so we as taxpayers FORGET how this LIBERAL Government has been so LIBERAL spending our hard earned money??

    Maggie Smith August 11, 2017 at 8:52 pm

    I think you have the right idea Concerned. Liberals have been blowing money left & right & Wynn is a total idiot and I don’t understand how she can hold her position when she keeps making mega errors.
    I sure hope people wake up next election – but then when you have all these people getting mega pays – like Teachers – Firemen – Policeman – medical – etc etc – they know where their bread is buttered.
    Then there is Baby Trudeau – dancing right along with Wynn – having a great time on our money – allowing so many people to enter illegally – paying them to stay here while some of our own Canadian citizens are starging.
    There just is no common sense anything in Government – it is just who can grab the most $$$$ for themselves.
    People – vote right next election. Or keep getting deeper in debt.

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