Is this Mayor and Council, trying to pull another fast one..?? re: The location of the Multiplex

D’AMATO: New information in multiplex debate favours Conestoga College

Opinion  Jul 02, 2017by Luisa D’Amato Waterloo Region Record
The proposed multiplex site next to Conestoga College. The ongoing location debate is unfair to Cambridge residents who are making do with outdated facilities, Luisa D’Amato writes. – Record file photo
(it’s clear whose side D’Amato is on.)
Opinion Jul 03, 2017 08:19 Cambridge Times

Don’t ignore multiplex task force findings

“If council still goes ahead with the Conestoga College it will have successfully wasted everyone’s time and taxpayers’ money.” – Editorial

The latest report on Cambridge’s planned recreation multiplex clearly points to Conestoga College as the choice location.It’s significantly cheaper — no question there. But we wouldn’t own the land and at the end of the lease, if the college doesn’t want to buy what remains of the building after 50 or more years, we’d have to pay to restore the land to its current condition.Also, as we learned through the lengthy multiplex site evaluation task force process, cost is not the primary concern for Cambridge residents.Public feedback gathered throughout the restarted location selection process — including public meetings, open houses, an online survey and more — was predominantly against the college site, in favour of something deemed more “central” to existing residents and more likely to offer spinoff benefits for Cambridge businesses.For council to now ignore the task force’s findings — the top-scoring site options were on Hespeler and Pinebush roads — would be a slap in the face to the people they chose to head the site debate and show disrespect to the thousands of citizens who took time out of their busy lives to offer their ideas, comments and suggestions when they were asked to do so.If council still goes ahead with the Conestoga College it will have successfully wasted everyone’s time and taxpayers’ money.



Editors Note..Cambridge Advocate..

I am going to add my two cents worth here:

What I find very interesting is the BS this council continue to spew regarding Brownfields in Cambridge, and it being a reason for not wanting to develop the lands thru out the city.. { until it suits them}

WHAT ABOUT THE FACT... that they renovated Ryerson Public School in Preston, , in the middle of a toxic plum of deadly chemicals with one being TCE..

 This plume has been classed as ” Historic in Proportion” and this city did nothing to stop this renovation !!.

They even went so far as to bus in 250 Children from Hespeler..

These teachers and children spend hours a day in that building and play outdoors..

Ambient air testing actually show readings of TCE coming out of the ground..!!!!


This council continues to use the LAME EXCUSE about the cost of cleaning these Brownfields as a reason to not to  build the Multiplex centrally in Cambridge…. when they have a history of turning a blind eye to the environment issues we have in Cambridge!

 A reminder to our esteemed council…

Remember Drayton Theatre?.. This mayor waived the environmental testing on this project.. Didn’t it used to house a Gas Station?

He did the same for the Firth Brown Location….The old Highview Motors….The old Motel on Bishop Street in Preston.

HE WAIVED ALL ENVIRONMENTAL TESTING..  and today….. ( all those locations  currently house new Shoppers Drug Marts)..



4 Responses to Is this Mayor and Council, trying to pull another fast one..?? re: The location of the Multiplex

    Will E Thought About This July 4, 2017 at 7:11 am

    I find this whole Multiplex Issue very unnerving…This City spend who knows how many dollars to Deloitte and basically had the residents of city come out to Public Information Sessions and voice their opinions.

    This City set up a Task Force that put in many hours looking at sites OTHER than Conestoga College and then did a report that was giving to Council…Members of the public went to Task Force Meetings to be Informed..

    A Councillor went to a Closed Door Meeting to be more informed on the situation. All these are facts..All these things would lead one to believe that Council was listening to the TAXPAYING Public.

    I find it interesting that it was only in a closed session with the athletic groups in May that this City gets the option that they want this complex built and build now!!

    Come on people...where were you throughout all the Council Meetings, Task Force Meetings, Public Information Centres?

    Seems none of these groups seemed to care how the money and where the money would be spend for such a complex.

    Let’s get reasonable here people.
    First…if this complex goes to Conestoga College, rest assured the sporting groups will be the first to BITCH AND CHEW because of the traffic chaos and time delays in getting out to that location…

    Next they will BITCH AND CHEW about the cost of parking because we all know the FREE parking spots will be taken and YOU WILL HAVE TO PAY TO PARK. Another thing will be going for something to eat…HMMM….I guess that money will be spent at KITCHENER establishments because you will not come back into CAMBRIDGE and spend your money where you should spend it and help the MERCHANTS who in some cases SUPPORT YOUR SPORTING GROUP!!

    SECOND…This complex if built on Conestoga Land may be the CHEAPEST…but a lesson many of us have learned in our daily lives is that CHEAPEST ISN’T ALWAYS BEST!!!

    Are we really aware of ALL THE HIDDEN costs if this complex is built at CONESTOGA COLLEGE???? Council will not reveal that because they know that the TAXPAYER would SCREAM and be up in arms about that for sure…

    Not locating this complex in a Central location within the CITY OF CAMBRIDGE IS POLITICAL SUICIDE!!

    Merchants support some of these sporting teams and one of the ways they recoup that sponsorship is by the residents spending their money in CAMBRIDGE and not KITCHENER…SO SPORTING GROUPS…Think of that as you have the attitude


    Maggie July 4, 2017 at 4:54 pm

    You got this right Deb and Will E. Contamination in Preston and at City Hall. I just wish they would use their heads.
    Conestoga will cost more in the long run & if the sports people, etc. don’t pay attention – well too bad for them. Enjoy the high fees, and parking fees and time wasted driving to Conestoga. The Mayor won’t care – he has his Teacher’s Pension, and all the other money he’s socked away from his time in Office.
    PEOPLE wake up – he is dragging you down the hole. In the paper results for all 4 complexes had dollar costs – not right – but there – but did you notice it all missing from the Conestoga site? Of course – missing – thanks to Ken McVittie not reporting the lease back, maintenance, parking, etc. etc. – ask for it. And the brown sites have to be used sometime – so lets clean these areas up or build on Pinebush – where it should go – and there is green space there – bus service and close to all. And shopping support for business people during Tournaments, etc. – wake up people – grrrrrr$$$$$

    Tom Vann July 5, 2017 at 10:09 pm

    3 council members will not be running next election. The mayor won’t make it to the next election due to health reasons I’d say. I heard Gary might be Bubba’s cell mate soon. I gotta laugh at the scare tactic the Record has been spewing out about the sportsplex. What they aren’t saying is the facts and that Frank got hung out to dry. Frank is the bait and can’t reverse ’cause he would look like a complete fool. I’m doing work in Pam’s ward and she has very low ratings. Worst post DUI. Who’s the Cop ..will never be forgotten.
    These words kill politicians futures.
    I’m willing to bet 80 % of council is on medication. Looking in the mirror hurts. Have a nice day.

    Tom Vann July 6, 2017 at 9:20 pm

    That broad Dillulu is a total idiot as far as I’m concerned. No credibility at all. That young lady Anam is 10x’s better. My next letter will be a bombshell. I now have enough goodies on certain puppets to hang them out to dry. The crooks in this town will be heading to Guelph for rehab. Then we have prescription heaven at Shoppers and council making moves on drugs. I continue to spread the word on websites about this mayor and certain council as well as the Dyke. The bags of coal could be too heavy to lift this year. Letters will be pilling up with no mercy and no gifts. Enjoy.

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