in response to Monterio’s and Craig’s “WANT LIST” by Ellen and Jack Smith

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Date: May 16, 2018 at 10:06 AM
Subject: Waterfalls

To Councillors:

Re the Waterfalls on Hespeler Road – we do not need it revived.  What should have happened there is that $78,000. Cambridge sign.  If Hespeler Rd. is the “center of Cambridge” – then why was that sign not erected there?  Sorry no one even knows about where it is now.

We taxpayers felt that the City Hall should have been erected there – the “center of Cambridge” not crunched where it is – but too late for that.  Seems too late for so many things decided by Council.  Think ahead.

So forget the waterfalls – you need a “Welcome to Cambridge” sign there.  Makes more sense than what you have done with the sign!

Also re the Preston Springs  – why has the City not supported the people that have tried to revive this lovely old building.  You spend millions on an Old Post Office that will only serve Galt, but not support the Preston Springs.  It is time it was put to good use and quit ignoring the fact that the City has ignored it.  Support Preston Springs & get it operating.  You talk about needing places for people to live & here sits this big huge building.  It could be a place you can live where you do not need a care.  Have a small bus for the tenants.  It is time to move on this place.  Council has been lax in supporting it.

Thank you,  Ellen & Jack Smith, Tax payers.




5 Responses to in response to Monterio’s and Craig’s “WANT LIST” by Ellen and Jack Smith

    Tom Vann May 16, 2018 at 8:44 pm

    First of all, this city does next to nothing for Preston. That dam idea will fall way short of what people wanted and on the cheap if at all. As for the Springs, Mann barked about it the other week only because it is an election year. Tell me what he has brought to Preston. Yes Doug, no Doug. The city is broke. They pissed all our reserve cash on Galt. Oh yeah…we are still paying for the theater. This is a 10 million investment if you include the interest on the loan. Not mentioning many hidden costs. The 6 million Doug spoke about was BS. Oh yeah, lots of jobs if your a volunteer.
    If it were paper ballots Doug would be gone.

    Beenthere May 16, 2018 at 10:13 pm

    Yes too much wasted money. Now if the Preston Springs was in Galt – it would have been fixed years ago & people living in it. It is so annoying that our Mayor can always find our tax dollars for his useless wish list!! But not for anything sensible. Preston Springs could serve for low-income – no need for cars – have good bus service – forget that dumb LRT – that is useless.
    come on Councillors get moving on Preston Springs – get it completed & used.
    And we sure don’t need the Water Falls – the City had the chance of that property – for a great City Hall – convention centre – & right at the “centre of Cambridge” as Monteiro says – but I guess the Mayor doesn’t know that.
    The $78,000. spent on a Cambridge sign that no one sees – it should have been as Monteiro says at the “Centre of Cambridge” where people can see it & visitors.
    Another waste of money. We need a new Mayor – that can think – not just spend$$

    Vincent Benjamin May 16, 2018 at 11:22 pm

    Doug and Frank are just pissing money only because it is election time.

    If either one of them had any brains. They would approach the City of Cambridge differently but they are two children who are trying to attract votes from votes who’s I.Q. are rather low (poor & uneducated)

    This is their vote base, and hence this is why the City of Cambridge has become a ghetto for the homeless, drug users and the working poor.

    Thank Doug & Frank for even more stupid decisions (Bridge to Nowhere, Cambridge Sign, Home Depot Fountain, Dam Replacement and the damn list goes on and on.

    These are not the people you want in City Council. They are not bringing in young urban professionals. Instead, we are attracting, homeless, drug users and more crime.

    Doomed May 17, 2018 at 6:24 pm

    Wow Vincent you got that all right. We need one good person to run against Craig or we are doomed for more stupidity & wastefulness.
    Yes Cambridge is now known as “drug city” – the word is that outsiders know they can just hit Cambridge & they have it made.
    We do not need a water fountain – Frank – dumb. We need a go-train – do not need LRT – buses work best. And the City should take over the Preston Springs and make it into a home for low-income. They can live there w/o cars – buses to the door would work.
    the waste just goes on & on & will continue if we do not get a new Mayor!!

    TJT May 18, 2018 at 4:00 pm

    I think we need to take a look at this objectively. First Mayor Craig makes the decisions and tells his ‘minions’ which way to vote when it comes to decisions on the council floor. Just look back to the time that the Cybersecurity fellow came to Council to speak about the ‘hack’ He went around the horseshoe during the break and I would bet dollars to donuts he was trying to get members to vote against letting this fellow speak but it ended up backfiring on him and then he was heard to say ‘I can’t believe it.’
    There have been so many projects that have been accomplished this way. Take Wolf and Reid…typical people who can be intimidated and you can tell that they are so you know that they will vote the way Doug Craig tells them to.
    There are a few councillors that have backbone and those are the Councillors that Doug Craig likes to ‘shun’
    Well maybe it’s time the public wakes up to exactly what goes on at Council and finally take a stand.
    As for the Bridge to nowhere..Craig now says its a bridge to somewhere?? Yeah right..oh and we also need security cameras on the bridge…so what will that be costing us???
    Then the resurrection of the Fountains at Hespeler Road…a pet project of Councillor Frank Monterio…it isn’t even in his Ward…Maybe he should BUT OUT!! Way too much money would have to be spent to revive the fountains to what they where …that money could be spent elsewhere on something that would be a better fit to this city like taking a real good look at the Preston Springs and making that into either affordable housing or housing for the homeless..a much better way to spend taxpayers dollars…but will they do that?
    Then the Preston Dam…all of a sudden it became a priory to replace it….and how long did that take..but in the end will it happen? I think not!!
    Craig has an agenda and he needs to get in as mayor for this term…but the public needs to wake up..Vote him out…Vote him out!! Sounds like a good mantra for residents..

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