HRTO on hold, Decisions pending

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No HRTO ( Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario) Proceeding on
Feb. 22nd
Pictured above are those who attended Brampton Superior Court to
support me on February 13th.  I am now waiting on the decision of the
Honourable Justice Micheal Doi on whether or not I can proceed against
the Waterloo Regional Police Service for breach of contract.

In the meantime, and despite my repeated allegations that the Tribunal
is not allowing me procedural fairness, they are still keeping track of
deadlines I’ve missed in defending myself against the gag proceeding
filed by the WRPS.  As a “courtesy” to me, the Human Rights Tribunal is
allowing me until May to produce my documentation, and again it is all based on the decision of Justice Doi. 

I will keep my supporters updated as things progress, since I would like all the support I can get when I have to face those same lawyers in the
secretive, unrecorded, hearing rooms at the Human Rights Tribunal. 

If you have not read my decision from the Toronto Superior Court of
Justice, it is now available on the Canadian Legal Information Institute:

If Justice Doi allows the WRPS motion to dismiss my lawsuit, I will be
pursuing justice through the Human Rights Tribunal against WRPS for
their alleged breaches of my resignation agreement.  At that point, the
matter of free speech, and constitutionality will be raised; not only on
my behalf, but on behalf of anyone who has the right to be openly
critical of police services.

Stay Tuned!


2 Responses to HRTO on hold, Decisions pending

    Alan Marshall February 21, 2019 at 8:21 am

    We have the best judicial system in the world – that money can buy. Kelly have you got more money to buy justice than the Waterloo Region Police Service and WRP Board because if not then I fear that they will just keep on spending taxpayers money against you. You have my respect and admiration but I think the deck is stacked against you via the “Just Us” system.

    Tom Vann February 22, 2019 at 6:05 am

    I agree with Al as usual. The system is rigged not to get fixed. I am still reading Kelly’s book and find it shocking. Just look at how our P.M. treats rules. I have watched over the years mismanagement in politics and government offices that should never happen but do because they can. My heart goes out to all that try to make situations better.

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