Fountains at Home Depot—Letter to Cambridge Council

Fountains at Home Depot—Letter to Council

I read the article in the Cambridge Times regarding the fountains in front of the Home Depot facility on Hespeler Road.

Councillor Frank Monterio has indicated on more than one occasion that he is interested in getting these fountains up and running again because ‘It’s a major gateway to the city.’  While I agree with Mr. Monterio stating this fact, as a taxpayer, I have reservations abut the city entering into a project such as this at this time.

First and foremost, the structure is not on city owned land which poses the question, ‘does the city buy this piece of property and if so what will the cost be to acquire it?  Councillor Monterio has indicated that for the city to take over ownership of the fountains (which mean acquiring a small piece of property, from Home Depot), the ‘estimated’ cost would be $200,000.  Secondly, if the city were to acquire this piece of property, what will the costs be to get the fountains up and running?  It has been stated by Mr. Monterio that there is a lot of work that needs to be done in both the plumbing and electrical aspect before it would be functional.

With this in mind, one has to ask, is the end project worth it, given the fact that many people in our city struggle to make ends meet.  Just this week Innovative Steam Technologies closed their doors leaving an estimated 76 employees out of work.  The cost alone to replace all the piping, the reservoir tanks, the pumps as well as electrical upgrades might even exceed the cost of the purchase price, which means there is more undo cost to residents, not to mention the hydro alone to operate the pumps for the fountains to be operational.

If you look at the actual time frame the fountains would be operational (probably from mid May until the beginning of October) consideration has to be given to the maintenance costs to prepare the structure for winter which means winterizing the pumps, draining the water lines and reservoirs to prevent damage from winter temperatures we experience. Once again the spring maintenance would have to be done to prepare the structure and once again there are added costs which would increase yearly.

Another aspect that was mentioned was that the city could work in a partnership with Home Depot on this project as well.  While that sounds good in theory, one has to think more rationally in this area. First and foremost, Home Depot is an American owned corporation with stores in Canada but the head office is located in America.  What happens, if, like Sam’s Club, which was another U. S. based franchise with stores in Canada, the U. S. based head office decides to close the Canadian operations and return to America?  Where would that leave the city in the partnership and what would the financial burden be to the taxpayer?

With all due respect to Councillor Monterio and his enthusiasm to have this ‘icon’ working once again, at this time, members of council should defer any motions and/ or decisions regarding a project such as this because when you really think about it, this is a ‘WANT’ rather than a ‘NEED.’  If Mr. Monterio sees that this is a true ‘NEED’ for the city, then maybe the city could enter into a partnership of some kind with Home Depot to acquire a lighted sign that will welcome people to Cambridge.  It could state something like, The City of Cambridge and Home Depot welcome you here.  A far better cost efficient way to welcome people to our city and a much cheaper way to ‘spend’ taxpayer money.  There could also be some way to indicate that the three structures represent the three cities that have come together as one.


(Mrs.) Rande Keffer



4 Responses to Fountains at Home Depot—Letter to Cambridge Council

    Maggie May 18, 2018 at 10:26 pm

    Excellent – you have hit the nail on the head. Frank is out to lunch. And the Mayor is treating himself to his “needs” as usual. Mayor – it is still the Bridge to Nowhere – wake up taxpayers of Cambridge. Vote him out Oct. 22nd. We can’t afford Craig any longer.
    We definitely do not need the waterfalls resurrected. Too costly in so many ways as the person has pointed out above. If the Mayor hadn’t wasted $78,000. on a city sign that no one sees – it could have been placed where the fountain is or on one of those corners where it is the “center of Cambridge” – we all knew this – but the Mayor. Even Frank pointed out it is the “centre of Cambridge”. So vote this Mayor out for the good of Cambridge.

    Vincent Benjamin May 19, 2018 at 12:02 pm

    Randy, I respect your efforts but Franks purpose is more self-serving than that. It is all about getting his name in the Cambridge Times because it is 5 months to the municipal election. So Frank wanted to piss away more taxpayer money just like that wasteful spending Doug Craig on his Bridge To Nowhere and the Cambridge Sign in Downtown Galt which hardly anyone sees. Now, of course, Doug Craig and Frank want cameras in downtown Galt because they “FAILED” to act to invest in the downtown. So now Downtown Galt has turned into a ghetto for drug users, the homeless and increase crime. Together Doug Craig and Frank Monterio have basically destroyed a solid downtown. I can not think of anyone who would care to have themselves on camera on a public street shopping. It is an invasion of privacy and the incompetence of these two clowns.

    Cambridge Political Action Council May 19, 2018 at 10:58 pm

    Vincent, I would agree with your assessment of Doug Craig and Frank Monterio. They both seem to have this propensity to think that their ideas are the best thing going, but in fact, it has been one “FAILURE” after another.

    We need a new Council and a “NEW MAYOR”!

    Cambridge Political Action Council May 23, 2018 at 5:40 pm

    It is obverse that the Cambridge Times wants to become a rag of a newspaper who reports on pity issues and is a “Mouthpiece for Mayor Doug Craig” and his incompetent City Council who can not see how various decisions has a nexus to other past decisions.

    To see this clearly just look at Downtown Galt, that Urban Ghetto of “CRIME, DRUG USRES, and POVERTY”. So Doug Craig short-sighted idea is to install cameras downtown. He, therefore, sees it is not necessary to invest in the downtown only when a municipal election is near (5 months). Yet the Cambridge Times “FAILS” to report this fact to the residents of Cambridge.

    The Headline should be The Cambridge Times the “Rag Newspaper of the City of Cambridge”

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