Former MPP Kathryn McGarry running for Cambridge mayor

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‘I think that if I didn’t think I would win, I wouldn’t be running’: McGarry

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Running for mayor

Former Cambridge MPP Kathryn McGarry, pictured her in a speech to her supporters following her loss in June’s election, has announced she is running for the job as Cambridge mayor. – Ray Martin/Metroland

Running again

Former Cambridge and North Dumfries MPP Kathryn McGarry will vie for the mayor’s seat in this year’s municipal elections. – Kathryn McGarry/Photo

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Kathryn McGarry’s political hat may have been tossed out of the ring in June’s provincial election, but she is throwing it right back into the upcoming municipal race, and is aiming for the mayor’s chair.

McGarry, who lost her post as Cambridge and North Dumfries MPP when Ontarians voted out the vast majority of provincial Liberal politicians, believes she paid the price because voters were angry about her government’s policies. She contends, however, voters are still behind her.

“People understand that, yes, I did lose the election, but what I heard over and over again was that it wasn’t me,” said McGarry. “I’m very well known in the community. People recognize me wherever I go. So many, I believe, would have voted for me in the last election if it weren’t for my party.”

After losing her MPP seat and role as transportation minister, McGarry said she has been encouraged to use her experience and political will to run in the municipal election in October.

She officially filed her nomination paperwork Tuesday. First, however, she contacted current Mayor Doug Craig, who has confirmed he will run for mayor for yet another term, to share the news personally.

“I have informed him, and I didn’t really want to make that decision public until I made that courtesy call to him, and I think he appreciated that,” said McGarry.

She said Craig was “disappointed” she would consider running against him, but noted he had indicated on previous years he didn’t intend to run again in 2018. Craig, who has held the mayor’s seat since 2000, had indicated last fall he intended to run again, and filed his nomination paperwork last month.

When asked if she was worried about running against the long-standing incumbent, McGarry expressed confidence.

“I think that if I didn’t think I would win, I wouldn’t be running.”

Craig said he was not shocked to learn of McGarry’s intent to run against him, as it had been discussed several weeks ago.

The mayor said his campaign plans won’t be changing as a result of McGarry’s decision to enter the mayor’s race.

“I’m just going to run hard on the issues that are affecting Cambridge,” he said. “What surprises me, is that she is not running for mayor in North Dumfries, where she lives. Just because you have an office here doesn’t mean you understand the community.”

Insisting she thought about a mayoral candidacy long and hard, the former provincial politician and longtime nurse believes she has the “will of the people” to run for Cambridge’s mayor.

“I’m hearing people are ready for a change, for a different style of leadership.”

Describing herself as solutions-orientated, McGarry vows to listen, respond, and embrace solutions with consultation and positivity. She cited the replacement of the Franklin Boulevard bridge as one example of working with multiple layers of government.

McGarry noted that her extensive background and connections would prove valuable for a community facing difficult challenges, including an opioid crisis and transportation issues.

The former cabinet minister said she honed her leadership and work ethic skills while serving as a nurse at Cambridge Memorial Hospital, as president of Heritage Cambridge, as a member of the Waterloo Region Crime Prevention Council, and as a longtime volunteer.

McGarry plans to release her campaign platform and vision for Cambridge in the coming weeks.

– with Ray Martin

Lisa Rutledge

by Lisa Rutledge

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2 Responses to Former MPP Kathryn McGarry running for Cambridge mayor

    Maggie July 19, 2018 at 12:09 pm

    We are ready for you Kathryn. And wow are we ready for a change!!!
    Interesting the Mayor quotes” just because you have an office, etc.” – well that applies to Craig as well – he does not understand the Community & he has had an office here far too long. He is stale & one-sided. Wastes too much money in the wrong places. The Bridge to no-where – A sign no one sees, etc. etc…..$$
    We have long needed a go-train, the Multiplex built Central Cambridge, that tired building in Preston put to good use – like low-rental, and more jobs – less houses – they cost money – need jobs – go for it Kathryn – we are more than ready for change. Looking forward to your Platform.

    Wondering July 24, 2018 at 10:48 pm

    Kathryn – just wondering how you are going to beat the fixed Internet voting??
    How will you be able to beat this – Craig only wants this – not paper ballots which are safer & more honest.
    Good luck Kathryn – but beware of this unfair way of voting.
    View the voting issues from last election – polls closed – many of them – people not receiving their voting info – Polls closed in Srs. homes – as they always vote & Craig knew many can’t get out – just goes on & on. Was very very bad…..
    Just wondering………….

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