For those who are unable to attend City Hall April 18th { Re: Electronic Voting Issues}

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To those unable to attend Tuesday’s council meeting.


Please consider emailing the City Clerk and City Council with your concerns regarding

the use of Electronic Ballots in the 2018 Municipal Election.


{ I am including a sample letter, you’re welcome to copy and use..

It’s simple and to the point..

Electronic Ballots are not found to be secure or accurate}..





To the Mayor, Clerk, and Council of the City of Cambridge..

I would make it clear to you, that I am not opposed to electronic or other methods of voting, but only if those methods are verifiable and secure…

I’m  asking you DEFER voting on

”  ALL…Electronic voting Methods”  until they can be much more secure and the risk of those methods being compromised is measurably reduced or eliminated..

This includes.. TABULATORS, INTERNET AND TELEPHONE VOTING.. They all have to go..

Hand counted, Paper Ballots have been used SUCCESSFULLY  by the Federal and

Provincial Governments…

I would like to see the residents of Cambridge afforded the same RIGHT for the 2018 Municipal Election..


Yours truly




10 Responses to For those who are unable to attend City Hall April 18th { Re: Electronic Voting Issues}

    u April 15, 2017 at 5:14 pm

    Yes I agree with the above letter. We will be attending the meeting but for those that cannot or can’t spare the time (but you should – voting is important), take the minute to send the above email. 2018 Election is important and your attention to the way of voting is also important.
    Hopefully see you all at 7 p.m. Tues.April 18th at Council Chambers.
    Know what is going on in your City!!

    r k April 16, 2017 at 6:27 am

    Paper Balloting in 2018 is very important at this stage…Internet and Telephone Voting can be ‘hacked’ and ‘rigged’ Our Democratic right to vote cannot be in the hands of a machine or telephone that has not been proven ‘SECURE’ at this point.

    PLEASE send this letter to COUNCIL… Let them know that you do not want any TAMPERING with your VOTE..
    If you are able come out to City Hall on April 18 at 7PM
    Let Council know that you want a ‘TRIED AND TRUE’ Voting Method

    Gloria April 16, 2017 at 9:40 am

    Computer gurus all over the place laugh when they here the city tell people that internet voting is safe and secure, as they know it is not.

    Computers are so unsafe these days and hackers are targeting individuals and now people are needing identity fraud protection on their insurance policies.

    There are too many issues and fraud potential with any type of electronic voting. This destroys the integrity of our voting system.

    We also need to make sure the ballot boxes are marked so that they can be tracked as there have been disappearing ballot boxes in the past. Makes a person wonder how that could happen and shows that the Clerk/staff need to be supervised when handling the ballot boxes and during the count.

    r k April 16, 2017 at 5:20 pm

    Gloria: You need to come out to the Council Meeting on Tuesday at 7PM. There needs to be enough people in Council Chambers that are concerned about this and we need to show Council that WE WILL NOT BE BLINDSIDED by their lies that the INTERNET IS SECURE

    u April 18, 2017 at 10:46 pm

    To Donna Reid – as you read all this good info – you really missed the point of the missing Ballots – dah dah – they were missing & the reason was – any that weren’t for Craig were destroyed.
    You sure missed the point – yes ballots can be “fixed” as well – which was the situation in this matter. But the honest part was that people did vote on paper, but as I said – those not for Craig were destroyed.
    As in Online/Internew etc. – funny how the numbers spoken tonight did not add up – strange isn’t it……….. not really – people know 2010 was fixed & also 2014, so the reason for trying the old honest way of paper ballots & having people follow them to where they should go AFTER BEING COUNTED. You missed the point Donna – so glad you are moving to another job – you are not a good Councillor. All talk – no action.

    Tom Vann April 19, 2017 at 7:31 am

    Agreed u. Donna is the worst I have ever seen in office. She seems to have her own woman agenda and Doug’s. The public don’t matter. A wrong mind and reverse discrimination. I could not even imagine living with someone like that. I might have turned into a lesbian if my mother was like that. The classic marriage….her and Dyke sung to the tune of ” I Walk The Line”. Maybe I will see Dyke this summer when I drive my 61 Cadillac through his area on Blue Herman Drive again.

    r k April 19, 2017 at 7:54 am

    Once again COUNCIL does not listen to the ELECTORATE…even when they come before council with FACTS….
    COUNCIL has their own agenda…..VOTERS IN CAMBRIDGE…in 2018 REFUSE to use electronic voting…Vote with PAPER BALLOTS…BECAUSE…As soon as you get an ACCESS code and used your email address to obtain that ACCESS code and use that code to VOTE….You are no longer and ANONYMOUS Voter…They know who you are and how you VOTED….DO NOT BE BLINDSIDED!!!!!! Email your COUNCILLOR…Let him know that you OBJECT to INTERNET Voting and you will be doing PAPER BALLOTING in 2018….

  8. Debbie Duff Vitez April 19, 2017 at 9:17 am

    The whole point of no electronic voting, is simple.. who knows who actually casts ballots electronically?.. and now they’ve extended it to include election day…

    2010 was tabulators, cut polling stations and locations/ missed voter cards/ city employees manning the locations.

    2014 internet/telephone,tabulators and missed voter registration cards..
    {although, minors claimed to have received them as did people who live out west)

    Now 2018 again internet, telephone and no one mentioned the tabulators at the voting locations..

    I’ll bet the farm all get back in, in 2018..

    We need to dig deep, there has to be some way to stop a corrupt system.
    There has to be a law against tampering with votes..

    I love how the mayor and Mike Mann admitted they won’t use internet, but had no problem putting the voting public at risk on a system not proven to be safe..

    THANK YOU JAN LIGGETT, NIC ERMETTA AND SHANNON ADSHADE.. you guys truly do care.. now if only we could get more like you..

    To the bobbsy twins.. I only wish you could hear yourselves.. it’s pathetic to listen to you both mimic each other..

    Monterio/ Devine/ Mann… noting new here..

    Altho Devine did surprise me, with his access crap… and you can be sure, that vote for this system, won’t be overlooked by Hespeler.. I will personally make sure of that..

    u April 19, 2017 at 11:55 am

    Yes – pretty sad isn’t it – but some honest people tried to avoid the chance of hacking or just plain “cheating” by those in control. We know it happened in 2014 and with last night’s terrible vote – will happen again in 2018. We just need a good honest person to run against Craig who has become corrupt. It certainly was a disappointing vote last night – some Councillors said one thing & voted the other way. Very interesting!! Chickens for sure!!
    Ho Hum – such is politics in Cambridge – everyone is afraid of Craig – including City Staff who follow “orders” & Pam & Donna are a laughing situation.
    Here’s hoping 2018 doesn’t turn into a “sideshow” – Ho – hum – Ho hum……..

    u April 19, 2017 at 4:55 pm

    Also – re Mann & Monteiro – should they not know that there is a Privacy issue here with Online voting – as there is no privacy as Rande said – once you give all your info – it is out there, so what is private about online voting – even telephone voting – info given there.
    Just crazy. If Feds./Prov. not using – must be a reason. Too risky I would think & if traced back to their machines – could be in legal trouble.
    So thinking they know more than Cambridge Councillors do for sure. There are lots of big places available for voting/parking – all kinds of Churches out there that can use the money these days & lots of people needing he part time money. not sure why City staff was used – oh of course – control – control control – easy for them to change things as needed. It just goes on & on …$$$

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