Don’t waste time, developers’ rights trump concerns of residents

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Cambridge Times

My advice to west Galt residents with environmental concerns of storm water runoff into Barrie’s Lake and any other areas with environmental concerns from pending plans of subdivision is: don’t play the game.

Instead of wasting time voicing your concerns to people who want this growth no matter what the cost, I recommend you find an environmental activist or group with success in dealing with environmental issues.

The system in place now is proof positive that the rights of developers and their supporters trump conditions of draft approval that stem from government agencies themselves.

A condition placed on the Grand River Woods subdivision which prohibits any outdoor construction on the west side of Limerick Road between Nov. 15 and April 1 has been sidestepped with two extensions to date.

The reason for this condition was to protect a wintering nesting site of a significant Bald Eagle population.

With limitless extensions, it is clear that the push to get Grand River Woods competing for sales with other area developments has priority over any environmental or residential concerns in the way of this project.

We have wasted seven years trying to protect the environment and our interests here on Limerick Road and, at the present time, find ourselves driving across land owned by the developer to come and go from our homes.

Use of this dirt access road has been prolonged due to an extension given to keep Limerick Road closed.

In addition, this access road has delayed an ambulance for six minutes, is deemed unsafe by Canada Post, Waste Management, Cambridge Times and more, all because this developer’s rights trump the safety and well-being of the residents.

I urge anyone who has similar issues not to go down the route that we have because you will soon learn that your rights mean nothing when you are caught between big business and their profits.

An environmental activist with enough clout is the only possible hope.

Dale Lonsbury




One Response to Don’t waste time, developers’ rights trump concerns of residents

    Wes P December 9, 2014 at 5:21 pm

    We need Gary to solve this mess. I wonder if the developers contributed any donations to local politicians?
    This is a job for Dex.

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