Deceptive and behind the scenes nonsense and antics!

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Doug, Michael, Gary, Chris, Donna, Pam, Frank, Richard, Penny and all other city staff & clerks,

Let this be your final warning to cease and desist with your over zealous attempts to manipulate and “ram” the Multiplex complex through as “your” desired location which is Conestoga College Cambridge!

For all those involved, I would suggest and highly recommend that you sever all ties with Doug Craig as he is leading you all down a very slippery and most embarrassing slope.

Penny, June and Mike Mann, you three will be “guilty by association” as no one will benefit from the proposed Conestoga site and it’s continued cat and mouse charades!

Here is your last chance and opportunity to clear your names and consciences and do what is absolutely right for the citizens and the city of Cambridge.

For the rest of you and those who consisting standing steadfastly by “your worship”, your time has come when you will have to answer to the masses and different levels of provincial government.

And to Gary Dyke, how is it that you are the only one to sign-off hiring a clerical staff member for the water department?

I understand the HR dept. at Cambridge city hall which is now non-existent and incapable of doing it’s job, especially when it comes to new hires as they have been relieved and relinquished of all their duties.

How is it, that you sir had a “hand” in the departure of longtime city civil servant and well respected employee

Mr. George Elliott, one year and very bright employee Mr. Tan Lee as well as recently, veteran employee Mr. Mike Hausser to the cities of Waterloo and Burlington respectively?

This also speaks volumes… or retired fire chief Bill Chesney and Manager of Public Works Mr. Phil Duchene as they both had had enough at the end of their tenures and were fed up with your and Doug’s obsessive and controlling ways and lack of respect and incompetence.

Stop, the ongoing back door meetings (we know who you are) who are consistently being sucked in by the mayor as you are being monitored and closely watched by your very own peers.

Your lack of understanding, stubbornness and pompous ideologies are bound and will fail and with that, the end result for those hangers-on of the mayor, your reputations will be ruined and you will never be re-elected in this city, regardless of whatever capacity.

The proposed Conestoga site is fruitless and unlawful,

Roy A. Talbot (fully involved citizen)



6 Responses to Deceptive and behind the scenes nonsense and antics!

    bozo September 7, 2016 at 6:16 pm

    mr talbot has blown a gasket
    not shocking given the abuse the tax payers are facing

    Tom Vann September 17, 2016 at 8:05 am

    There are many out there bozo that feel just as Roy does. The we work for them attitude has created anger and frustration.

    linda September 17, 2016 at 9:19 am

    Several Top Positions have been vacated by the power of City Hall, if only they would speak up and tell all, However that will never happen as they have been pensioned off or sent on stress leave.

    Bob Loblaw September 28, 2016 at 9:04 pm

    feeling better roy?

    Tom Vann September 29, 2016 at 11:16 pm

    I just watched Canada crush team Euro 2-1. Roy has done much the same to the city’s phony council members that support the College pay off. This is by far the most backward council of all time. The complete lack of respect for the people of this city is shameful. I still wonder how long Pam, Mike M. and Donna can keep that we care look on their faces. In my world, what they are doing is criminal to the people. I have to wonder; will the tires, glasses, spouse, weather, medication, or darkness get the blame for their choices. What the heck is with Mann? His comments about I don’t know what is going on I have no idea. Guess he didn’t read his update before council ’cause others knew. No damn wonder he wasn’t chosen for the top job. He will be getting plenty of heat budget time I’m sure. Those damn Malcontent surfs. Write another letter for us please Donner.

    Tom Vann March 9, 2017 at 6:23 am

    Cambridge alert!! The multiplex will be cancelled. The only persons that will vote for this at the college will be Donna and Frank. The 3 smart ones Nic, Jan, and Mike Devine will stay on course and do the right thing for Cambridge. I see Shannon, Mike Mann, and Pam backing away to save their political lives and not for the best location. A self serving vote. So far 9 of my buds will show up March 20th for the vote. We will be hitting the bar after work to meet before heading down to city hall. People like Roy, Rande, Deb, Ken, and many others can take a bow as they will take the blame by the head duck for screwing things up. This is now about a political future and not about doing the right thing. The elections are coming up and fear has set in. Mike Mann has sunk his boat (see council meeting where he took a shot at Liggett), the NDP can thank Pam and Donna (see court testimony and voting with the mayor) for having zero chance, and so you have it in my world. Now we have a Muslim phobia law by our hero True doe, look for several to run for council and mayor. Have I left anyone out? See you at the circus.

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