Conestoga Multiplex: and a request that is being sent to the “Clerk of Cambridge”, by several residents

From: Debbie Vitez []
Sent: Thursday, June 8, 2017 9:00 AM
To: Clerks
Subject: Could you please respond to the following requests.

1. All email contacts for the Public Multiplex Site Selection Task Force Committee

2. A copy of the motion record and all the guidelines/restrictions that the Task Force Committee must follow approved by Council

3. A copy of all Public City of Cambridge Municipal Lands owned by the municipality

4. A copy of the Property Taxation and Lease Agreement on the Cambridge Sports Park on Franklin Blvd.

5. A copy of the by-law and tender with respect to Deloitte and the criteria that Deloitte has to follow

6. A copy of the City Policies and Procedures with respect to a conflict with council and any representative on a city committee

7. Confirmation as to past usage of the Hespeler Road Flea Market and if city owned property or privately owned.

What monitoring and investigation and/or enforcement is or has been done, including dates, in regards to the environmental concerns of past usage?

Where is the location of pipes that drain from the flea market and to where is it being drained?

Debbie Vitez


My response from the Clerk’s office..

Ilidia Sa Melo <>

Thu 06-08, 9:07 AMYou;Clerks (

Good Morning Ms. Vitez, it is apparent that the information below contains personal information that we would have to review and sever; this process is best done through Freedom of Information.  I am sending you the link to the Freedom of Information form on our website.  Thank you for your inquiry.

Ilidia Sa Melo, CMO, AMCT, ERMs, ERMm

Deputy City Clerk/

Manager of Information Management and Archives

50 Dickson Street, 2nd Floor

P.O. Box 669

Cambridge, ON  N1R 5W8

Tel:  519-740-4680 x 4583

Fax:  519-740-3011

TTY:  519-623-6691


Further comment supplied by a concerned reader..


You should also ask about the Official Plan Re: Conestoga College Cambridge Campus 2.12.5 in regards to the restrictions and the required studies to ensure the following are met:


2.12.5 Conestoga College Cambridge Campus


  1. Lands designated as Employment Corridor on Map 2 and more particularly shown on Figure 48 may be used for the purposes of a post-secondary education facility and associated accessory uses and uses permitted in the Employment Corridor designation subject to the policies in this Plan.


  1. Notwithstanding Policy, the lands designated as Rural Residential on Map 2 and more particularly shown on Figure 48 may also be developed to a maximum of 13 residential units upon completion and approval of the following:


  1. a) a scoped Environmental Impact Statement to the satisfaction of the City, Region and GRCA to assess potential adverse environmental impacts on the natural heritage system, and particularly in reference to managing the water budget, stormwater management and any impacts on Blair Creek;


  1. b) a detailed site plan analysis specifying the coverage of the lands, . Coverage shall include all hard surface areas, including but not limited to roads, sidewalks, walkways, parking areas, driveways, and buildings. The maximum ICL may be increased through innovative and proven (quantity and quality) techniques to the satisfaction of the City and the GRCA; and


  1. c) a Stormwater Management Analysis and Implementation Plan to address the findings of the Blair, Bechtel and Bauman Creeks Subwatershed Plan including the ICLs to provide at-source stormwater management to address water quality and quantity, while minimizing end-of-pipe solutions. This analysis should examine the maximization of infiltration, including dry wells, infiltration galleries, and perforated pipe alternatives.


It seems to be something that they are avoiding answering as then it shows that an application to amend the official plan is necessary and policies state that a public information session on this has to happen (I believe this to be the case) and there has to be proper notification and then approval from staff and council after numerous reports and studies that I do not believe have ever been completed. It shows that the Conestoga site is NOT shovel ready and that there is an environmental concern that is not being properly addressed…and there is currently a bill that is in legislation to demand improved environmental protection and better protection to ensure that the quality and quantity of water is not altered…and the whole Cambridge West development will be altering and contaminating drinking water sources where the GRCA have noted is in a highly significant area…and the official plan was put in to place to protect the Conestoga lands from over development…and it stands up with the Provincial policy and the greater horseshoe policy whereas if there is a conflict, the plan that betters protect the environment or human health prevails.



12 Responses to Conestoga Multiplex: and a request that is being sent to the “Clerk of Cambridge”, by several residents

    Doug Lamb June 26, 2017 at 2:34 pm

    Lately, whenever I notice anything to do with City Hall, not far away is Conestoga College. What is relationship between Doug Craig and Conestoga College?.

    Dan Price June 26, 2017 at 6:25 pm

    Hello Doug. This goes back many years to land sold to the college, election campaigns, putting the multiplex near the 401 for Kitchener to use at our cost as well as easy access for 401 travellers to get to this building and use. They then head to Kitchener at a shorter route than coming into Cambridge to spend cash. It is not easy to explain here the positives and negatives. However, the college will win huge for parking, hiring, and a bigger selling point. This city has more dirt on it than a Ford field tractor. Beating on the mayor isn’t proper with all his health issues and age issues. Just why is he pushing for this at the college when Cambridge people and businesses will lose big time? Do the math and duck. I know several Lamb people. Are you from Galt Doug?

    Bozo June 26, 2017 at 8:28 pm

    mayor is not alone so no sense beating only on him
    takes 5 votes to pass an issue
    check records for his supporters
    ring leader yes
    city manager is big culprit working in bushes where nobody can see

    RK June 29, 2017 at 1:35 pm

    And of course you will notice that nothing is really being done about the Multiplex until Frank Monterio is back in his chair on council..
    WHY is that you ASK?
    I CAN answer that for you..

    If they were to VOTE on the SITE for the complex right now without MR. YES MAN Monterio, there is a very strong possibility that the vote would turn out to be 4 -4 and it would be SQUASHED…

    Our Mayor and of course City Manager DO NOT want that to happen so that in my way of seeing things is why the STALL tactic with this Complex.

    WE need the CITIZENS of this CITY to STAND up the the MAYOR AND HIS PUPPETS!!

    Let these people who YOU ELECTED to act in YOUR BEST INTERESTS and to SPEND OUT TAX DOLLARS WISELY that to locate this Complex on CONESTOGA COLLEGE soil is an ECONOMIC FAUX PAUS..Locate this complex where the businesses of this great City will Benefit..

    Not MR. TIBBETS and the COLLEGE..Besides they get money from the PROVINCE so why should they GET OURS AS WELL!!!!!

    MR.C.W. June 29, 2017 at 1:43 pm

    AHHH!!! I think I have to agree with RK on this one!! It seems that whenever our Council Vote on an issue, you can see the GREAT DIVIDE…You have the members of COUNCIL that really have the interests of the ELECTORATE and VOTE WISELY!! then you have the YES MEN (AND WOMEN) who vote because they follow whatever BULLCRAP is fed to them…so that is the way it will be with this complex. I am sure they will not listen to the PEOPLE who put them there in the FIRST PLACE…THEY have their minds MADE UP and TEN MEN AND A BULLDOG would not change it…MAYBE they better think that if they want to return in 2018 they better CAST THEIR VOTE on the COMPLEX WISELY!!!

    bozo June 30, 2017 at 11:06 am

    that is front and center
    a vote for conestoga is a lost seat

    Dex June 30, 2017 at 9:16 pm

    No return seat if they vote college. Put that in the bank! Watch for Gary Price to run again. His rest is over. Bye Mike Mann in Preston if he votes yes to the college. Just check out the talk in town. I’m back!!!!

    Maggie July 1, 2017 at 11:59 am

    Yes – what is wrong with our Councillors. Are they afraid to use common sense? Are they afraid to vote again the Mayor who set this Conestoga deal up? Why did he set it up? It goes all against assisting our Cambridge business people – why – why why? It makes no sense at all and yet we have grown adults on the Council not using their brain & see the right way to go – build central – support our business people – help our economy. Conestoga does not need our money – they have their own high budget. This should not even be a thought.
    I noticed in the Times that all Dollar amounts were given for all 4 sites – but nothing for Conestoga – the lease amount missing – the maintenance cost missing – the loss of jobs in Cambridge etc. etc. – Kent McVittie are you also under orders from Craig – pretty sad situation we are in here in Cambridge.
    WE NEED A REVIEW & STAART OVER. We need someone like Dr. D. Coleman in charge. Or the Ice Park guys who know their business. Craig knows nothing but how to add to his own bank account. CAMBRIDGE TAXPAYERS – PLEASE WAKE UP NOW!!$$$$

    Brenda Formica July 12, 2017 at 5:49 pm

    Who is that idiot that wrote into the guest column the other day? He must have just moved to Cambridge. We have kids in sports and do not want that college location. This guy needs to speak with what he calls the silent minority. He will find it’s highly the majority don’t want the college. As in one post, the members of council will sure find out if they choose this site. The Times could have chosen an honest opinion instead of his lopsided dribble. No facts just personal dribble.

    Maggie July 12, 2017 at 10:11 pm

    You got that right Brenda – but he is likely a friend of the Mayor. And has no opinion – just says what he is told to say/write.
    People wake up & get this sports complex right.

    Brenda Formica July 13, 2017 at 9:50 pm

    Holy cow! Is that Frank guy lost his marbles? Having a problem and getting a few complaints does not set off an emergency or panic. I believe the real reason this Frank Monterio wants a fee to submit an issue to be investigated is due to the fact he is being checked out. People don’t get excited if they have nothing to hide. To make things worse, he gets backing from 2 others. There must be dirty laundry on council to make this be an issue. I have only gotten involved in affairs of our town since the multiplex event. I believe we have a bad problem in this town with some council people. He was a Policeman I hear and can only imagine his family life by the way he has handled himself. A misfit.

    rk August 11, 2017 at 3:19 pm

    oh Brenda I hear you LOUD and CLEAR. Frank Monterio just likes to be HEARD even when he is WRONG…He also likes to put his BIG MOUTH in GEAR bis BRAIN is ENGAGED!!! Oh I forget he was a COP!! And that makes everything he says or does OK!! He is another one that needs to get the BOOT in 2018 along with the MAYOR MINIONS and get Councillors in City Hall that REALLY and TRULY have the BEST INTERESTS of the TAXPAYER on their minds..

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