Conestoga College multiplex ignores PM’s climate change commitment

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How will the provinces, cities and rural political constituencies proceed to act now that about 195 signatory nations to the Paris climate agreement, minus Donald Trump’s United States, have confirmed their commitment to protecting the biosphere for future generations?

Can we hope that planning principles will shape the thinking of local politicians and leaders of volunteer social institutions that now make Canadian society the envy of so many others?

Cambridge’s mayor says Conestoga College is, for him, still the top site for construction of the much-debated sports complex, according to a May 31 news report.

But Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is “charting a path forward on climate change,” where “sustainable development” is central to G7 thinking, according to a June 8 Canadian Press story.

Funding for light rail projects will depend on something more than offerings of land for construction that happen to fit a city’s current budget.

James Morton, president of the Cambridge Minor Hockey Association, stated  in a Times’ letter on May 30 that a meeting of city staff and ice user groups made clear: “If the city is intent on re-purposing three ice surfaces, which it needs to do … with four  … the best way for that to happen was to move forward with the four pads at the Conestoga site.”

To answer my earlier question, it seems increasingly unlikely that we’ll have a major hub of social activity located anywhere near the light rail transit link planned as the key conveyance in the beginning years of the Anthropocene.

In this case, future taxpayers would again heavily subsidize a transportation system, which basic planning would have seen paid for by the placement of central civic and commercial enterprises along the LRT route, next to a designated stop at Can-Amera Parkway and Hespeler Road beside public land.

We of the “vocal minority” also have visions of children playing and watching “the game we love,” but in a climate that is not in infinite retreat that’s already melted the old backyard hockey rinks of our own youth, made playtime highly organized and expensive.




2 Responses to Conestoga College multiplex ignores PM’s climate change commitment

    Maggie July 19, 2017 at 3:37 pm

    The old story George – build central to Cambridge.
    Support our Mall and small businesses.
    Use the LRT which will likely run close to a properly chosen site for the Complex.
    As usual our voted in Mayor (or was he – online not secure) & some of the Council have no vision. The design of the Complex is all wrong for our City. It needs to be re-done, have 50 m swim lanes & get on with what would suit this city – not what would suit Craig & his ill chosen site for the Complex.
    Can we not act like a City and not like small-town Craig & some of Council.
    Get with the program Craig & Council. Where are the proper costs to build on Conestoga land & the long-time ill consequences. Maybe your teens would like a job in the Complex – but won’t get it if located at Conestoga.
    It is A NO BRAINER – BUILD CENTRAL & LET US IGNORE CRAIG – HE IS A GREEDY IDIOT. Since getting re-elected he has lost his thinking – he doesn’t think!!!!

    Bozo July 20, 2017 at 6:56 am

    2018 election issue
    test the malcontent minority
    vote for connestoga if you dare

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