City to Review Election Process, this ran in the Cambridge Times October 28th 2010

This ran in the Cambridge Times.. October 28, 2010

Now that the dust has settled after Monday night’s election, City hall will be conducting a review to evaluate the process

That may be good news for many who penned their frustration in Letters to the Times

Several said they left in frustration after having to wait so long, while others said they were turned away

We certainly apologize for the longer wait times which occurred at some of the smaller venues” said Linda Fegan, director of communications

She said five of the 42 polling stations reported long waits, which may have been caused by new requirements

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2 Responses to City to Review Election Process, this ran in the Cambridge Times October 28th 2010

    Les Kadar June 3, 2011 at 7:21 am

    It would only be prudent of Ms. Fegan to please outline what the new requirements were that may have created the longer wait times and why they might have affected the process. As the issue goes to Superior Court next week, why has the city not sat down with the opponents to the system that requested something be done before being forced to file a lawsuit ? With so many questions that have been purposefully unanswered, it seems the city would rather fight using our tax money than provide a response as to how and why they failed to provide the public with the right to vote easily as in all other previous elections while the federal election process using all the same rules went off without a hitch.

    Thomas Vann June 8, 2011 at 5:11 am

    l made a number of things that could be changed for the next election hoping the judge would select a couple to enhance the next election but she didn’t even mention them in her closing statements which l had hoped she would have. One of the many things were to have a fast lane line for seniors and disabled to ensure their wait lines are not 21/2 hours as was seen in our 2010 election. This was far too long for 60-70-80-90-+ year olds to stand in line with no chairs, tiny quarters, etc. etc. This fast line should have been l felt told to the city to use next time but wasn’t. This idea could help these people get the time-line for voting that forced many to abandon the lines for voting to a workable limit. We owe our seniors and disabled at least this much. Many other things l will bring forward but later. Have a great day folks.

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