Cambridge Water Billing Issues by Scot Ferguson

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We have a facebook group with over 500 members who are dealing with outlandish water bills..

Some as high as $5000,00 for a 2 month period and the city demanding the resident pay or be cut off or the bill is added to your tax account..

Below is a post from the site by Scot Ferguson, who has been working with Sandra Hill on solving the problem.


Possible solution by Scot Ferguson

This is the way I see things, and possible solutions. It is going to take a collective effort to make changes, but with over 500 members this group has a voice. There are 2 issues here that need to be treated separately.

1. Overbilling.
This is a problem that happens with these water meters across North America. There needs to be an appeal/adjudication process put in place, perhaps with involvement of at least one member of council.
If you are someone who has been overbilled it is important you contact your member of council and complain.

Here is a list.…

2. Potential Health Risks
The current water meter replacement program was approved in 2007. /Since then several studies have found that these water meters emit

“Independent testing at finds the Neptune E-Coder water meters that are being installed emit RF radiation pulses every 14 seconds, 24 hours a day. These pulses are as high as 15,000 microWatts per square meter at 2-3 foot distances. The International Institute of Building Biology and Ecology has a standard for sleeping rooms of under 0.1 as “No Concern” and anything over 1,000 as “Extreme Concern”.
In April 2012 a distinguished international association of physicians and medical professionals issued a position paper on Smart Meters. This group is the American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM) and they are recommending an immediate caution on Smart Meter installation due to potentially harmful RF exposure. See the paper online at:
Key findings and recommendations of the AAEM 2012 report:
• An immediate caution on Smart Meter installation due to potentially harmful RF exposure.
• Use of safer technology for Smart Meters, such as hard-wiring, fiber optics or other non-harmful methods of data transmission.
• Multiple studies correlate RF exposure with diseases such as cancer, neurological disease, reproductive disorders, immune dysfunction, and electromagnetic hypersensitivity.”

Some communities have an option for taxpayers to “Opt Out’ of the installation, but Cambridge doesn’t, at least at this time.
if council is made aware of these potential risks they should be willing to look at what is being done in other communities. (It will probably be referred to “Staff” for further study.)
I will be contacting members of council individually with a synopsis and a link to this site. ( I have already spoke to several) With 4 new members of council I want to keep it simple and easy to understand.
Sandra Hill will be presenting a motion to council, If you would like to be put on the agenda to speak to her motion I will explain how later.
There will also be an online petition which should be ready in the next day or two.

The wards of a city are more than just its political map or blocks of votes. They provide an outline of the city’s extended neighbourhoods and in some cases of its geopolitical interest groups. They can also be a reflection of the heritage of a city and particularly of its historical evolution from…


4 Responses to Cambridge Water Billing Issues by Scot Ferguson

    Bill January 5, 2015 at 1:30 pm

    This is just the tip of the iceberg. High water charges. High electric bills. Higher taxes. And now with Urban Sprawl, it is the taxpayers that will pay. The development charges that the City is to use for these types of things are being used for studies and reports and therefore there will be no funds for any of the stormwater builds or utility setups in these new neighbourhoods. Urban Sprawl WILL cost taxpayers more money. See what is happening close to home already. We need to pay attention to the whole picture.

    gladys smith January 6, 2015 at 8:49 am

    The Council will say “Thank you for your Presentation, we will send it off to Staff” You need someone that Staff and Council respect to be heard at the Podium.

    David January 11, 2015 at 9:26 am

    Gladys Smith is right. Council has a way of forwarding items to staff and then public participation is not as easy. They take the comments which allows them to say that the comments have been addressed. Being “addressed” is only hearing what one has to say and not actually coming up with a plan to help. The whole process as to what happens when items of concern are brought forward is what needs to change. You will hear the same story from anyone who has gone to Council with a real concern. If it does not suit their plans, there will be no workable answers. Staff gets paid by City paycheques and so you can not believe that they would side against the very ones that allow them to keep their jobs and offer promotions if they do a good job in making a report that works against the residents. Staff are puppets and will do nothing to help.

    Gladys Smith January 12, 2015 at 7:38 am

    The Staff members that really care are busy looking for other Jobs because they know it is of no use to take any kind of a stand, I have seen so many good members of Staff leave because that is their only recourse and any one else that does not agree with the top person then a plan is put in place to offer them a Severance and then they are walked out the door very happy that they have a great Pension and Severance pay with a clause not to talk about the payout, or they say the person is on stress leave. I have heard from three top Staff people that they document everything to protect their Jobs, one of these have since passed away and one has been given the big Severance, and one is still there trying to keep his or her Job.

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