Cambridge to get Legal Cannabis Retail Store

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Consultation Process Starts Today with City About Potential Locations November 28th-2017

Ontario continues to prepare for the federal government’s plan to legalize cannabis by July 2018 by working with municipalities to identify possible store locations.

Today, the City of Cambridge was informed it is one of the municipalities under consideration for a retail cannabis store.


“This is the start of the consultation process with citizens of Cambridge, and it is vital that  the needs of Cambridge are reflected in Ontario’s safe and sensible approach to cannabis legalization,” said Kathryn McGarry, MPP, Cambridge.


“While the legalization of marijuana is a federal decision, safely managing how it is sold and consumed is Ontario’s responsibility. Working with municipalities, our government will ensure that decisions about store locations are made based on a goal of protecting young people and keeping our community safe.”


In September, the province announced a safe and sensible framework to govern the lawful use and retail distribution of cannabis as a carefully controlled substance. This framework includes the Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO) overseeing retail sales through new stand-alone stores and online ordering.

Two primary considerations were used to identify municipalities where stores will be located:

▪      To achieve geographic distribution of stores across the province

▪      To reduce the number of illegal stores, including dispensaries, currently in operation

The LCBO will use guidelines to identify specific store locations with the objective of ensuring that youth are protected and the illegal market is addressed. This includes ensuring stores are not located in close proximity to schools.


Once a prospective store site has been identified by the LCBO, a notice will be posted online and at the location to let the public know that a space has been selected for a proposed storefront. Before any decisions are made, there will be an opportunity for the public to ask questions and provide feedback on the proposed location.


Under the proposed approach, approximately 150 standalone stores will be opened by 2020, including 40 stores by July 2018 and rising to 80 by July 2019. Online distribution will also be available to service all regions of the province. The government will evaluate how this approach is working throughout the rollout to ensure that the goals of safe, responsible sales of cannabis and elimination of the illegal market are achieved.


“It is critical that in establishing a new, legal retail system for cannabis we protect our youth and combat the illegal market,” said Charles Sousa, Minister of Finance.


“Municipalities are essential partners in our efforts to distribute cannabis across the province. As we move forward with retail implementation, officials from the Ministry of Finance and the LCBO will meet with municipalities that have been identified for potential sites to discuss concerns and next steps in this initiative.”



▪     On October 19, Ontario brought together provincial law enforcement, public health experts, municipal licensing officials, local police and fire representatives, First Nations, and the federal government to participate in Ontario’s Cannabis Legalization Enforcement Summit to identify issues and find solutions that will work for communities across the province.

§  Ontario is proposing to set the minimum age to purchase recreational cannabis at 19 years old, the same as alcohol and tobacco. This minimum age would also apply to possession and use.


▪     Ontario Releases Safe and Sensible Framework to Manage Federal Legalization of Cannabis

▪     Ontario Cracking Down on Careless and Distracted Driving with Tough New Penalties

▪     LCBO Cannabis Updates



Kevin Swayze

Office of Kathryn McGarry, MPP Cambridge




Kevin Swayze

Director of Communications

Office of Kathryn McGarry, MPP Cambridge

498 Eagle Street North Suite 101

Cambridge, ON N3H 1C2

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13 Responses to Cambridge to get Legal Cannabis Retail Store

    Not4Weed November 29, 2017 at 8:30 am

    Put it next to the SIS they want to put in Cambridge. Will make it easier for people to move up to the free injections of the heavier stuff when pot no longer keeps them calm and brain numb.Better yet, no legal penalty either for illegal drugs. Hell, why not make it a family event as government doesn’t need any brain power so why should we think our kids need brain power. Add a few donut shops and hot dog stands around the store and it’s a one stop shopping trip.

    Sure, medical use if prescribed makes sense. The only reason why they want to legalize is to make the tax dollars from it like they do the booze and smokes. Once people are addicted, they will pay for it. Guaranteed tax income. Now that shows the smarts of all these users. Work hard for your money just to waste it to inhale or absorb it.

    I’m wondering about all those little drug charges that ones got in their youth and are on their record. Are they going to get rid of those now and people can cross over to the US without a waiver after 30 or 40 years as a responsible person? What’s going to happen with all that mandatory drug testing for jobs? What about testing drivers? They haven’t thought all of this through enough to make it work. They can’t stop kids from drinking and smoking under age and parents who give to their kids so how will they stop drugs being openly given and used by the kids. Nothing ever is enforced, just accepted as normal behavior.
    Lack of respect for the laws and the rules and the ones who obey them are the ones who pay for those who don’t.

    So much for MADD trying to stop drunk drivers. Now we are going to have more high divers too. Roundabouts are already crazy with accidents and people who don’t know what YIELD means. Imagine when people are under legal influence that slows the mind.

    Gary Worton November 29, 2017 at 9:29 am

    Your friendly neighborhood ‘potting shed’. Coming soon to a mall near you!

    Bozo November 29, 2017 at 10:29 pm

    not sure why anyone would think there will be significantly more use of dope
    will those who have never tried it rush out to get stoned
    maybe a few but not many
    will there be billions of stoned drivers on the road
    they are out there now without any idea of what the product they bought is lased with
    will those who have been buying from a dealer be able to buy safe weed free of additives
    will the dealers be short a few thousand bucks a week
    safer drugs being sold
    taxes will be collected when they were not before
    no brainer

      Gary Worton November 29, 2017 at 10:36 pm

      All valid points, but still, NIMBY!

    Bozo November 30, 2017 at 7:22 am

    put it on the west side
    it is where the bucks are
    they only smoke the good stuff

    Tom Vann November 30, 2017 at 6:32 pm

    Pam Wolf seems to be in favor of mobile SIS. The 1st place to put it would be right smack dab in her ward such as the park on Lansdown or Victoria Park. I am totally against SIS. Some people have the idea it will solve our needle issues. Give yer head a shake.Government workers will be happy to open them. Full benefits, pension and big bucks. Once they open they will stay. Check out SIS in Edmonton and BC. I feel some will be enhanced to try this shit knowing they are being assisted. Real estate and businesses will suffer. This shit is not part of society and should be stopped before the numbers skyrocket. The have over 6 million plus in a reserve fund for a rainy day. WTF?? Why is our cash stashed for them? Use it on this problem. Now for the weed issue. How is impaired tests like a breathalyser going to be done? Oh wait, we will be trained to make the call on impairment. More BS by our cops. Funny how years ago the Irish Sweepstakes were illegal. Now the cash cow of gambling is entrenched, booze sales at records now weed sales, escort services and the list goes on. Moral values tossed to the ditch all for money. No wonder this planet is in a mess. Since we are at this level weed may as well be allowed. In my day I grew the best weed around period. You couldn’t function properly. This is why we need sample tests for impairment. Half the people on the road are medicated. Add this to boozers, pot smokers, crack heads, and stressed out people it has now become a danger to drive. Just watch a video from Holland or even one from BC how after the SIS experience is over for the addict see how they walk, stumble and stare at things. Ward 5 must let Pam be the 1st SIS council member. Watch the bombs go off and the battleship quickly sinks. Cambridge must not allow a SIS period. Stop promoting this BS in the name of safety, lives, and health. These assholes that are pushing for the SIS needs to go to ground level and hang with some of these life lottery losers. Don’t create a problem for us to have to deal with. Fuckiern Moron leaders. Have a shitty day.

    Tom Vann November 30, 2017 at 6:34 pm

    Damn. It should read: The cops have a 6 million reserve fund.

    Maggie November 30, 2017 at 6:36 pm

    You all have this situation pinned for what it is! Maybe they can all get stoned and jump off the BRIDGE TO NOWHERE, then the Bridge will finally have a purpose.
    Good letter in the Times about all these drugs in GALT – let the people using them take or accept their choice. It is their life & if they want to waste it – we do not need needle sites to help them sooth their needs.
    Someone today watched from an upper Office window – two druggies doing a deal – down the way from Bridges. The cop was at Bridges – so maybe something else going on there as well.
    Wake up people – this world is falling to ruin quicker every day. Kind of hard to ignore. It is all around us…………

    Tom Vann December 1, 2017 at 2:15 pm

    This stuff is a major reason Bridges takes heat, has issues and takes on public scorn. The injector doesn’t care about anyone but themselves nearly 100% of the time. Of the few I have tried to help zero made it and would steal the gold out of their mothers teeth if they could. This is not acid, mushrooms, pot or weed. This turns many into rabid, unstable people that have a physical and mental need to do more. If you ever get the chance to watch someone coming down, Jonesin, or looking for the next fix you would cry or run. The eyes, the shakes, twitching, rubbing their faces and attention span are something to see. We don’t need SIS. We need dry-out holdings. Forget the failure rate. While in the holdings educate, assist and offer a way out through God (church), a job, or something to help get them off this shit. Our levels of government have lost the battle if these sites pass. In the 70’s in New York Heroin deaths were going through the roof. SIS were not the way out. I truly can’t believe how stupid our levels of government are. Go home, drink your 2-3 bottles of wine and everything will go away. Idiots!

    Tom Vann December 3, 2017 at 2:51 pm

    People can meet at the coffee shop, blow a few joints and head to council with a bag of Lays chips.

    Chester December 3, 2017 at 5:03 pm

    Hey Tom – just to let you know that someone from Preston saw a Taxi at 5 a.m. drop off a man at Hortons/Preston – who said London gave him $200. & a taxi ride to Cambridge.
    Interesting? Why? And he was headed to Bridges. And if he is there for 3 days – is now a person of Cambridge.
    Isn’t this interesting. Tom – if you want the man’s name that witnessed this – can give it to you tomorrow night at the COMPLEX meeting at 7 p.m. at City hall.
    Just what is going on here? We are being inundated with people heading for Bridges & our needle site – very interesting………..?????

    Tom Vann December 3, 2017 at 8:55 pm

    They will do the same when you leave jail. They send you usually via bus not cab. See you in the funnies.

    Tom Vann December 26, 2017 at 7:43 pm

    I spoke with a friend that has grown weed for years and he has the best stuff around. He welcomes more people smoking weed. I laughed when he mentioned that he can’t be busted for growing what the government sells. Makes sense.

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