Cambridge residents living near TCE contamination fear health problems

Tracy Hipel of Cambridge is seen in his backyard earlier this year. The shed behind him houses a soil vapour extraction unit. He has to ensure clear access to the shed at all times as an employee visits the shed twice a week. Hipel has acted as an advocate for many in the neighbourhood in trying to get updates on remediation efforts. (Kate Bueckert/CBC)

‘I just don’t feel safe living in that house anymore,’ says one Bishop Street resident



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  1. Debbie Duff Vitez April 14, 2017 at 8:53 am

    A HUGE THANK YOU TO .. KATE BUECKERT .. ( I truly believed this interview would never see the light of day)

    You my dear have covered this like no one ever has in the past 12 plus years..
    Every interview we gave was always played down..


    People have questioned me during the past 9 years ( when I started this blog 2008) on how hard I was/am on Doug Craig ) the sitting mayor.

    Doug did everything in his power to down play this deadly topic/issue..

    So.. do I have any respect for that man..NOT AN OUNCE..

    In the beginning we had a community group lead by then City CAO Don Smith, it didn’t take long for them to shut down this committee.. I can’t remember the reason at the time.. but..
    CITY HALL DID NOTHING FOR THESE PEOPLE.. and that continues to this day..

    Hang on Bishop Street community.. there’s an Election coming {2018}..

    You might see your mayor throw you a bone, ( but it will only be to get some positive press for himself..

    It’s never been about you, or the sick and dying..

    I have to add here.. the MINISTRY OF ENVIRONMENT AND DEPT OF HEALTH have also done nothing..

    So.. Kate thank you again, for standing by these residents..

    u April 14, 2017 at 10:02 am

    Wow – this is a disgusting situation. I remember reading about it years ago, but then it died down & thought was settled. This needs to be fixed. And I understand Monteiro lives in this close area – so maybe cause of his cancer??
    PEOPLE – get out Tues. Apr. 18th if you want your voice heard in the 2018 election. There is a lot of “crap” going on here in Cambridge.
    Just attended the P & D mtg. on Tues. & surprise surprise – one of the sites chosen for Sports Complex was suddenly sold & a Developer made a terrible presentation for mega units on this small area. Dr. Coleman asked why the City had not bought it at an amazing price of 1.9 m.??? Why??? Well we Cambridge Citizen Alliance think Craig stepped in – found a Developer – to take this site off the choice for the Sports Complex. Also 10 Acres of trees were cut in a Natural Green space – illegally removed 10 acres of trees & left devastation!!!
    People – if you don’t wake up & fight for your rights – you are not going to have any. Look at what Council did to shut people up – Inclusiveness – NO VOICE!!
    We live in Donna Reid’s Ward – complained to her about the Tower that was to be erected too close to our houses – we suggested on City property further away & the City could get the Revenue – she didn’t even know the site suggested was owned by the City. To make the story short – the Towers went up – too close to homes – a private Co. getting paid for the use of space and we are in danger of the signals from the Tower. They also cause cancer!!!!
    Why do we vote these people in???? They only look after themselves.
    Good luck to the people in Preston. Maybe Monteiro will wake up & see the light!!$$ And see what illnesses he could have helped to prevent.

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